This groom went all the way to Dubai to pop the question!

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Weltevreden Estate Wedding.

~The Secret Garden Chapter.

Brad & Tayla is the perfect example of fate bringing the right people together.  A simple tweet to go hike Lion’s Head turned in to the most beautiful romance.  Read their story below and get a glimpse of what I saw on their beautiful wedding day.


Destination – Fate.

Tayla and I both moved to Cape Town 5 and a half years ago. Tay from Durban and I from Johannesburg. We first started chatting on Twitter like real Millennials. I still remember the first time I saw Tayla in person and remember thinking – “She is way out of my league”. Luckily, she hasn’t realized this yet!

Dubai – The City of Gold, Diamond and Proposals.

In December 2016, we planned a cruise around the UAE, visiting Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Oman. Little did Tayla know, that’s not all that was planned! It was the 25th of December and I needed to find a way to get Tay dressed up. I managed to convince her that it was family tradition to dress smart for Christmas which seemed to work and so, off we went, in 30+ degree weather, on a tourist bus and looking very out of place. We booked a trip up the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa. We wondered around and around, admiring the view (actually while I tried to find the perfect backdrop) and eventually I got down on one knee and proposed.

Weltevreden Estate Wedding.

We wanted the style of our wedding to reflect the abundance of natural beauty our venue, Weltevreden Estate had to offer. We decided to stick to a neutral colour palate of greens, whites, greys and silvers to compliment the Cape Dutch architecture.

We chose Weltevreden Estate as it encompassed everything we had envisioned for our day. The gardens at Weltevreden Estate are stunning, which allowed us to have a beautiful outdoor ceremony. The venue had a vintage-feel, due to its Cape Dutch architecture but still a hint of modernism, which was a perfect fit for the style of wedding we were planning.


Rose Moltena Couture.

When I first went dress shopping I wasn’t set on a particular style of dress. I did, however have a designer in mind. After trying on numerous dresses at various wedding boutiques across the Western Cape, I decided to book an appointment with Rose Molteno. From the minute I entered her show room I fell in love with the simple yet elegant bohemian style. All of her dresses were fascinating, and it was evident that she puts tons of love into each and every design.


Flawless Hair and Make-up.

Leandre van Rooyen was the hair and make-up artist for me and my bridesmaids on the day of our wedding. She was absolutely fantastic and far exceeded my expectations!

The moment.

Bride:  The most memorable moment of the day for me, was walking down the aisle towards my future-husband. That is the moment when all the nerves and excitement started kicking in, and the moment when I realized that this is our day and the beginning of the rest of our lives together.
Groom:  Taking Tayla’s hand at the altar. I was in complete disbelief that this was my wife standing in front of me and how lucky I was.

The harpist and flutist from Zest music complimented the serene environment. The duet played at our ceremony and canapés.

Our Marriage Officiant.

Our officiant was Basil Sparks from Durbanville Baptist Church. We choose Basil as we look up to his wisdom and his ideologies surrounding marriage. Basil delivered a very meaningful message during our ceremony that has really stuck with us.

Photographer Research.

We searched high and low for a photographer that suited the style of photography we were looking for, for our special day. Tayla has always had a great interest in photography so she knew exactly what she was and wasn’t looking for in a photographer. When we found Landi we knew she was the one! We booked our photographer before we booked our venue!


Rings are eternal and so are Tattoos!

Groom: I stalked Tayla’s Pinterest with the jeweller but already had 2 styles in mind. Eventually, with the help of Grand Diamonds, the perfect style and stone was chosen.

Bride: Brad wasn’t all that keen on wearing a traditional wedding band and even considered getting a tattoo! We found Brads ring at the Canal Walk Wedding Fair. Brads ring is made of black tungsten and rose gold.

Weltevreden Estate Caterers.

Weltevreden Estate did all of the catering for our wedding. For starters we had waldorf salad, caraway beetroot, crème fraiche & orange segments and Maple & pumpkin pie. Mains were served as a buffet and included a variety of catering options to suit everyone’s dietary needs. For dessert we had panna cotta, vanilla & roasted white chocolate sponge, strawberries & cream and our salted caramel wedding cupcakes from Tessa’s Bakery.

Alcoholic and non-alcoholic punch was served at the canapes. We ensured that there was enough champagne to go around during the speeches and each table was set with a bottle of red and a bottle of white wine from Somerbosch winery in Stellenbosch.

Brad & Tayla’s Advice.

Do your research on your service providers and read the reviews!

The day in one sentence.

Everything we hoped and dreamed it would be – the perfect start to our happily ever after.



Service Providers:

Venue:  Weltevreden Estate
Dress: Rose Molteno
Music: Zest Music
Florist: My Green Love Affair
Hair & Make-up: Leandre van Rooyen
Gowns: Vows Adornments
Photo Booth: Fun Photo Booth
Fairy Lights: Lekker Trou
Cake & Cupcakes: Tessa’s Bakery

Look what happened at this Rainy Knorhoek Wedding

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Rainy Knorhoek Wedding

~A Rainy Chapter.

All the weather channels predicted rain on this Knorhoek Wedding day, and dark clouds were looming with heavy drops all day.  Although, as a wedding photographer, I was beyond excited about the overcast light, I couldn’t help but secretly worry that the beautifully planned outside ceremony might possibly get moved inside.  But oh boy – all the element were so ready to celebrate this Knorhoek Wedding day and right as the first kiss were about to happen the most beautiful sun rays broke through the clouds and trees to congratulate Zurena & Wayne on their promise to one another.  Read their story here:


When eyes met across a dance floor and a beautiful story unfolded.

