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Sheep decided to photobomb this wedding and here are the results!

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The Nightjar Wedding.

~The log cabin tale.


Where the story began.

We first met when we were introduced by a mutual friend at a bar. Our friend handed me Mark’s business card as some sort of a pick up line but we were both shy and never really said anything to each other the whole night. With the weeks that followed we kept bumping into one another until one night on the 1st of June we were the last people standing after a friend’s birthday. Neither of us were ready to retire for the night so I invited Mark to come to my place and watch movies with me. Mark accepted my invitation. When we arrived at my place we started talking and ended up speaking for hours. We did eventually watch a movie and four days later he took me out on our first date.

Although our initial attraction may have been a physical one, our late night conversation made us realize how much we had in common from our general interests to our similar tastes in styles, music and food of course. Between us there was very little we could disagree upon. For me Mark was the most genuine and kindest person I had ever met. For Mark he loved my honestly and kindness (something we seem to share). He also enjoyed my cheekiness from time to time.

A Proposal as a Birthday Present.

The proposal was masked as my 25th birthday at Meerendal Wine Estate. All of our friends and family were waiting inside the restaurant to surprise us as we walked in. Right before we sat down to eat lunch Mark wanted to make a speech during which he proposed.

The choice behind the venue.

The style of our wedding was rustic chic – most of our inspiration followed the booking of our venue.  We were initially interested in a De Uijlenes wedding because it was a beautiful farm venue which offered an outdoor ceremony area as well as a cosy log cabin for the reception. Essentially I think it was the rustic feel of the venue itself that drew us to it because we are simplistic and down to earth people.

Something borrowed, something white.

The dress was hired (somewhat my something borrowed) from Urban Bride. Strangely enough the dress was not supposed to fit me at all since the sizing was too small, but, when I tried it on it fitted perfectly as if it was made for me.

Anja Le Roux did my make-up, although she no longer does make-up for weddings she offered her services because she is a dear friend to me. All of the bridesmaids jumped in to assist me with my hair.

An officiant with a touch of humour.

Andred from I Do Weddings officiated the ceremony. We were referred to him by another officiant, Troy Goldie, when we found out he was not available for our wedding date. We chose him because without having to explain in excruciating detail he had us pegged and understood exactly what we wanted – a well-rounded ceremony that was personalized, relaxed, serious when it needed to be, had a touch of humour to keep things light, and retained our guest’s attention throughout. We also felt that during our ceremony he spoke to us in a way that calmed our nerves and made us feel as though we were having a conversation just between the three of us.

Love and Memories go hand-in-hand.

It’s difficult for us to pinpoint the most memorable thing from our day. To us everything was perfect… Then again, the love that was shared with us on that day from our guests has to be the most memorable. We can personally say that on our wedding day our hearts felt so full that they were going to burst!

Husband & Wife Coordinating Team.

We had an “On the day” wedding coordinator which was included in the venue hire. We found this service extremely beneficial as our coordinator was helpful when planning various details of our wedding. On the day I have no idea what we would have done without our coordinator as she ensured all our service providers arrived on time and that the day ran according to plan. Everywhere we needed her, she was there. Everything we hadn’t thought of, she had.

We would like to highly commend Christien and Nel Schrecker from Husband Wife Team for their incredible service. They assisted with our planning, supplied our décor, made our very scrumptious wedding cake and provided our on the day wedding coordination. They are a power husband and wife duo!

A picture is worth a thousand words.

As the idiom says, “a picture is worth a thousand words” and this is the epitome of Landi’s work. Landi is a talented photographer who is able to capture the essence of a wedding day in a way that words could not simply describe. Our wedding photography was extremely important for us and Landi exceeded our expectations. Her services at our wedding were truly the greatest gift anyone could have given us and we can only compliment her on the outstanding work she did.

