When Photographers Meet

By April 11, 2016Photography

I recently attended a family wedding and naturally I just had to make friends with the photographer.  We started chatting and instantly I felt like, this here, this woman is about to be a good friend of mine.  She booked me for a portrait session and a few days later we were off to the farm to do a lovely farmgirl session.  Please meet my new friend, Anneke;

Meet the Photographer

“Hi I am Anneke Louw.I am a photographer, artist, farm girl, food lover and fitness freak.
As a Photographer I document the world through my eyes, I seek beauty wherever I go. My goal is to capture beauty and to show people how they truly are, how unique there story is and how special God constructed their lifes.
Photography gives me a voice, it makes me live every day to my full potential, it makes me feel alive and it gives me a purpose. I love people. I cherish there stories. I believe my photos give people a chance to show their love, give their lives a voice, it give them courage. I believe that’s my purpose as a Photographer is proofing to people how special they are.

I am also a friend, cousin and a child. I love my family and friends. But most of all I love God and honor Him for all my talents and blessings.

Now you know more of me, Can’t wait to showcase more of my beautiful clients!

Be blessed”


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