Bride: Our eyes locked across the dance floor for the first time. It was his broad shoulders, strong jawline and beautiful hazel-brown eyes that first lured me in. However, I soon fell head over heels in love with his genuine, kind and humble character.

Groom: We saw each other across the dance floor for the first time. Somehow I felt immediately that there was a connection and an attraction. Her spontaneous laughter, similar outlook, philosophy on life and just her loving nature attracted me to her. She showed me how to love and how to receive love.

A Proposal after a silent drive.

We had been talking about getting married long before the actual proposal so I knew it would happen at some point. However, with Wayne being a very ‘matter-of-fact’ guy, he did it the only way he knew how. We were strolling around in the mall and he suggested that we head into the jewellery store. He then asked me which rings I fancy and insisted that I try a few on. I was hesitant as I was not sure whether he was kidding or not. After some convincing I settled on a ring and we left the store. On our way to the car I asked him whether we were ‘engaged now’ to which he replied, “Don’t jump the gun.” After a long, silent drive home, he opened up a bottle of wine and popped the question.

A Vintage Romance Wedding Style.

We both like all things vintage and I wanted to add some femininity so we ended up with ‘vintage romance’.  We wanted a timeless and elegant atmosphere so we combined some very rustic items with touches of gold and lots of greenery. This was complemented by the soft blue and pink accents in the flowers and other décor.


Knorhoek Wedding Venue.

We chose Knorhoek as our wedding venue as it just represented everything we had envisioned. We wanted an outside ceremony among the trees and they were able to offer this and more. What really bowled us over was the absolutely gorgeous restaurant that was already decorated to suit our theme and it made for a very intimate and cosy setting. Furthermore, they took care of the flowers, catering and having a guesthouse on the farm made everything more convenient.

Inspiration from her Mother’s Wedding Dress.

My mother’s dress was very modest and I always thought she looked so classy on her wedding day so I wanted to emulate that. I always knew I wanted a lace dress – it is soft and feminine and timeless. I chose a mermaid style dress with a boat-neck and open back. I wanted modesty with a hint of sexy. The detachable skirt added a touch of drama – just enough to make my dress extra special. After a long search for the perfect lace, I had the dress custom-made by Shienaaz Adams.


Make-up and Hair by Zylia Lennox.

Zylia Lennox! What a marvel of a women – beautiful inside and out. She did a fantastic job on everyone and she was super professional from day one. I would recommend Zylia not just because she is excellent at what she does but also because she is a genuinely kind person.

An Endearing Wedding Officiant.

Our wedding was officiated by Father Stephen Tekana. We chose him because he made us feel comfortable. Our pre-marital sessions were long chats over tea and it felt as though we were simply visiting an older and wiser friend. He has a very endearing persona and had our guests captivated throughout the ceremony.

A Violin, Cello and Flute.

The beautiful setting came to life as the string quartet from Zest Music started playing. They set the tone for the day and created the perfect atmosphere. Our pre-drinks and reception music was provided by Ingrid Wolff.

The most memorable moment.

Bride: It has to be walking down the aisle, trembling and nervous and facing my husband-to-be for the first time. When he looked into my eyes as we were about to say our vows, my soul was at peace and my heart was smiling.

Groom:  As my bride walked down the aisle, my back was faced towards her. The string quartet was playing “A thousand years” in the background. Simply knowing that this is the most important defining moment in my life and knowing that my bride was walking towards me, the tears rolled down my cheeks uncontrollably.

Towerbosch Catering.

The food was provided by the Towerbosch venue. We had a smoked salmon and asparagus starter and the main was a buffet style feast (served at the tables) that consisted of slow cooked lamb, sirloin, a melange of vegetables, couscous, a red onion and tomato salad and the best roast potatoes ever! This was followed by a granadilla panacotta.

Wouldn’t change a thing!

Both my husband and I had wished the rain away but when it eventually started raining, it actually contributed to the cozy and fun atmosphere inside the restaurant. So, no. I would not change anything.


The Wedding Photographer Experience.

I am going to be honest and admit: I fought for Landi. Wayne is very budget conscious and it took a lot of convincing but I am so very glad he conceded and today he is even happier that we chose her. She is so bubbly and friendly and made us feel comfortable from day one. I really admire her passion for photography and it is reflected in each and every image. She was very professional at all times and I am eternally grateful that she even got Wayne to enjoy having his pictures taken – he was very camera shy at first. Lastly, if you are looking for someone who will go the extra mile to get the perfect shot and to ensure her client’s satisfaction: choose Landi Groenewald from Organictales Photography.

Groom: Landi, you are certainly unbelievable. The casual, yet professional approach made it very easy for us, especially me. I do not like somebody taking photos of me, but you had me it smooth, comfortable and easy experience. THANK YOU.

Advice to other couples:

Bride: Don’t spend too much money on a cake unless you’ll be serving it as dessert. Our guests were not concerned with the cake at all and we forgot the top tier at the venue. If you are going to have a guestbook, ask your bridal party members to ensure your guests sign it – we forgot about it and so did our MC. The most difficult was coming to an agreement on wants versus needs. The important thing is to be willing to compromise and to remember that the day is about the two of you.

