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piketberg wedding

Chrisna & Phillip Engagement

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Chrisna & Phillip

How the Proposal went down.

One weekend I was visiting with a friend where we were invited to spend the weekend like a real bunch of farmers next to a dam.  This farm just happened to be my future husband’s farm!  When we first met, I thought this guy was a real show-off and didn’t quite like him as much.  But there was a specific photo taken that weekend which my friend really wanted, and the week after I decided to just ask him via Facebook for it.  As I was about to send Phillip a message asking for the photo, he sent me a message at the same time and that’s when we started really talking!

A week later I was meant to be someone’s date at a wedding up in Bloemfontein.  After flying up to Bloemfontein, the most humiliating experience happened as my date did not read his invite and realized at the last minute that he couldn’t bring a date.  Embarrassed and sad, I got on a plane back to Cape Town and Phillip was the one who fetched me at the airport.  He gave up his Sunday and took away all the pain and humiliation.  After a month of talking and lots of sushi dates, I started to realize what true love looked like.

In December 2017, we went to my family’s farm in the Free State for Christmas.  Phillip gave me the biggest surprise by asking me the big question on top of a little rocky hill.  He had it all carefully planned with my mom, without me suspecting a thing!

Where and When do you plan on having your Wedding?

We decided on Die Woud in Caledon.  I have always dreamed of a wedding under trees and Die Woud is just perfect for this.  They also have a beautiful glass reception area which really adds to the atmosphere.


How do you know your fiance loves you?

Chrisna: I can see in Phillips eyes and the way he looks at me that he truly loves me.  You can feel when someone really loves you, they don’t even have to say it.

Phillip:  I know that Chrisna loves me because she does everything to the fullest for me.  She always gives her best and tries to spoil me in some way.


What do you look most forward to about your new journey together?

To not being alone anymore and to have my best friend by my side for the rest of our lives.  To start a family and decorate our house.  I look forward to holidays, ups and downs together and spending life with my best friend always and forever.

Mountain Vows

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Mountain Wedding Photography:
Arriving at the top of a mountain, overlooking the most spectacular sunset views – my soul felt a strange buzz of calm.
I met Cadi’s family the night before and was pleasantly surprised with a few hotdogs around a camp fire, a cup of coffee and endless conversation under the stars with down to earth family and friends of the couple.


The next morning started bright and early for everyone.  But luckily these farming communities are used to rising before the sun!  I met the groom with his happy crowd for a their prep photos.  The men were all full of jokes over their morning cups of coffee and it started the day on a cheerful note.  I got a good bit of exercise in on this day, running up and about between the chalets at the bottom of the venue and up to the top where the women were getting ready, dressed and pampered.  The air was filled with smiles, excitement and so many emotions.

When it came time for the ceremony, everyone was stunned by the breathtaking view over the valley below. What a perfect setting to exchange vows of love. The rest of the day was spent celebrating with delicious food, good conversation and all round happy crowds.

A big thank you to Noupoort Mountain Estate for playing such a big role in putting together this beautiful day!

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Many Thanks to all the vendors who helped make this day possible for Cadi & Willem:


Venue: Noupoort Mountain Estate

image001 (2)

Flowers & Decor:  Direct Flowers

image001 (1)

Hair & Make Up: Vintage Grace Beauty

Dress: Brides of Somerset