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peppertree wedding

The Time Grandma Caught the Bouquet!

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Pepper Tree Wedding.

~A Classic but Timeless Chapter.

I first met Carla & Janco about a year ago when I photographed another unique wedding in the heart of the Karoo.  If there is one thing I always single out as my favourite part of my photography journey, it is the fact that I meet so many amazing people at my weddings.  Cara and Janco are just some more proof of that.  So I was pretty excited when Carla contacted me a few months later to say they got engaged and that she needed to book me as soon as possible!  I knew this would be a unique journey and even their engagement images were a treat!  Scroll down to read their story from how they met to how they abseiled down a cliff on Honeymoon!


Tell us about how you met and the attributes that drew you to each other?

We met in September 2011 on the dance floor of a Bloemfontein hang-out spot.  A bunch of friends and I wanted to dance, but sadly we didn’t know any men to dance with us!  As fate had it, I bumped in to an old friend who introduced us to a bunch of men in the same dilemma.  A perfect match!  Before I knew it, there was a tall, brown-haired man with a flowerprint shirt standing in front of me asking if I wanted to dance.  To my own astonishment, I jumped up and yelled “Yippee!!”
We started dancing and talking that night and we just never stopped again.  It was the start to the dance of the rest of our lives together.

Some of the attributes that draw us to each other is most definitely the fact that we find the other extremely attractive!  Janco describes it as an “internal happiness” he can see in my eyes.  Janco on the other hand can literally talk to me about any topic you can think of!  Even flower arrangements!

The Proposal.

One afternoon after work, we drove through to Kimberley for a bit of shopping.  On our way back to Boshof we decided to pop in at KFC which made the day feel like a hot summer holiday from the movies.  I told Janco that I feel like painting my nails just because I can!  He immediately agreed that we should do that later!

When we got back home, my neighbour and I took my bulldog pup for a walk and by the time we returned it was already quite dark, only to find ourselves in a moment of infamous Load Shedding without electricity.  Janco already had the house set up with a bunch of candles, a bottle of wine, music and the nail polish ready.

After my nails were dry, Janco gave me a hug and I could hear his heart beating right out of his chest!  I became so concerned that something was wrong and kept asking if he was okay.  The next moment the man went down on his knee, holding a ring towards me.  He was the most beautiful picture framed through that ring! I became so excited that I started running around in the house from excitement.  He had to bring me back and calm me down to give him my answer.  But I only gave him my “YES” after he reassured me that he had my parents’ permission! Haha!

Pepper Tree Wedding Venue.

The style of the wedding was only confirmed once I had my dress.  Classic and Timeless.  The flowers had to be different colours and there had to be a hint of rose gold.  In the end I decided that nothing matched, but overall it still made a beautiful image together.  My inspiration of course came from Instagram and Pinterest.

We only looked at one venue in person and then decided to just look further online.  I only had one request which was that the chapel should not have a thatched roof and that there needs to be a lot of natural light available.  Janco also only had one request and that was that everything needs to happen inside since we did not want to stress ourselves in regards to the weather.  We saw Pepper Tree Wedding Venue online and booked our date and a viewing.  We fell in love with the garden, the timeless feel and how welcoming everything was.

How did you decide on the dress and where did you find it?

One morning during the June Winter Holidays, my mother and I went to Bloemfontein to go dress shopping.  We went to 3 different stores, yet I had no idea what I was looking for.  They say the dress first needs to fit your body and second your taste! Haha!  At the third shop I probably fitted about 13 dresses in 5 minutes!  In that pile of dresses there was one that just kept talking to me and eventually stole my heart.  Bridal Emporium in Bloemfontein really helped me so much!

Is there any special story behind the rings.

Janco designed and drew pictures of my ring while he worked in America for a year.  I never really showed him what I liked, but I did tell him that if a ring is rose gold, I would like the diamond to be a clear white diamond, but if the ring was white gold then the diamond had to be pink!  He clearly did listen to me and when he returned to South Africa, he had it made by Philip in Kimberley.