Groom: It is important that you create a budget and try and follow it tooth and nail. It helps having a T-accounting system as it provides a concrete indication of a money trail. Furthermore, if you intend using a service provider, ensure that you read the fine-print and understand its implications on the budget.

The Wedding In ONE SENTENCE.

It was simply magical and an unforgettable experience.



Service Providers on the day:



Hair & Makeup:  ZYLIA LENNOX



Accessories: Hashtag with Love

DJ / Music: Ingrid Wolff from DJ Dean

Unity Candle: Unity Candles / Arlene de Jager – 0846277607


Hudsons Wedding – Lisha & Sebastian

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Hudson’s Wedding

An Austrian Chapter.

Lisha & Sebastian’s wedding was the kick start to my 2018 Autumn Wedding Season.  With a beautiful warm day and not a hint of wind, it definitely was a perfect day to exchange promises.  Read their tale below.


An Online Gaming Story.

We met playing against one another online in 2004, we became rivals, competitors and then friends… Years later we were chatting online (as our friendship was based online) and decided to get a coffee together…. We met, chatted, stayed way passed a reasonable time and found ourselves on a 7-year journey to the most beautiful day… The day I married my best friend. The attributes that drew me to Lisha… Her unending and unfathomable happiness, her positivity and her eyes. That’s what got me to buy her coffee the rest was just perfection.

What attracted me to Sebastian first was that he has the ability too always see the best in every situation, his charmingness and that he always made me smile till my cheeks hurt … let’s not even get started on the handsome topic.

How did the proposal go down?

Hmmmm, a lot of sweat, sore fingers and subterfuge.  I lured her to my family’s holiday house, sent her for a hot bath and told her to really soak and enjoy it… while doing that I made Dinner (Ravioli which i had prepped before) and lit 200 Fairy lights and placed them all over the room. I had a roaring fire going in the fire place and had set the table in the middle of the room… When she came out of the bath, there was a trail of candles from her door to the table and me…. Desert was the most sweet when she said she would marry me. Yes, I was on one knee.

What was the style of your wedding?

Lisha really spear headed the style of the wedding, it was more of what it shouldn’t be than what it should be, because you can define something so Organic into a box. The wedding was not going to be a Cinderella ball, or an earthy farm style but rather just an amalgamation of what she felt best personified our tastes and you wonder why I married her ?


How did you choose on your venue?

We Looked at a lot of venues and some of them were great but unrealistically priced and some of them had aspects that were beautiful but then lacked a reception area… in the end we found the Hudsons at the Vredenheim and we knew after walking the grounds that it had everything we wanted and more! Long grassy gardens, beautiful flowers and fountains, willow trees, a lake, friendly people and beautiful seating areas….

Is there any special story behind your rings?

Lisha’s Engagement ring I made myself as we are manufacturing goldsmiths… Her wedding band was her own design with the uniformity of the channel set diamonds to match her engagement ring and with the rose gold filigree underneath to complement the delicacy and bring out the beauty of the design.

How did you decide on your dress?

After many many dress fittings and feeling unimpressed I went for a consultation at Didi Couture. I got her contact details from my bridesmaid and mc who got her dress made by her. After going to Didi I was blown away by her honesty and friendliness, she made me feel at home. I was looking for something comfortable and breathtaking at the same time. She made exactly what I had in mind with her amazing style and perfection.

Who made sure your Make Up was perfect?

I did get quotations from many different vendors, I am not an everyday make-up wearer so I was looking for something lite and airy, then I found Talita from Mist Make-up, she does airbrush makeup which is just that and it is tear proof as well. When she did my make-up on the day it was beautiful and suited my personality and skin perfectly.

The most memorable moment of the day:

The most memorable moment of the day was when Lish first came into view in her wedding dress and started walking down the aisle towards me… I’ll never forget the moment till the day I die and probably not even then.

For me it was when I was walking towards and then down the aisle, I was so nervous I was trembling. As I was walking though the rows of family, friends and loved ones I looked up and saw Sebastian face, it was as if my heart shifted to tranquil quietness and my soul could breathe. In that moment I have never felt so much happiness and loved so completely.

Who officiated the ceremony?

Our Officiant was – Willie Viljoen, after meeting him and a few others we both felt that he was the right pick and that he understood us and who we were. We did not supply him with any material and we were not disappointed.

How did you experience your Photographer’s services on the day?

Wow…. The photographer’s services were and are above and beyond… ORGANICTALES was on time, friendly, straight to the point, comforting, complementary and helpful all at the same time. She would move the room around and get you involved, laugh with you and put you at ease. She would requisition a boat to cross a lake for a perfect shot… and even scale a tree to get the perfect angle. I’d say that as far as services go, how can you describe someone or a relationship of services rendered if you then befriend them like they are family or an honored guest because they were that…. I’m at a loss for adjectives. Their role in the day was irreplaceable and unforgettable.


Who were your videographers and how did you experience their presence on the day?

Mustard seed films – They were the perfect complement to the photographer’s entourage in the way they stayed out the way but where present and how they made you feel comfortable and feel befriended at the same time. They offered valid points, opinions and were constantly on the ball. They helped make the whole experience that much richer and fuller without making you feel uncomfortable or like you had the paparazzi after you.

Who were your caterers?

