Jessica Tumminnello – Portrait Session

By April 11, 2016Photography

A sweet summer afternoon session in a fairy garden.
These little white flowers bloom by the thousands at the start of every summer, here in South Korea.  You can find them propped up next to roads and between fields and forests and open spaces everywhere you go.  Not a very welcome site to the farmers, but a dream for a photographer and any flower child.

Jessica met me for a dreamy fairy shoot in one such flower field a short walk from my apartment.  The light was perfect and Jessica was such an amazing subject, very willing to follow my every direction in the bug and spider infested flower field.  Even after we saw a snake she was still happily willing to continue our session.
The things we do for a good photo!

IMG_1281 IMG_1282 (2) IMG_1288 IMG_1291 IMG_1298 IMG_1305 IMG_1317 IMG_1321 IMG_1324 IMG_1393

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