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Couples/Engagement Session:

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Where do we go to take the photos?

All shoots are done at an outdoor location of your choice, or ask your photographer for possible location suggestions in the area. My style of photography include foresty areas or places with lots of shade and trees.

What time will we start?

The best light is during late afternoon when the sun is low and not too bright or early morning just before and during sunrise.   Please arrive at the designated location 30min before the agreed time so there is time to do any needed set up or outfit changes. Photography is essentially a painting done with the available light so the time of day and light available is very important to ensure nice photos.

What kind of photos will we get?

Couple sessions include portraits of the couple together and portraits of each individual.

What should we wear?

What you wear will play a big part in the visual quality of your photos.  Here are a few suggestions:

  • Plain clothes without logos/text and no busy patterns are preferred.
  • Choose 1-3 solid colours with similar tones for your family portrait. Try to have your family’s outfits complement each other.
  • Choose a shirt/top with long sleeves or at least to the elbow.
  • Choose long pants or a dress/skirt just above the knee. Short dresses and shorts may cause legs to appear unflattering in certain poses.
  • Keep jewelry simple and minimalistic.

You can have a look on my Pinterest (Find me @Organictales) under “What to wear”.  There are a few examples of colour codes.  Most important is not to wear busy patterns.
Please do not specially buy clothes for the shoot  – these are merely guidelines for you to consider.

Wedding Sessions:

Organictales offer a range of Wedding Packages with custom Payment options. Please contact me for more details regarding Wedding Packages.