The Caterers were the venue themselves The Hudsons at the Vredenheim, the food was great, well planned and made brilliantly. For Starters we had Roasted Vegetable & Feta Tartlet with Tomato & Basil Coulis, Mains was Prime Roast Beef with Chef’s Gravy, Traditional Chicken Pie. Served with Roast Potatoes, Roasted Vegetables, Savoury Rice, Pumpkin Fritters, Greek Salad and for Desert we had Home Baked Malva Pudding with Custard or Ice cream and ended with our amazing 3 tier Wedding Cake.

If you could change anything of the day, what would it be?

I wish we could have extended the evening more, added a few extra hours into it, like made it a 36 hour day instead of 24 hour day!


Advice to other couples still planning?

Talk to each other, be open and be willing to compromise for middle ground… also start early and don’t settle for anything but the perfect “thing” for you 🙂


Tell us about the honeymoon!

Honeymoon still coming! but we went away for 4 days to a spa and retreat to be alone and just be together without anyone or anything to pull us away from ourselves 🙂

Describe your wedding in ONE sentence.

The most unforgettable, beautiful and amazing day one could spend with family and friends to join two souls who know they are meant to be together.


Vendors and Service Providers on the day:
Venue / Decor / Ceremony:
Hudson’s Venue – 021 881 3590

Organictales – 071 274 8358
Assistant – Karien Saaiman

Did Couture – 082 772 2033

Dean – 0849224757

Makeup & Hair:
Mist Makeup – 084 444 5266

Bridesmaid Dresses & Groomsmen Ties:
Joan – 083 259 5073

Cape Marriages – 071 677 6072

Mustardseed Films – 073 923 1112
Video Diary:
Clifford Wort – 083 419 1251

Good Letter Best – 021 510 8600

Bride & Groom Prep Accommodation:
The Wild Mushroom – 021 881 3586

Wade’s Cakes – 082 932 4522

Stilbaai Beach Wedding

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Stilbaai Beach Wedding

– A Sandy Chapter

I concluded my 2017 wedding season with a highlight trip to Jongensfontein.  A small beach town a few kilometers from Stilbaai.  Like most destination weddings, I arrived the day before and met all the close friends and family as we sat around a big camp fire eating barbecued ribs and chatting about the next day’s celebrations.
I think by now most people know that one of my favourite parts about being a wedding photographer is becoming friends with so many wonderful people.  The journey leading up to these celebrations is one filled with excitement and hope and I truly feel blessed to walk this journey with so many new friends.
Here follows the unity of Chris-marie & Steyn Wessels:


Growing up as friends

We’ve known each other for most of our lives. We both grew up with our families camping in Jongensfontein over holidays.  This is how we met. We only really got to know each other at the end of 2012. First it started as friends and quickly escalated to something more. It was his blue eyes that drew me to him!


A Christmas Present:

On Christmas day 2016 we celebrated our 4th year anniversary. We spent the day with his family, but when we got back to Jongensfontein, we went for a walk on the very same beach we got married on.  He dropped to one knee and asked me to marry him!

A Rustic Beach wedding

We decided on a rustic theme and got most of our inspiration from social media, pinterest, friends and family.
We wanted both a beach and a farm wedding. So we decided to get married on the beach where we got engaged and to have our reception on a horse farm, Jongensdal, just outside Jongensfontein.  This venue fitted our ideas perfectly.

A dress tailored to her liking

I bought my dress on Gumtree! I took it to the very talented Esna Saayman from Riversdale, who changed the dress to my liking. I wanted an open back and a lot of lace. She made sure that the dress became a dream wedding dress to me. The veil was bought at Bride & Co and was a 5 meter long ivory veil with lace outlines.

Rings plain and simple

We both like a plain setting and that’s how we decided on our rings. My ring was made at Viljoens juweliers in Worcester and Steyn’s wedding ring was made by House of Kallie with a wood inlay. The wood inlay is something he really wanted. My wedding band is a Swarovski rosegold ring.

Sister Love

Stephanie Kamfer from “The Beauty Spot” and Natasha Henning, a cousin of the bride, did a great job with the make-up of the bride, bridesmaids and mother of the bride.
Mariaan Odendaal, the sister of the bride, and Verna-Marie Beukes, a close friend, are both employees of Scar Hair in Cape Town and took care of Chris-marie’s perfect hair.
Martelize Wessels created the wreaths for the bridesmaids’ hair with greens, folded flowers and roses.

Riversdale NG Church

Ds. Deon Beyers from NG Church Riversdale West officiated our wedding. This is the Chrurch I grew up in. He was very well prepared and gave a wonderful message at the ceremony. He also prepared us for the ceremony during a practise session on the beach the day before.

A Photographer with Experience

Landi from Organictales Photography was very professional and we could see that this was definitely not her first time taking wedding photos. She went the extra mile and tried to capture every moment of our special day. She made us feel at ease and was not just a photographer, but also became a friend. Pictures are all you have left after your wedding day and we wanted to make sure we had the best photographer capturing our special moments.

Videographer in motion

Henlu & Karin Cronje from “Cronje Productions” did an excellent job at recording our special day on camera. They literally think about every little detail. I would definitely recommend them to anyone that is getting married.

Memories with Friends and Family

For both of us the most memorable moment of the day was when we walked in at the reception and everyone waited for us with sparkles and something to drink.  We could see everyone was having a good time which definitely set the mood for the evening.

A Cash Bar with Cocktails

Hansie Saayman Bar services made gin cocktails, cosmopolitans and had lots of ciders when the guests arrived at the reception. Red wine, white wine and grape juice were from Calitzdorp Wine Cellar and Champagne from KWV. Hansie and his team were very organized and had more than enough available for everyone.