There is a special story behind the engagement ring…

In April 2016, 8 months before Mark proposed, the person who was tasked with wrapping up his grandmother’s estate contacted him. According to the gentleman Mark’s grandmother, Lily, had set aside some money which she has specified was only supposed to be released on this particular date 3 years after she had passed away. In her will she stated that the money was for her grandson Mark to buy an engagement ring for his girlfriend Holly. Strangely enough Mark had already begun the process of saving up to buy an engagement ring in order to propose so everything had been perfectly timed. Liliy had only known me for fewer than 10 months, but, she knew her grandson Mark and somehow she knew that someday we would get married.

On The Menu:

Pre Snack / Starter:
Harvest Table with homemade bread, party wheels, biscuits, homemade jams, butter, cheddar cheese, camembert cheese, brie cheese, sweet chili cream cheese, salmon cream cheese, chicken liver pate/snoek pate, vegetables crudities, preserves, assorted cold meats.
Pulled pork, slow cooked in ginger beer, served with spring onion, coriander, sour cream, Mexican three bean salad, baked sweet potato, aubergine lasagne bake, grilled corn with butter and parsley.
Churros with a chocolate dipping sauce.


On the Playlist:

Rory Batl-Ax Rijkers was our DJ. He played a great selection of music and managed to keep our guests dancing until the reception doors eventually closed at 2am (Mark and I included). As a matter of fact, three guests attending another wedding at De Uijlenes came to join us because they heard us having such a joll on the other side of the farm.

Challenges Overcome.

If we could change anything it would be to have all the speeches in one go instead of doing two here and two there since people tend to all run out for a smoke so you have to heard them all back inside again.

We had the most difficulty with the bridesmaids’ dresses because we wanted to have them made. But, if I could advise anything rather buy dresses for your bridesmaids because this eliminates a lot of potential headaches. The infinity dress is super versatile for any body types and comes highly recommended in my books.

It was extremely helpful to choose a venue that offers multiple services/an all-inclusive package such as catering, décor, wedding cake, venue setup, accommodation, flowers etc. This eliminated having to deal with multiple suppliers and transporting of various items.


Honeymoon tales!

Eat. Sleep. Swim. Repeat.

We spent a week at Emeraude Beach Attitude in Mauritius which was the perfect place for some much needed RNR after months of wedding planning and preparation. During the week we indulged in the buffet, drank unlimited cocktails and lounged by the poolside/beach.

On one of the evenings the resort arranged a romantic four-course dinner for us which rendered us unable to move from our seats.

We also took some time to go snorkeling (which we loved) and took a boat ride out to explore Île aux Cerfs where we met a few little critters.


Wedding Day in One Sentence:

Just as our cake topper said it was truly the “best day ever”



Service Providers:

Venue: De Uijlenes
Photographer: ORGANICTALES
Dress: Urban Bride
DJ: Rory Rijkers
Officiant: Cape Town Officiators

Benjamin & Francelle – Paarl Wedding

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Benjamin & Francelle

~A Medieval Festival

Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day? Thou art more lovely and more temperate. Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May, And summer’s lease hath all too short a date. Sometime too hot the eye of heaven shines, And often is his gold complexion dimmed; And every fair from fair sometime declines, By chance, or nature’s changing course, untrimmed; But thy eternal summer shall not fade, Nor lose possession of that fair thou ow’st, Nor shall death brag thou wand’rest in his shade, When in eternal lines to Time thou grow’st. So long as men can breathe, or eyes can see, So long lives this, and this gives life to thee.


The Proposal

Ben proposed during a getaway in January 2018. We went glamping near Caledon, and one evening before dinner he just went down on one knee and popped the question. There was no cellphone signal, so we had to wait two days to tell everyone!

A Golden Dress.

My dress is a one of a kind Elria Ellis creation. Elria is my aunt, and she asked me whether I would allow her to make the dress. Naturally I said YES! We discussed the colour and design at length, and since I was not keen on a normal white dress, we decided that gold, with and undertone of grey, would be the best choice. It took her just under a year to make the dress, and it will forever be one of my most prized possessions.