His ring, on the other hand, is completely the opposite.  It is rough and something very different.  He is a farmer and works with his hands a lot and well… Janco himself is also very different.  His ring is oxidized silver with a golden rif welded on top.  It is also bruised and hammered to give it its rough look.  It represents the fact that not everything is perfect but in the great picture everything still remains beautiful and unique.


Who made sure your make up and hair looked beautiful.

Vanilla Moon in Bloemfontein is a bride’s one stop shop!  They definitely made sure I looked absolutely gorgeous and knew exactly what I wanted.

Most memorable moment.

I really want to say that the whole day was a memorable moment!  But there definitely were highlights!  One of the moments I will cherish was when I walked down the aisle with my dad, and seeing Janco waiting for me in front.  I felt so excited and yet so calm!
Another highlight was walking through the confetti and all the special dances that followed that evening with my husband and then also with my  dad.  A favourite moment was indeed when my grandmother caught the bouquet!  We joked with her before the wedding that we will set her up with a handsome hunk for the night, and what do you know! There she caught the bouquet!

How did you experience your photographers services….

WOW WOW WOW! When Landi Groenewald walked in to my room that morning while we were getting ready, everything started feeling real!  She was great!  I figured that if I book Landi for the photos I wouldn’t need a videographer! Haha!  She made us feel so at ease and she literally gets along with everyone and every guest on the day!

Who were the caterers.

Pepper Tree Wedding Venue was in charge of the catering.  The food was unbelievably delicious! My mother baked the cake and cupcakes and two friends helped her to decorate it all.

We also had a gin bar that was open during the Canapes.  A cash bar with extra cooldrinks and water were available during the canapes time, and later for everyone else’s hard tac.  We provided the Sparkling Wine for the toasts and enough wine for everyone who wanted to give the bar a skip.


Who made sure there was good music and sound?

Our DJ was Gert Deysel.  A man of many talents!  He is a dairy farmer as well as a DJ!! How awesome is that!  The chap lives right around the corner from Petrusburg and he had all our guests dancing and moving to the beat!

Is there anything about the day you wish you could change?

I actually never thought about that question!  I wouldn’t change a thing, come to think of it.  Even though it rained, the day still turned out perfectly magical!

Any advice to couples still in the planning process.

ENJOY the planning process and… MAKE LISTS.  My mother was the one who suggested and enforced the plan to make lists because I more often than not have the attitude of “let’s just wing it!”

Tell us about the Honeymoon….

We don’t kiss and tell….
Haha! We went to Clarence for 1 night, then 4 nights in Uvongo at Pebble Beach and lastly we spent 2 nights in the Drakensberg mountains at Berghouse Cottages. It was so unbelievable!  I don’t think we have ever laughed or ate as much!

Janco also had me abseil down a 160m high cliff at Oribigorge in Kwazulu-Natal!  The man is testing my limits! Haha!  But as a result I received my first certificate with my new surname on it!

Describe your wedding day in one sentence.

“Classy with a twist, friends,  music, fun, love, happiness, flowers, family and LOVE.”



(Please do not screenshot or copy images from this webpage.  A download link will be made available to the bride soon)











Swiping right on Tinder resulted in Winning a Free Wedding!

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Jonkershuis Groot Constantia Wedding

~A Tinder Tale.

Nicola and Tiaan jumped in to my heart with a bang!  Every year I choose one couple and do their wedding photography at no cost.  Every year I meet the most amazing, beautiful individuals through this process and they always turn in to life long friends.  This year was no different and our initial meeting turned in to a two hour spree of laughter and milkshake.  I knew I chose the correct couple this year and the process was so rewarding.  But wait – Nicola and Tiaan did not only get their photography for free, they also won their videographer!  Talk about the stars aligning and the universe putting everything together for two beautiful individuals to be together.
Read their story here:


Swipe Right, and let the Tinder sparks fly!

Tiaan:  We met on Tinder and from the first moment I saw Nicola I knew she was the one for me.

Nicola: What drew me to Tiaan on his Tinder profile was his eyes. I knew I just had to meet him! I still have that profile picture he used – it’s a firm favourite of mine. We spoke for hours on the phone before we met, and it was definitely love at first sight when we did eventually meet, two months later.  He arrived to pick me up on our first date with the biggest bunch of roses I’ve ever seen! Now every month on the 8th I get a bunch of flowers ( 3 years running).

