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Theewaterskloof dam photography

Villiersdorp Love Story

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A Theewaterskloof Dam Engagement.

We took a lovely little road trip up to Villiersdorp for this fun session.

It was sad to see how empty the dam is and the wind was poking fun at us, ripping through our hair and down ours spines.  But what it brought with it was gorgeous;  The clouds formed a big blanket over the background mountains, and as the wind kept pushing through, the sun broke through those clouds for a few split seconds.  This allowed the sun to cast its rays directly in to my lens only to create the most beautiful sunflare images yet.

I would most certainly want to return to this amazing landscape for some more amazing photos.


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Karoo Wedding Vows

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This was my second time in this little Karoo town.  The first time I just filled up my car and drove through, but this time I stayed to document the beautiful vows of love between Attie & Shané.
The day unfolded with perfect weather and relaxed anticipation from everyone involved.

What a big honour it was to share and experience this day.  Not only were Attie & Shané easy in front of the camera, they also made sure that I enjoyed the day as much as they did.


Sit back with a cup of coffee while you wait for this post to load – So many memories to go through!


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Thank you to all the amazing service providers who contributed to this beautiful day:

Venue and decor:  Môre Son, Barrydale

Groom Prep: Sorgvry Guesthouse



Dress Design: Magda Grové
magda grove

Make-up & Hair: Jessica Truter
jessica truter makeup
Jeweller: Van Nierop Juweliers
van nierop juwellers

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