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Landi Groenewald Photography

My name is Landi Groenewald and I’m a Photographer born in South Africa.
I grew up in the countryside with a deep love for the great outdoors, animals and nature.

My story begins as a farm girl riding ponies and raising orphaned animals. My mom is the person who discovered my artistic talents as a toddler after she found my crayon murals in the living room.  She thought it best to move my love for drawing to paper rather than walls!

           “I would love to create some wall art for you!”

Eventually it was my teenage love for capturing, painting and creating images of my horses that got me really interested in photography and was the motivation behind buying my first DSLR and enrolling in a photography course. As I embarked on my learning journey as a photographer, I discovered and developed my skills more in human portraiture, where I realized I was able to give to people a little piece of themselves, captured in time.

“To read my full story of how I embarked on my journey as a photographer, click here.”

After graduating from Stellenbosch University with a Bachelor’s degree I relocated to the Caribbean, working as a photographer and exploring islands, beaches and meeting people from across the globe.

In 2012 I relocated to South Korea.  During my 4 years there, I had more freedom to discover and learn more about my passion for photography. It was during this time that I, once again, had the opportunity to meet clients from all across the globe, giving me the experience to work with people of different cultures, nationalities and a rainbow of personalities and stories from their home countries.

             “Learning and exploring new places and meeting new people have always been close to my heart.”

I am a full time photographer who enjoys meeting new people and learning about their journeys. I try to capture people in their best essence to save a little bit of their souls to cherish in the future.

I am really excited and honoured to share a little time in your journey.

Photographer | Adventure seeker | Portrait Maker