A Paternoster Proposal.

He had taken me away to Paternoster for the weekend – it was our 2 year anniversary.  I was hoping he would pop the question, but he gave no hint that it was going to happen.  The day of our anniversary we went for breakfast, then did a bit of sight-seeing, had lunch, went shopping, then went back to the cottage to start up the fire.  I was in the kitchen prepping to make potato bake when he walked into the kitchen and took my hands. To be honest I can’t remember what he said because once he dropped down on one knee I went speechless! When he asked me to marry him, I jumped into his arms and said yes!

A personal wedding with our own personal style.

We wanted to make our day very personal, so I did all the decor and flowers on the day! I loved the colours navy blue and rose gold, so I started from there.  Collected jars and candles for over a year.  We made our own save the dates, invites, stationery etc.

I wanted a bit of a vintage/rustic style vibe, and we definitely pulled it off. At first Pinterest was my go-to, but then we started coming up with our own ideas! I’m so glad we did, because it really was so much fun planning the wedding. All the detail that went into it was so special to us.  Tiaan and I sat for days and days punching out our heart confetti from vintage love novels, poetry books and church hymns. I adored the table names we used for our guests… I got a thick branch from my sister’s garden and had slices cut out. Guests’ names were added to their own slice as their places names for the table.

Say “Yes” to the Dress!

I thought I had an idea in mind, but then it completely changed when I saw my dress. Myself, my sister and my mum were at Canal Walk one afternoon, doing a spot of shopping when we saw that Bride and Co was having a winter sale! We thought we’d pop in and see what they had (not intending to buy anything!!) We all then decided to have a bit of fun and I tried on a few dresses.  Then there it was, my dream dress… exactly what I wanted. Soft, flowing, elegant, just perfect.  We walked out with the dress that day!


Wearing her Grandmother’s ring every day.

Tiaan: I designed Nicola’s engagement ring myself with some help from one of Nicola’s friends who was the jeweler who made it.  Nicola loves rose gold, so that had to be the main element.

Nicola:  My wedding band was extremely special, too.  It was my Nan’s ring.  I had asked my mum if she didn’t have a ring of my nan’s lying around that I could use as my wedding band instead of just buying one.  My mum and I were so excited to start looking through what she had.  We ended up finding one of her mum’s rings that was just perfect.  It’s such an honour to wear it everyday.

My engagement ring from Tiaan… WOW… I still can’t stop staring at it! It’s absolutely beautiful – he knows me so well!

The Best Make-Up Artist in Cape Town.

Nicola: I had the BEST make-up and hair artist for the day, Candice Leigh Arnott.  Apart from being an award winning artist, she’s a family friend and all round amazing woman.  I had a vision of what I wanted for my hair and make-up, and she nailed it first time round.  I felt amazing, and looked amazing thanks to Candice.

Jonkershuis Venue to fit the Jonker Name.

Tiaan:  We had a look at numerous venues, with Jonkershuis being one of them.  We told ourselves that this venue is way out of our league. But still, Nicola went to go and have a look and chat to the manager due to the fact that the Jonkershuis had my Surname in it, we sealed the deal and knew we had to have a Jonkershuis Groot Constantia Wedding!

Nicola:  The location was breathtaking! My dream was to have a winter wedding and Jonkershuis in the winter is gorgeous.  What sold me was the reception area and courtyard.  Fairy lights, lanterns, wooden tables and chairs – exactly the look we were going for.

Arriving at the chapel in style.

A huge thank you to Maynard from The Kombi Company for being absolutely amazing and getting me to the chapel on time! The ride there was one to remember – 80’s hits all the way! And then for driving us all to the venue after the ceremony – such  a legend.

The best wedding moments to remember.

Tiaan’s best memory of the day was by far that moment he saw Nicola walk down the aisle.  And oh! What a moment it was!