Friends and Food!

Now this is a surprise to everyone… We didn’t have a caterer.
 Breads and spreads were made by the bride, the mothers, and grandmothers of the bride and groom.
A close friend of ours did a Lamb Spit for the main. Our farm neighbours organized the kitchen, made the roasted veggies, potatoes and pumpkin fritters. My two aunts made the salad and tropical fruit sticks!
 Everyone was so helpful and this was much so cheaper than caterers.
Snacks and a variety of breads and spreads
Sheep spit
Sheep spit rolls with mozzarella and bacon inside.
Roasted Veggies
Crispy Potatoes
Pumpkin Fritters
Salad Sticks
Tropical fruit sticks
Wedding cake – Carrot cake
Ferrero Roche Tower
Doughnut wall
Take-away/eat-in portion deserts: Chocolate mouse, peppermint crisp tart, cheese cake and strawberry tart.

Music and the Ocean

 Charles Du Preez from “Just For You” made sure everything went according to plan with music and sound at the ceremony as well as the reception.  He did an exquisite job. One of my bridesmaids, Irma Du Toit, sang a beautiful song at the ceremony called “Far away” written by David Edwards.  Jeandre Schultz from the band ‘Slow Jack”  in Cape Town, played the guitar while Irma sang while we signed the register. This was a very special moment with the ocean waving in the background and all our friends and family witnessing our union.

Chris-marie & Steyn’s Advice to other couples:

Planning a wedding is a very big step. Be organized and double check everything. Get a good photographer and videographer, because this is all you have left at the end to keep as memories. It is important to have a DJ that knows what they’re doing. Sound and music can make or break a wedding. Don’t try to do everything yourself. Make use of your loved ones, friends and family for advice and planning. Our friends and family were very helpful and without them, our wedding would not have been the same.

Multiple Destination Honeymoon!

We had such a lovely Honeymoon driving from Stillbay to Mosselbay and spending the night at Nyaru Game Lodge. From there we went to PE and then to East London. We had a lovely time at Coffee bay next and had the privilege to see Hole in the wall. We were traveling along the coast till Durban where we got onto the MSC Sinfonia for a 3 night trip to the Portuguese Island.

Wessels Wedding in ONE sentence: 

The best party we ever had!



List of Service Providers:

Caterers: Friends and Family
DJ: Just For You
Bar:  Hansie Saayman Bar Services
Dress alterations: Esna Saayman
MAU: Stephanie Kamfer & Natasha Henning
Hair: Mariaan Odendaal & Verna-Marie Beukes
Videography: Henlu Cronje





Watch Chris-Marie & Steyn’s wedding trailer here.  Filmed and compiled by Henlu Cronje Productions


Cederberg Mountain Wedding

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Cederberg Mountain Wedding

A mountainside chapter.

I have struggled to hold back my excitement to blog this Cederberg Mounting Wedding.  Not only was it breathtakingly beautiful, but also the magnificent bond between family and friends that were present during this weekend celebration.  There is one thing that stood out over and above all, and that was the very evidence of the beauty inside Tanya and Stephan’s hearts.  The evidence lay in all the tasks, favours and love from every single family member and friend present on the day.  One could really tell that this couple were not just any couple – they are loved, adored and respected by everyone in their lives.  Oh what fantastic event to be a part of!  Here follows there story:


A Tale as old as Time

We met in Primary school when Stephan was in Grade 7 & I was in Grade 6.  I remember he told me that I was the coolest girl in Grade 6 and I was instantly in love. He then went to high school and we lost contact – not that we were friends or anything as he never knew I had a crush on him! We went to different High schools and never thought of one another again until my cousin, who were in the same High scool as Stephan, invited me to a house party to finally meet this best friend of hers that she kept telling me about. That’s where we met again 2 years later and the spark was back! He asked my cousin for my number and we started chatting- I even ended up switching High schools and that was that! We were together ever since and married today 13 years later! He understands me like nobody else and it feels like I learn something new everyday when we’re together. There’s literally never a dull moment with him and I love that! He’s the best person I know and my very best friend! I’m the luckiest girl alive!

The Spontaneous Proposal

Apparently Stephan had this whole romantic proposal with the most perfect location planned but it didn’t go down like that…. He went to the jeweller that designed my ring and wanted to go and show my dad how it looked before he asked me – the diamond is my late mom’s and he thought my dad would like to see the final result. So…we planned a day out with my brother and his fiance and Stephan had the ring in this pocket the whole time since he didn’t get a chance to put it away!
Later that night we went out dancing and Stephan started getting  weird and I couldn’t understand what was going on with him!  We then got home and I was busy getting a bed ready for my brother and his fiancée when Stephan got down on one knee and proposed at 3:30am in the morning! I thought he was joking at first but realized it was for real! He kept apologizing because he never wanted it to be unplanned or not romantic but he said he couldn’t wait any longer and wanted me to be his wife ASAP!! I don’t mind how it should have happened it was perfect for us!!

Check out their engagement photos by clicking HERE

Pineapples and Pinterest

We had our own style for our Cederberg Mountain Wedding and didn’t really go with set colours or palettes. I found lots of inspiration on Pinterest- obviously! We got married on a farm called Suikerbossie Guest Farm in Ceres and to be honest we didn’t really need much to make it look like something! We had raw wooden tables with flowers and leaves as runners and golden spray painted pineapples as décor! It was a mix of my vintage modern style and Stephan’s minimalistic and easygoing personality. It worked out perfectly and we loved how everything turned out!