The Infamous Ring Adventure

Oh my goodness, my ring! That story has become something of a legend. First of all, it is a Jack Friedman ring, with Benjamins’ grandmother’ diamond. So not only is this a beautiful ring, but it has a legacy.
I was driving to school one Friday morning in March, and a truck broke down on the N1. All the cars were at a complete standstill. While we waited for the truck to be cleared. I decided to put cream on my hands. I took off my ring, placed in my lap, put on cream and promptly forgot about it. At some point people started getting out of their cars, and I followed suit. I was wearing a long dress, and with the motion of getting out of the car, the ring fell onto the side of the road. I had no idea. It was only when I got to Paarl, and looked down at my hands somewhere around 10am, that I realised that my ring was gone. I promptly died and emotional death. I had no idea where my ring was. After racking my brain I remembered the cream and the N1 and the getting out of my car. I asked permission to leave school early, and I went back to search. I searched the entire stretch of road for longer than an hour, but found nothing. I called my mom. She was in a state of shock. My only thought was telling Benjamin that I lost his grandmother’s diamond. I thought he would leave me for sure! He worked late that evening. I did not sleep well.
The next morning, my mother phoned me, waking me up. She declared that she and my father are on the way to the N1 to search for the ring. She was adamant that it was somewhere there. I went to assist them, but not expecting anything  – I already searched every inch. Before I left, I had to tell Benjamin. I remember him being incredibly calm and collected. He was not mad. All he said was, “we’ll get through this, my love”. My mom, dad and I searched on the side of the N1 as cars raced past us. After quite some time. My mother stood still, just clutching her chest. I did not understand why she did that, until I went to her and she showed me the ring. She said, “I found it.” She, my dad and I promptly started crying. Next to the N1. In our tracksuits. On a Saturday morning 7am.
And that is the story not of how I lost my ring, but how it was FOUND.



Service Providers:

Photography:  ORGANICTALES
Videography: AMBIENT FILMS


Landi Groenewald Photography

Organictales – Where it began.

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“There are a thousand ways
to kneel and kiss the ground;
there are a thousand ways
to go home again.”
~ Rumi

I remember like it was yesterday.  Waking up before dawn; the farm, nestled in a valley still asleep.  I would sneak out with a slice of bread and a bridle to fetch my pony, Ginger.
In the cold morning air we would be off on a brisk trot down the valley and finally up the hill where the sun was waving its good morning rays to the waking farm.

I grew up a creative. A love for visual beauty and harmonious sounds always filled my world with joy.  When I wasn’t out exploring the farm or adventuring with my farmer of a father, I would draw my adventures and compose songs thereof while my mind never took a rest from creating images of beauty in my mind.
My mother, a teacher of life, strongly encouraged my artistic nature.  Patiently enduring false violin strokes and monotonous piano scales.  She taught me to appreciate and love Beethoven, Chopin and Mozart.  She always made sure the art cupboard was fully stocked with different paints, pencils and art supplies, for this child of her who had no end when it came to the creative world.

My love for my ponies and my love for drawing finally intertwined and I spent hours upon  hours creating pencil sketches of magnificent equine creatures featured in magazines.  But, as a headstrong individual I soon grew tired of drawing other people’s photographs of other people’s horses. I wanted to create original sketches of ordinary ponies never before featured in glossy magazines. I wanted my own pony to be my muse.
I excitedly took the family point-an-shoot film camera and started snapping away at my ponies;  Convinced that I was creating the same magnificent work that I’ve seen in the magazines.  I remember my mom being upset when she discovered I snapped up an entire roll of film and when it came time to develop it, she made me pay for every single photo that was part of my “art.”  School fees, some would say.  Can you imagine how utterly disappointed I was when I saw my “art”?  I couldn’t draw from those photographs!!  So I took up another roll of film and so it continued in to the digital era.
I soon discovered that I haven’t drawn a single sketch in months, but instead I was determined and excited about creating art with a lens instead – my love for photography was born and blossoming quickly.
As life had it,  one of my arab mares were up for sale and with the money I bought my first entry level professional DSLR camera and enrolled in a photography course.  My world exploded as I started to learn more and more about this fantastic new way of creating art.  I learned to grab a moment of life and forever keep it perfectly unique as it was at that moment.  I started looking at the world in different angles, noticing shadows and light and colours.