Nicola has quite a few favourite moments!
She remembers arriving at the church, and for the first time that day feeling nervous and excited at the same time – she just couldn’t wait to be his wife! Another favourite moment for Nicola was the VW Hippie Vat that Tiaan rented for her to arrive in! That was an absolute dream to have on the day!  And of course – Saying their vows to one another.

Our favourite Pastor and friend officiated us!

It was such an honour to have our Pastor from our church marry us.  Tiaan and I strongly believe that God sent us to one another, and it’s such a blessing to have a man in my life with the same outlook on faith as I do.  Our Pastor is a fantastic guy and we wouldn’t have asked anyone else.

Sister Clair to the rescue and planning!

My sister Clair helped me plan this wedding from start to finish.  She was fantastic! She took on the role as sister, friend, Maid of Honour, MC and the go-to for any queries on the night from the venue.  An absolute blessing to us both.

A Photographer full of love and laughs.

Landi’s service was FANTASTIC!! Firstly, we adored Landi from the minute we met her at Tigers Milk at our meeting.  We both felt so comfortable throughout the day with all the poses we needed to do.  It was brilliant.  Our couple shoot was so beautiful and Landi took us to so many stunning spots for the shots she needed.  When you have a photographer like Landi at your wedding, it just makes your day even better! Her vision, professionalism, loads of fun and loads of laughs made our day one to remember for sure.

A Videographer full of creative ideas and friendly smiles.

Our wonderful videographer was Jesse from Barefeet Videography.  Our experience with having Jesse there with us capturing all our memories on film was phenomenal!  Such a fantastic guy, so friendly, professional, easy going and loads of fun.

A menu you won’t easily forget.


Panned Panko Fishcake with house tartar, pickled cucumber salad OR Bobotie Roll with apricot chutney, coriander and cucumber salad.

Parmesan & Herb Crumbed Chicken Breast with sweet potato puree, lemon cream & greens OR Sliced Sirloin with potato puree, exotic mushroom sauce & green beans.

Vanilla Creme Brulee, rooibos & cardamon infused ORFarm Apple Cake with butterscotch sauce, cinnamon swirl ice cream.

Nicola & Tiaan’s Wedding Planning Advise!

Don’t start with the planning too late! I started not long after Tiaan asked me to marry him ( a year ahead) and I can honeslty say that that year helped me immensely.  I wasn’t stressed months, weeks, days before the big day, and everything was done and dusted well ahead of time.  I had so many ideas and they changed constantly, so always leave room for change!


Service Providers:

DJ: The Party Technician


Buitenverwachting Wedding

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Buitenverwachting Wedding

– Ein Deutches Kapitel

Constantia. South Africa’s oldest Vinelands.  Nestled at the foot of mountains with hectares of the finest grapes, sought after dutch architecture and beautiful sunsets.
As I first met Anna & James in a hip coffee bar in Cape Town, I simply knew that it was the start to a beautiful friendship.
James, (who unmistakably resembles a more handsome version of Prince William) is an easy-going and relaxed chap.  While Anna, is a fun, outspoken dame who truly lights up any room she walk in to.  Her joyful laughs are dangerously contagious.
The build-up to this 3 day wedding celebration has been one filled with excitement and very detailed planning.  So grab a glass of your best wine while you read their story.


A Restaurant Visit that led to the next chapter:

Anna and James met in September 2014. Anna was in South Africa on holiday at the time, visiting her cousin in Johannesburg. While in Johannesburg, Anna and her cousin’s wife came down to Cape Town and while exploring, found this wonderful restaurant in Camps Bay. By sheer co-incidence, James was sitting at the very next table, having just returned to SA from living abroad. At some stage the two tables got talking and by the end of the night, James had Anna’s phone number. The very next day, they went on their first date. By the time Anna returned to Germany, she was in a long distance relationship with this South African boy.

“That was the beginning of a 13 month long-distance relationship in which we traveled between Germany and South Africa. After finally sorting out Anna’s visa situation and after finding a job, Anna made the move to Cape Town. And that was the beginning of our life together.”