Cederberg Mountain Wedding

I don’t know why everyone wouldn’t choose Suikerbossie Guest Farm! Although not everyone has the guts to do a DIY wedding!  Honestly it was quite challenging at times, but that’s what we wanted and it was absolutely perfect! This venue is so unique, beautiful and was accommodating to our every need! It was the exact vibe we wanted as we had a weekend wedding and everyone had accommodation and  so much fun together! We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect wedding venue ever!

A Farmgirl Wedding Planner

Natasha Hunter is the daughter of Suikerbossie Guest Farm owner and knows the farm like the palm of her hand. She was our wedding planner and helped in so many ways.  She made her services available to us and guided us in the right direction. When our ideas got too crazy she kept us grounded, but most of all she gave us sound advice and was present, which is all we really needed.

Make-up by Mariaan

Mariaan Louw was excellent!  She made me feel like a million bucks.  Mariaan is so easy to get along with and really understands what her clients want. She’s very talented and made sure I was done, ready and beautiful on time for the big celebration.

A Dress named Vera

I was very indecisive about a dress and went to quite a few different stores.  I had a specific style in mind. After my Bridesmaids and I decided on one specific fitted dress, my decision was final. Until… maid of honour made an appointment at Smoorverlief Bridal in Somerset West and kept it secret from me. We got there the next day and she said “because you found the dress you wanted yesterday, let’s just fit dresses for fun today”. We then went on to look at every dress they had and she asked me to choose my favourites, I tried all of them and chose my Favourite three. Eventually I had to choose only one and had to put it on again! Everyone in the room got emotional and I felt like a real life princess!! I knew that she was the one!! Cindy Bam is the designer and every dress she makes has a name.  Mine is called Vera! She is absolutely beautiful!

A Ring to remember Her by

My ring was made from my late mother’s wedding ring diamond. She passed away 2 years ago and it has a lot of sentimental value! It is a complete unique design made by Hettie, at Studio 46 in Blouberg. She is super talented and Stephan knew exactly what I wanted and guided her perfectly! I had Stephan’s ring made by her as well and had it engraved which was a huge surprise to him!

Words for our Hearts

We were married by Ds Franky from Ceres NGK.  Stephan’s aunt introduced us to him as she knew him for years. He knew the exact words to say and felt like we knew each other for years. I know Stephan looks up to him and that means a lot!

A Photographer who blends in.

When we were starting to plan our wedding the first thing we agreed on is that we need an excellent photographer since the photos- besides the memories- are the only thing you have left to look at after the wedding. We found Landi from ORGANICTALES on Facebook and contacted her ASAP after we looked at her portfolio and saw that her work is ridiculously good!! She is amazing and I will recommend her to anyone! She is not just a photographer she blends in with your friends and family and she becomes a part of the pack!

Memories we won’t forget!

It’s hard to say what part of the day was the most memorable.  The whole day was exactly how we dreamed of.   For me, the most memorable was probably when we went to take photos with Landi and with the help of Jaco Hunter as guide, we climbed up a cliff to take the best pictures of the sunset at the top! For Stephan the best part was when I walked down the aisle, as well as the photos on the cliff.

A Scandalous Foodtruck!

Scandalous Foodtruck was one of the talking points of the weekend. Everyone loved their food and their vibe. We made the best choice when we decided on getting them at the wedding.
We had baskets for starters that contained; rosemary potato wedges, deep fried calamari, pork riblets and chicken wings with a spicy mayo.
There was a choice between 3 mains;
– 150g  Homemade beef burger with biltong and cheese sauce with fries and salad.
– Lamb rolls wrapped in a homemade italian flatbread & mild chilly mint dressing.
– Steak baguette with homemade pickled onions, topped with melted cheddar cheese.

It was amazing and everyone could help themselves to more than enough. We had a cash bar with our own currency (Van Schalkwyk Dollar from the Pineapple Republic) we liked the idea of having a proper bar area and it was a nice meeting area for everyone to mingle and chat.

Music and Friends!

Our good friend Amoré offered to be our DJ on the day as her wedding gift to us. She provided all the music and equipment needed and everyone enjoyed her! She kept the party going until everyone’s feet hurt! She is a professional singer/ entertainer with a beautiful voice and awesome stage presence. She wrote a song for us and sang it for the first time as we stepped out as Mr & Mrs Van Schalkwyk.


Tanya & Stephan’s Advice to other couples:

Book your venue, photographer and other big stuff ASAP and get that out of the way and secured!
Girls get your dress first! I got mine 8 months before the wedding and it was the best decision I have ever made!! Then just talk to your partner and help each other.  It’s supposed to be a day that portrays the both of you, so keep communicating and pitch in.

Honeymoon plans?

Our sole focus was on the wedding and we paid for it ourselves.  We decided to go to Knysna for a temporary honeymoon this December and save save save next year to go on an ultimate honeymoon somewhere overseas. Neither of us has ever been on a plane or anywhere overseas so we are very excited to travel the world together for the first time!!

Tanya & Stephan’s Description of the day:



Service Providers at this stunning Cederberg Mountain Wedding:

Photography:  ORGANICTALES
Wedding Planner: Natasha Hunter
Photo Location Guide: Jaco Hunter
Make-up and Hair: Mariaan Louw
Wedding Dress: Cindy Bam
Rings: Studio 46
Catering: Scandalous Food
Sound: Amoré


110 Best Wedding Photography of 2017

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110 Best Wedding Photography 2017

– A reminiscent chapter

2017 has been nothing short of one of my favourite, yet challenging life journeys yet.  It definitely was not easy.  After relocating to South Africa and setting up camp in Cape Town, it has been a non stop adventure.

