Story on an African Farm

By November 6, 2016Photography

The Free State.  A piece of South Africa that will always be very dear to me.  It is after all where I grew up and where my roots started growing.
Many people associate the Free State with flat plains and not much to do, but oh boy are they wrong!  If you dare to drive off of the N1 highway, you’ll see that the Free State is a rich land of hills, grass plains, Achacia trees and animals.  Children of the Free State all have a raw earthy connection with nature.  So, photographing this little family was nothing short of an adventure.
A Wildlife vet, spending his days with beautiful, unique and also dangerous wild animals everyday, asked that I capture his family in the environment he spend most of his time in.  And oh! What wonderful little boys!  Talkative with extraordinary imaginations and their tales kept pulling me off in to wonderland stories of children’s minds.
We initially planned on finding the big, graceful Giraffes as a backdrop, but it turned out to be quite a hide-and-seek game trying to find these long legged grassland dancers.  In our expedition trying to locate them, we saw many other wonderful animals including buffalo, zebras, oryx, wildebeest and even lions!

We finally found our graceful Giraffes just in time for sunset and ended off our session with a few yellow wildflower photos of the boys.


What a delightful, adventure this was!

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