A Proposal for movie scenes:

For Anna’s birthday present in 2016, James took Anna horseriding on Noordhoek beach. After jumping from the horses and walking up the dunes, James got on one knee and proposed. ‘I always wanted to see you like this’ was Anna’s cheeky answer – and the rest was just a screaming ‘yes’.

As is typical in the German tradition, we decided to do a small and intimate civil wedding that year. The following year, we planned to have our big wedding, with guests from overseas and family & friends from South Africa.  We ended up having THREE wedding ceremonies in total!

View their engagement photos by clicking here



A Priest from Germany:

A Priest from Germany who is living in South Africa  was officiating our ceremonies. As we split our wedding into two days, we had a German mass in church and an English blessing on the lawns of the day of the reception. We wanted all of our guests to have an emotional connection to the wedding. And because not everybody could speak English, we decided to have a priest who is able to speak both languages. Priest Wim Lindeque was the very first person we found for our wedding program. He is the most fantastic human being; he helped us to have very personal and memorable ceremonies. After this, some of our friends chose him as the priest on their wedding.


Two Ceremonies to Celebrate Love:

We wanted a wedding which wasn’t too far outside Cape Town as we had many guests flying in from Europe. Besides that, we really love the wine farms in Constantia with their stunning natural beauty. In the end we decided to split the ceremonies into two – The first ceremony being a mass at the Nazareth House Church (with an amazing view over Table Mountain), followed by a lunch at Silvermist, in Constantia Nek with a view over the 12 Apostles.


The Second Ceremony:

The second blessing and the big reception was to follow on Saturday at Buitenverwachting in Constantia.
Buitenverwachting is a stunningly beautiful award winning wine farm and is well known for its wine and cuisine. It is run by a German couple and has an incredible team – the service is really outstanding. We planned to have our blessing on the beautiful lawns with its really old oak trees and could already start dancing in the courtyard to our band. Further it was just the right size for the number of our guests. The wine farm has been newly renovated and the interior is also beautiful. We really liked the idea of not bringing in too much decoration and relying on the natural beauty of our venue; the wine farm really makes a statement on its own.

Silvermist views:

Anna & James decided to do their pre wedding prep at Silvermist Mountain Estate in Constantia.  A beautiful mountainous estate overlooking the Apostles.  The views were breathtaking and the crisp mountain air added a fresh breeze to the hot day.  The estate boasts with beautiful wooden featured decor and impeccable wine for the taste buds.


A relaxed and talented Makeup Artist:

The brides makeup was done by Derdre, the owner of  Derdre’s face & body care. Anna found it rather difficult to find a reliable, young make-up artist in CT. After some disappointing experiences with other suppliers, she finally (and thankfully) met Derdre. Deirdre is an awesome talent who was super relaxed to help out in a last-minute situation. She exactly understood what Anna wanted and fulfilled her every wish. Anna called her ‘a brides dream’. She also did the mothers’ make-up and some of the other girls. After the makeup was done she joined the party and socialized while everyone finished getting dressed. We were getting ready, having champagne with the girls and when it came to the photo shoot, Derdre even assisted with one of the bridesmaid’s babies. She is an extremely caring, wonderful person.


Red Carpet Wedding Couture:

When Anna started looking for her wedding dress, her initial feeling was one of unhappiness with what the market in Cape Town with regards to bridal couture offered.  That was however before she found Viktor K in Claremont. He exactly understood her style and taste. Anna didn’t necessarily want a typical wedding dress, and rather wanted an atypical wedding dress style – more of a red carpet kind of look. Viktor did a brilliant job by producing the most stunning wedding dress – everything was exactly what Anna had wanted and he provided huge amounts of support and professional advice.  In the end Viktor K produced two dresses, a white one for the church wedding and another one for the Saturday reception. Viktor was truly amazing and comes highly recommended – and he really lived up to it, with the final outcome far better than what Anna could have wished for.


A Moment to Cherish Forever:

James and Anna found it very special walking down the aisle on the lawns of Buitenverwachting. Anna walked in with her bridesmaids, while James was waiting at the start of the aisle. He took Anna’s hand and together they walked up to the priest.  The guests were applauding once they saw Anna coming around in her dress. ‘Fields of gold’ from Sting was played by a Saxophonist and a double bass which really pushed the emotions up a notch.