I can proudly say that my first year back in South Africa, has been a big success.  It was my most testing year of life to date with record amounts of challenges both personally and in business. Hours upon hours of hard work, late nights and early mornings.  But the sweetest of all was hands down the fact that I got to meet so many beautiful, inspiring and interesting individuals – both as clients and as fellow industry trend setters.

It is the biggest honour when someone entrusts you with one of the most important tasks at their wedding.  Documenting a love story so true and deep it sometimes leaves me heavily affected and love sick.  After all, this is about love in it’s entirety.  And as cliche as it sounds – what is more beautiful in this world than love?

After documenting the last love story for 2017 recently, I thought it a good time to look back at all my favourite wedding photography of the year.  I compiled them all together here as my favourite 110 photographs in no particular order.  Some of them are favourites purely because of the moment and story behind the story and other are favourites because of photographic appeal.

I hope you enjoy and if you do – please comment with which one is your favourite!




























































































































Robertson Wedding Photographer
























Buitenverwachting Wedding

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Buitenverwachting Wedding

– Ein Deutches Kapitel

Constantia. South Africa’s oldest Vinelands.  Nestled at the foot of mountains with hectares of the finest grapes, sought after dutch architecture and beautiful sunsets.
As I first met Anna & James in a hip coffee bar in Cape Town, I simply knew that it was the start to a beautiful friendship.
James, (who unmistakably resembles a more handsome version of Prince William) is an easy-going and relaxed chap.  While Anna, is a fun, outspoken dame who truly lights up any room she walk in to.  Her joyful laughs are dangerously contagious.
The build-up to this 3 day wedding celebration has been one filled with excitement and very detailed planning.  So grab a glass of your best wine while you read their story.


A Restaurant Visit that led to the next chapter:

Anna and James met in September 2014. Anna was in South Africa on holiday at the time, visiting her cousin in Johannesburg. While in Johannesburg, Anna and her cousin’s wife came down to Cape Town and while exploring, found this wonderful restaurant in Camps Bay. By sheer co-incidence, James was sitting at the very next table, having just returned to SA from living abroad. At some stage the two tables got talking and by the end of the night, James had Anna’s phone number. The very next day, they went on their first date. By the time Anna returned to Germany, she was in a long distance relationship with this South African boy.

“That was the beginning of a 13 month long-distance relationship in which we traveled between Germany and South Africa. After finally sorting out Anna’s visa situation and after finding a job, Anna made the move to Cape Town. And that was the beginning of our life together.”

A Proposal for movie scenes:

For Anna’s birthday present in 2016, James took Anna horseriding on Noordhoek beach. After jumping from the horses and walking up the dunes, James got on one knee and proposed. ‘I always wanted to see you like this’ was Anna’s cheeky answer – and the rest was just a screaming ‘yes’.

As is typical in the German tradition, we decided to do a small and intimate civil wedding that year. The following year, we planned to have our big wedding, with guests from overseas and family & friends from South Africa.  We ended up having THREE wedding ceremonies in total!

View their engagement photos by clicking here



A Priest from Germany:

A Priest from Germany who is living in South Africa  was officiating our ceremonies. As we split our wedding into two days, we had a German mass in church and an English blessing on the lawns of the day of the reception. We wanted all of our guests to have an emotional connection to the wedding. And because not everybody could speak English, we decided to have a priest who is able to speak both languages. Priest Wim Lindeque was the very first person we found for our wedding program. He is the most fantastic human being; he helped us to have very personal and memorable ceremonies. After this, some of our friends chose him as the priest on their wedding.


Two Ceremonies to Celebrate Love:

We wanted a wedding which wasn’t too far outside Cape Town as we had many guests flying in from Europe. Besides that, we really love the wine farms in Constantia with their stunning natural beauty. In the end we decided to split the ceremonies into two – The first ceremony being a mass at the Nazareth House Church (with an amazing view over Table Mountain), followed by a lunch at Silvermist, in Constantia Nek with a view over the 12 Apostles.


The Second Ceremony:

The second blessing and the big reception was to follow on Saturday at Buitenverwachting in Constantia.
Buitenverwachting is a stunningly beautiful award winning wine farm and is well known for its wine and cuisine. It is run by a German couple and has an incredible team – the service is really outstanding. We planned to have our blessing on the beautiful lawns with its really old oak trees and could already start dancing in the courtyard to our band. Further it was just the right size for the number of our guests. The wine farm has been newly renovated and the interior is also beautiful. We really liked the idea of not bringing in too much decoration and relying on the natural beauty of our venue; the wine farm really makes a statement on its own.

Silvermist views:

Anna & James decided to do their pre wedding prep at Silvermist Mountain Estate in Constantia.  A beautiful mountainous estate overlooking the Apostles.  The views were breathtaking and the crisp mountain air added a fresh breeze to the hot day.  The estate boasts with beautiful wooden featured decor and impeccable wine for the taste buds.


