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dornier wedding photography

Dornier Estate Wedding Photography

Dunkley Vows

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A Dornier Estate Wedding:

There is something about dark clouds that raises people’s spirits and excitement.  Combine this with a wedding day and you will find emotions high, happy and full of anticipation all round.  This was the mood felt at the Dunkley wedding which took place at the beautiful, Dornier Wine Estate in Stellenbosch.  A beautiful venue at the foot of the Stellenbosch mountains, surrounded by vineyards and forests.  The Dunkley’s could not have chosen a more perfect location.




Thank you to all the vendors who helped make this beautiful wedding special.



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Dornier Wine Estate



Dornier Estate Wedding Photography

Promises to Keep

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Dornier Estate, Stellenbosch.
Louis & Mareleen.

I am a strong believer that People’s lives intertwine for the right reasons and at the right times to form part of a bigger picture at another point in our lives.
My path crossed with these two beautiful people and I am honestly so blessed to now have made two amazing friends.
Their wedding was perfect from start to finish.  Everything happened as it should have and exactly at the time it should have.  The day’s story took place on the picturesque wine estate, Dornier at the foot of the Stellenbosch Mountains.   Everyone involved in the planning did it with love as all their close friends and family all lent a hand.


How special to have formed part of this day.



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Thank you to all the service providers, friends and family who helped make this wedding so special and beautiful.

Venue:  Dornier Wine Estate

Coordinator: Grant Morkel


Videographers: Arno Daiber

Assisting Photographer:  Katie Mayhew


DJ: Jacques Anderson / Cape DJ’s


Flowers: The Bride’s Family

Decor: Function Hiring 4U


Dress: Elrina Marais


Stationary: Quo Vadis Printers

Cake:  Bodega Restaurant / Dornier Estate


Wedding Favours: Vanilla Bean Bakery


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