My world transformed from an adventurous farm girl with a love for drawing and riding ponies, in to a creative adventurer who now sees life as a place with endless possibilities.

Below are some of my first DSLR images from when my love for photography was still young and fresh.  These images have never been published and this will be the first time that many of them are made public.


A few months back, a friend of mine traveled up to the Free State with me where my old pony, Ginger is living out his last days in peace and harmony.  A good old 24 years of age, he is being kept company by the very last foal born on the farm, Farah Anisa, a 7 year old Arab with a heart of gold and affection.  I will forever be grateful for these images I have with my two equine companions. The bond I share with them cannot truly be captured in images alone, but here is a mere glimpse thereof:



To get in touch, click here.

Galloway Forest Nuptials

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It was a hot February summer’s day.  A Friday with not as much as a breeze in the air.
I arrived at Forrest 44 while The Flower Place were busy working there magic with the decor and flowers.  Everyone of us having a water bottle close by to make sure the summer heat didn’t get the better of us.  This is where I met both mothers – Lydia Boyd and Erica Galloway.  Two wonderful women who have both raised two exceptional individuals.

This wedding celebration was by far one for the books.  The guests and friends traveled from every corner of the world to form part of these happy festivities and unification of two strong families.  It was such a big honour to form part of this beautiful day and over the months prior getting to know Donna and Graeme.  It is something very special when clients turn in to friends.  I wish you both all the best in the future.  I know that every single person who shared this beautiful day with you, love you both dearly from the bottom of their hearts.


2017-02-25_0001 2017-02-25_0002 2017-02-25_0003 2017-02-25_0004 2017-02-25_0005 2017-02-25_0006 2017-02-25_0012 2017-02-25_0007 2017-02-25_0008 2017-02-25_0009 2017-02-25_0010 2017-02-25_0011 2017-02-25_0013

2017-02-25_0014 2017-02-25_0015 2017-02-25_0016 2017-02-25_0017 2017-02-25_0018 2017-02-25_0019 2017-02-25_0020 2017-02-25_0021 2017-02-25_0022 2017-02-25_0023 2017-02-25_0024 2017-02-25_0025 2017-02-25_0026 2017-02-25_0027 2017-02-25_0028 2017-02-25_0029

2017-02-25_0030 2017-02-25_0034 2017-02-25_0031 2017-02-25_0035 2017-02-25_0036 2017-02-25_0033 2017-02-25_0032 2017-02-25_0037 2017-02-25_0038 2017-02-25_0039 2017-02-25_0040 2017-02-25_0041 2017-02-25_0042

2017-02-25_0043 2017-02-25_0044 2017-02-25_0045 2017-02-25_0046 2017-02-25_0047 2017-02-25_0048 2017-02-25_0049 2017-02-25_0050 2017-02-25_0051 2017-02-25_0052 2017-02-25_0053 2017-02-25_0054 2017-02-25_0055 2017-02-25_0056 2017-02-25_0057 2017-02-25_0058 2017-02-25_0059 2017-02-25_0060 2017-02-25_0061 2017-02-25_0063 2017-02-25_0062 2017-02-25_0064 2017-02-25_0065 2017-02-25_0066 2017-02-25_0067 2017-02-25_0068 2017-02-25_0069 2017-02-25_0070 2017-02-25_0071 2017-02-25_0072 2017-02-25_0073 2017-02-25_0074 2017-02-25_0075 2017-02-25_0076 2017-02-25_0077

