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Favourite New Work

How a Fortune Cookie predicted this Pregnancy

| Photography | 2 Comments

Newlands Forest Maternity Photos ~Zara’s first chapter. Let me read your fortune. Donna: I took about three different pregnancy tests that afternoon. It showed all positives. It was so overwhelming….

How this one-eyed horse became a therapist

| Photography | One Comment

Bazzy – The Pirate Horse. ~The Animal Therapist’s Tale. When it started. I started riding in Sweden as a child. I never had my own pony or horse, though. I…

Look what happened at this Rainy Knorhoek Wedding

| Photography, Wedding | One Comment

Rainy Knorhoek Wedding ~A Rainy Chapter. All the weather channels predicted rain on this Knorhoek Wedding day, and dark clouds were looming with heavy drops all day.  Although, as a…

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