Piketberg Farm Story

By March 14, 2017Couples

They say that farmers and their families are salt of the earth, and as a farm girl myself, growing up and moving all over the globe I can confirm that very few cultures and few people match up to the hospitality and helpful friendliness of farmers.  Everywhere in the world I’ve come to experience this natural born tendency for farm folk to genuinely care, give and love from the bottom of their hearts without expecting anything in return.
Cadi & Willem – Thank you for spending such a lovely day with me and even helping me out when I had car trouble after leaving your very lovely homestead.   I am beyond excited to capture your wedding in a few short weeks’ time!


2017-03-14_0001 2017-03-14_0002 2017-03-14_0003 2017-03-14_0004 2017-03-14_0005 2017-03-14_0006


  • Jenny van Niekerk says:

    Wow…. I am honoured to call these amazing people my children and you have captured the essence of who my daughter is and the amazing man she has chosen to be her partner for life. The joy and love captured in these photos reflect the true love between these two stunning people and even more so the unconditional love they have for our precious Lauren, thank you!

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