2017-02-25_0080 2017-02-25_0078 2017-02-25_0081 2017-02-25_0079 2017-02-25_0088 2017-02-25_0082 2017-02-25_0083 2017-02-25_0084 2017-02-25_0086 2017-02-25_0090 2017-02-25_0087 2017-02-25_0085 2017-02-25_0089 2017-02-25_0091

2017-02-25_0092 2017-02-25_0093 2017-02-25_0094 2017-02-25_0095 2017-02-25_0096 2017-02-25_0097 2017-02-25_0098 2017-02-25_0099 2017-02-25_0100 2017-02-25_0101 2017-02-25_0102 2017-02-25_0103 2017-02-25_0104 2017-02-25_0105 2017-02-25_0106 2017-02-25_0107 2017-02-25_0110 2017-02-25_0108 2017-02-25_0109 2017-02-25_0111 2017-02-25_0114 2017-02-25_0112 2017-02-25_0113 2017-02-25_0115 2017-02-25_0116 2017-02-25_0117 2017-02-25_0118 2017-02-25_0119 2017-02-25_0120 2017-02-25_0121 2017-02-25_0122 2017-02-25_0123

Featured on:
Mooi Troues

Vendors that helped make this wedding beautiful and unique:

Reception:  Forest 44
Ceremony: Mountain Breeze Resort

Dress Design: Victor Kok

Decor and Flowers:
Flowers:  The Flower Place
Lights: Lekker Trou

Hair and makeup:  Leanne Muller
Wedding Cake:  D’Vine Cakes


String Trio Music: Louisa Theart



Robertson Wedding Photographer

Robertson Valley Wedding

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Duvon Wine Estate – 17-06-2017
A Beautiful family owned wine estate, nestled in the unique mountains of the Robertson Valley – Duvon Estate made for a lovely atmosphere where Johan & Alecia exchanged their promises in front of their closest friends and relatives.
I love intimate and small weddings the best because I love how genuine and real the relationships and laughter flow freely on the day.

This day was perfect! Thank you for making me a part of your most beautiful day.




Thank you to all the service providers, family and friends who contributed to how beautiful everything looked on the day.

Duvon Wine Estate

Make Up & Hair:
Jodine Swanepoel –

Mother of the Bride

Decor setup:
Friends and Family

Friends & Family

DJ & Sound:
Father of the Groom


A Fair Wedding

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Words simply cannot explain.  Goosebumps still let my arm hair raise when I think about the strong sense of love that was so overwhelmingly present on this day.  The ceremony was one of a kind.  Rye-lee looked stunning and beyond and their spontaneous laughter, tears and praise filled the canopy of trees under which they promised themselves to each other.

I want to write a whole book on this beautiful day, but I’ll let the pictures do the talking instead.

2016-12-01_0001 2016-12-01_0002

2016-12-01_0006 2016-12-01_0003 2016-12-01_0012 2016-12-01_0004 2016-12-01_0005 2016-12-01_0014 2016-12-01_0007  2016-12-01_0010 2016-12-01_00112016-12-01_0009 2016-12-01_0015 2016-12-01_0008 2016-12-01_0013

2016-12-01_0021 2016-12-01_0016 2016-12-01_0017 2016-12-01_0018 2016-12-01_0020 2016-12-01_0019 2016-12-01_0022

2016-12-01_0023 2016-12-01_0024 2016-12-01_0025 2016-12-01_0026 2016-12-01_0027 2016-12-01_0028 2016-12-01_0035 2016-12-01_0029 2016-12-01_0031 2016-12-01_0030 2016-12-01_0032 2016-12-01_0039 2016-12-01_0033 2016-12-01_0034 2016-12-01_0040 2016-12-01_0041

2016-12-01_0043 2016-12-01_0042 2016-12-01_0048 2016-12-01_0047 2016-12-01_0046 2016-12-01_0044 2016-12-01_0045 2016-12-01_0049 2016-12-01_0050 2016-12-01_0051 2016-12-01_0054 2016-12-01_0052 2016-12-01_0053 2016-12-01_0055