“We were incredibly lucky with the weather; we were standing under massive trees on this beautiful lawn with our family & friends surrounded while we were exchanging our vows. It was just too pretty.”

Duke & Dutch Wedding Rings:

Our rings are produced by Rolf Werndle. Rolf is a jewellery designer and the owner of  Duke & Dutch. It is much more personal and exclusive to get your rings done individually. You can choose your exact style and source the right stones. Rolf is the most reliable, talented and professional jewellery designer a couple could wish for. He is highly recommended and he did a brilliant job.


A Dose of Moonshine:

Our highlight of the wedding day was definitely our band Moonshine – a five piece vibe sensation led by Dan Shout. These guys are truly unbelievable and are guaranteed to get everyone in the right mood with their blend of jazz and 50’s rock’n’roll songs. The first time we saw these guys play was at Barristers in Newlands on a Sunday afternoon – and even then, mid-afternoon they had the whole place dancing. If you’re having people from different generations and different countries at your wedding, with 50’s rock and jazz, you want to make sure everybody will love the music. You will not find a more cool, talented and vibey band – guaranteed. Not only that, Dan is so helpful and professional in ensuring everything sound-related for the wedding is a success. We opened the dance floor by having our first dance to their live music. The family followed and so it happened that we were dancing outside in the courtyard, under the sky and we had the most amazing time. We got plenty of compliments for our band & hope that they got some more customers this evening.


A Photographer | Coordinator | Videographer on board:

Landi Groenewald from Organictales was far and away the best service provider we could ever have wished for. Anna saw her work for the first time in Viktor K’s studio, where she had done some of the bridal photography. Anna immediately fell in love with her images. What we saw in Landi‘s images was not just someone who is able to capture the right moments, but someone who would really understand light and landscapes and furthermore not just a wedding photographer but a super talented artist. After contacting and meeting her, we discovered what a wonderful, caring, professional & ambitious young person she was. The market in Cape Town for wedding photographers is probably a rather big one, but after seeing Landi’s images and meeting her, it was the biggest wish to have her for the job. She did a beautiful engagement shoot for us in Kalk Bay and has been with us on our whole wedding weekend. We really cannot thank Landi enough and the entire journey would have been different had we not had her.

Landi was able to help us with plenty of recommendations for other service providers and did so generously. As Anna is not from Cape Town it was a great help to find other excellent & ambitious suppliers. So it happened that we met our videographer, Johann Latsky, from Latsky Multimedia and Amo from ‘Amo Creative’, our coordinator for the day via Landi. Exactly the kind of highly professional people a wedding couple wants to work with. Johann does a lot of corporate and wedding videography and is clearly an expert in his field. Amo, an event management talent, is a young & very ambitious person who makes a wedding day run smoothly. Both take their job very serious which is very important for someone who thinks in German standards.



Anna & Jame’s Advice to planning a Destination Wedding:

“We wouldn’t change  anything about the wedding!”

We knew that we were expecting plenty of guests from overseas. This is quite an intense project if you plan a wedding for so many foreign people and having more than just one day & location. Anyways, Anna didn’t want to book a wedding planner because she wanted to find & meet every supplier on her own. We do not believe in packages that are being offered to you. Every wedding should be as individual as the couple is. If you want to avoid any disappointment, it makes sense to invest some time into your own wedding research.  And the guests feel it and this creates a big vibe in the end. We have been extremely happy all around, we have been blessed with our very good friends in helping in quite some tasks and we wouldn’t change anything about the wedding. We think it’s important for a couple to simply do what the both are dreaming of.

After having our three ceremonies done we can say it was the most exciting time in our lives and something we would love to repeat in 5 years’ time 😀


Service providers:
Photography:  ORGANICTALES 
Coordinator: Amo Creative
Videography: Latsky Multimedia
Dress: Victor Kok
Make up: Derdre’s Face & Body Care
Ceremony 1: Nazareth House Church
Ceremony 2: Buitenverwachting Wine Estate
Prep Venues:  Silvermist Mountain Lodge
Music & Sound: Moonshine