A Forest Engagement – Madri & Chris

By April 11, 2016Couples

During my trip to South Africa in January, I had the opportunity to do an engagement shoot for my cousin Madri and her fiance, Chris. What made this extra special is the fact that it was done in the beloved poplar tree forest on my uncle’s farm. This forest bares a special place in the hearts of every family member, since as kids we believed that it was in fact an enchanted forest, inhabited by fairies and gnomes and all sorts of magical creatures that exist in the minds of children. Revisiting this forest after so many years and years has brought back a sea of nostalgic childhood memories.
This forest is also where Madri and Chris decided to do their wedding day photos and since I wasn’t able to make it back to South Africa in time for the wedding, being able to do these photos for them truly meant so much to me.

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