2016-12-01_0058 2016-12-01_0059 2016-12-01_0061 2016-12-01_0062 2016-12-01_0063 2016-12-01_0064 2016-12-01_0065

To all the vendors that helped make this day special to the couple:


Second Photographer, Assistant, Stylist and Friend:  Seven Quarters Photography 

Dress Design: Glara by Shaun Mattig

Make up: Brushed by Shanna

Hair: Ilana Herbst

Videography: Carla De Villiers




Dornier Estate Wedding Photography

Promises to Keep

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Dornier Estate, Stellenbosch.
Louis & Mareleen.

I am a strong believer that People’s lives intertwine for the right reasons and at the right times to form part of a bigger picture at another point in our lives.
My path crossed with these two beautiful people and I am honestly so blessed to now have made two amazing friends.
Their wedding was perfect from start to finish.  Everything happened as it should have and exactly at the time it should have.  The day’s story took place on the picturesque wine estate, Dornier at the foot of the Stellenbosch Mountains.   Everyone involved in the planning did it with love as all their close friends and family all lent a hand.


How special to have formed part of this day.



2017-05-19_0001 2017-05-19_0002 2017-05-19_0003 2017-05-19_0004 2017-05-19_0005 2017-05-19_0006 2017-05-19_0007 2017-05-19_0008 2017-05-19_0009 2017-05-19_0010 2017-05-19_0011 2017-05-19_0012 2017-05-19_0013 2017-05-19_0014 2017-05-19_0015 2017-05-19_0016 2017-05-19_0017 2017-05-19_0018 2017-05-19_0019 2017-05-19_0021 2017-05-19_0022 2017-05-19_0020 2017-05-19_0023 2017-05-19_0024 2017-05-19_0025 2017-05-19_0026 2017-05-19_0027 2017-05-19_0028 2017-05-19_0029 2017-05-19_0030 2017-05-19_0031 2017-05-19_0032 2017-05-19_0033 2017-05-19_0034 2017-05-19_0035

2017-05-21_00012017-05-19_0037 2017-05-19_0038 2017-05-19_0039 2017-05-19_0040 2017-05-19_0041 2017-05-19_0042 2017-05-19_0043 2017-05-19_0044 2017-05-19_0045 2017-05-19_0046 2017-05-19_0047 2017-05-19_0048 2017-05-19_0049 2017-05-19_0050 2017-05-19_0051 2017-05-19_0052 2017-05-19_0053 2017-05-19_0054 2017-05-19_0055 2017-05-19_0057 2017-05-19_0056 2017-05-19_0058 2017-05-19_0059 2017-05-19_0060 2017-05-19_0061 2017-05-19_0062 2017-05-19_0063

Thank you to all the service providers, friends and family who helped make this wedding so special and beautiful.

Venue:  Dornier Wine Estate

Coordinator: Grant Morkel


Videographers: Arno Daiber

Assisting Photographer:  Katie Mayhew


DJ: Jacques Anderson / Cape DJ’s


Flowers: The Bride’s Family

Decor: Function Hiring 4U


Dress: Elrina Marais


Stationary: Quo Vadis Printers

Cake:  Bodega Restaurant / Dornier Estate


Wedding Favours: Vanilla Bean Bakery


dornier listing

The Esrechowitz Kiddushin

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The day Jenna Nadelman and Blake Esrechowitz chose to celebrate their union, started with the hint of celebrations chiming in the wind.  Everything about this day was special.  Excitement and anticipation was creeping in to the toes of everyone about to share this Kiddushin – the jewish word for Betrothal ceremony.

I started the day with Blake and his 14 groomsmen over at Zevenwacht Estate.  The strong brotherly bond between all these men was really something incredible to witness.  Most of them childhood friends supporting and celebrating their friend’s glorious day.
I then made my way to the most beautiful, most calm and caring bride, Jenna.  The girls chatting, laughing and getting excited for the big event.The first tradition was the Bedeken Ceremony.  An age old jewish unveiling ceremony.  After spending a week apart without any verbal contact, the groom and bride see each other for the first time before the wedding ceremony.  This is where the groom lifts the veil of his most beautiful bride to make sure, that he will indeed be marrying his love.

I had so much fun experiencing all the traditions that were to follow – the breaking of the glass, seeing most beauitful Chuppa made by the groom’s mom, under which they recited the seven blessings.  The hora dances were possibly the most fun I’ve experienced at a wedding!  My goodness! So much excitement, love, laughter and emotions!This was certainly a wedding I’ll remember for  years to come!  Loved every second of it.

To Blake & Jenna – MAZEL TOV!

2017-03-10_0001 2017-03-10_0002 2017-03-10_0008 2017-03-10_0003 2017-03-10_0004 2017-03-10_0005 2017-03-10_0006 2017-03-10_0009 2017-03-10_0010 2017-03-10_0011 2017-03-10_0012 2017-03-10_0013 2017-03-10_0014 2017-03-10_0015 2017-03-10_0016 2017-03-10_0018 2017-03-10_0019 2017-03-10_0017 2017-03-10_0020 2017-03-10_0021 2017-03-10_0022 2017-03-10_0023 2017-03-10_0026 2017-03-10_0027 2017-03-10_0031 2017-03-10_0029 2017-03-10_0028 2017-03-10_0030 2017-03-10_0032 2017-03-10_0033 2017-03-10_0034 2017-03-10_0035 2017-03-10_0036 2017-03-10_0037 2017-03-10_0038 2017-03-10_0039

2017-03-10_0040 2017-03-10_0041 2017-03-10_0042 2017-03-10_0043 2017-03-10_0044 2017-03-10_0045 2017-03-10_0047 2017-03-10_0048 2017-03-10_0049 2017-03-10_0050 2017-03-10_0051 2017-03-10_0052 2017-03-10_0053

2017-03-10_0054 2017-03-10_0055 2017-03-10_0056 2017-03-10_0057 2017-03-10_0058 2017-03-10_0059 2017-03-10_0060 2017-03-10_0061 2017-03-10_0062 2017-03-10_0063 2017-03-10_0064 2017-03-10_0065 2017-03-10_0067 2017-03-10_0068 2017-03-10_0069

2017-03-10_0070 2017-03-10_0071 2017-03-10_0072 2017-03-10_0073 2017-03-10_0074 2017-03-10_0075 2017-03-10_0076 2017-03-10_0077 2017-03-10_0078 2017-03-10_0079 2017-03-10_0080

2017-03-10_0087 2017-03-10_0081 2017-03-10_0082 2017-03-10_0083 2017-03-10_0084 2017-03-10_0085 2017-03-10_0086 2017-03-10_0088 2017-03-10_0089 2017-03-10_0090 2017-03-10_0091 2017-03-10_0092 2017-03-10_0093 2017-03-10_0094 2017-03-10_0095 2017-03-10_0096 2017-03-10_0097 2017-03-10_0098 2017-03-10_0099 2017-03-10_0100 2017-03-10_0101 2017-03-10_0102 2017-03-10_0103 2017-03-10_0104 2017-03-10_0105 2017-03-10_0106 2017-03-10_0107 2017-03-10_0108


To all the amazing vendors who contributed to this very special celebration:  Thank you!

Cinematographers and story tellers:  Latsky Multi Media

Hair & Make-up: Vanessa Kroeger

Groom Prep:  Zevenwacht Estate
Ceremony: Blydschap Farm
Reception: Altydlig

Entertainers: Larry Soffer Magician & Mentalist

Amazing Sound and Lighting: Legacy of Sound

Florist: Flowerheart

Fairylights: Decordacious

Decor: Something Borrowed