A relaxed and talented Makeup Artist:

The brides makeup was done by Derdre, the owner of  Derdre’s face & body care. Anna found it rather difficult to find a reliable, young make-up artist in CT. After some disappointing experiences with other suppliers, she finally (and thankfully) met Derdre. Deirdre is an awesome talent who was super relaxed to help out in a last-minute situation. She exactly understood what Anna wanted and fulfilled her every wish. Anna called her ‘a brides dream’. She also did the mothers’ make-up and some of the other girls. After the makeup was done she joined the party and socialized while everyone finished getting dressed. We were getting ready, having champagne with the girls and when it came to the photo shoot, Derdre even assisted with one of the bridesmaid’s babies. She is an extremely caring, wonderful person.


Red Carpet Wedding Couture:

When Anna started looking for her wedding dress, her initial feeling was one of unhappiness with what the market in Cape Town with regards to bridal couture offered.  That was however before she found Viktor K in Claremont. He exactly understood her style and taste. Anna didn’t necessarily want a typical wedding dress, and rather wanted an atypical wedding dress style – more of a red carpet kind of look. Viktor did a brilliant job by producing the most stunning wedding dress – everything was exactly what Anna had wanted and he provided huge amounts of support and professional advice.  In the end Viktor K produced two dresses, a white one for the church wedding and another one for the Saturday reception. Viktor was truly amazing and comes highly recommended – and he really lived up to it, with the final outcome far better than what Anna could have wished for.


A Moment to Cherish Forever:

James and Anna found it very special walking down the aisle on the lawns of Buitenverwachting. Anna walked in with her bridesmaids, while James was waiting at the start of the aisle. He took Anna’s hand and together they walked up to the priest.  The guests were applauding once they saw Anna coming around in her dress. ‘Fields of gold’ from Sting was played by a Saxophonist and a double bass which really pushed the emotions up a notch.

“We were incredibly lucky with the weather; we were standing under massive trees on this beautiful lawn with our family & friends surrounded while we were exchanging our vows. It was just too pretty.”

Duke & Dutch Wedding Rings:

Our rings are produced by Rolf Werndle. Rolf is a jewellery designer and the owner of  Duke & Dutch. It is much more personal and exclusive to get your rings done individually. You can choose your exact style and source the right stones. Rolf is the most reliable, talented and professional jewellery designer a couple could wish for. He is highly recommended and he did a brilliant job.


A Dose of Moonshine:

Our highlight of the wedding day was definitely our band Moonshine – a five piece vibe sensation led by Dan Shout. These guys are truly unbelievable and are guaranteed to get everyone in the right mood with their blend of jazz and 50’s rock’n’roll songs. The first time we saw these guys play was at Barristers in Newlands on a Sunday afternoon – and even then, mid-afternoon they had the whole place dancing. If you’re having people from different generations and different countries at your wedding, with 50’s rock and jazz, you want to make sure everybody will love the music. You will not find a more cool, talented and vibey band – guaranteed. Not only that, Dan is so helpful and professional in ensuring everything sound-related for the wedding is a success. We opened the dance floor by having our first dance to their live music. The family followed and so it happened that we were dancing outside in the courtyard, under the sky and we had the most amazing time. We got plenty of compliments for our band & hope that they got some more customers this evening.


A Photographer | Coordinator | Videographer on board:

Landi Groenewald from Organictales was far and away the best service provider we could ever have wished for. Anna saw her work for the first time in Viktor K’s studio, where she had done some of the bridal photography. Anna immediately fell in love with her images. What we saw in Landi‘s images was not just someone who is able to capture the right moments, but someone who would really understand light and landscapes and furthermore not just a wedding photographer but a super talented artist. After contacting and meeting her, we discovered what a wonderful, caring, professional & ambitious young person she was. The market in Cape Town for wedding photographers is probably a rather big one, but after seeing Landi’s images and meeting her, it was the biggest wish to have her for the job. She did a beautiful engagement shoot for us in Kalk Bay and has been with us on our whole wedding weekend. We really cannot thank Landi enough and the entire journey would have been different had we not had her.

Landi was able to help us with plenty of recommendations for other service providers and did so generously. As Anna is not from Cape Town it was a great help to find other excellent & ambitious suppliers. So it happened that we met our videographer, Johann Latsky, from Latsky Multimedia and Amo from ‘Amo Creative’, our coordinator for the day via Landi. Exactly the kind of highly professional people a wedding couple wants to work with. Johann does a lot of corporate and wedding videography and is clearly an expert in his field. Amo, an event management talent, is a young & very ambitious person who makes a wedding day run smoothly. Both take their job very serious which is very important for someone who thinks in German standards.



Anna & Jame’s Advice to planning a Destination Wedding:

“We wouldn’t change  anything about the wedding!”

We knew that we were expecting plenty of guests from overseas. This is quite an intense project if you plan a wedding for so many foreign people and having more than just one day & location. Anyways, Anna didn’t want to book a wedding planner because she wanted to find & meet every supplier on her own. We do not believe in packages that are being offered to you. Every wedding should be as individual as the couple is. If you want to avoid any disappointment, it makes sense to invest some time into your own wedding research.  And the guests feel it and this creates a big vibe in the end. We have been extremely happy all around, we have been blessed with our very good friends in helping in quite some tasks and we wouldn’t change anything about the wedding. We think it’s important for a couple to simply do what the both are dreaming of.

After having our three ceremonies done we can say it was the most exciting time in our lives and something we would love to repeat in 5 years’ time 😀


Service providers:
Photography:  ORGANICTALES 
Coordinator: Amo Creative
Videography: Latsky Multimedia
Dress: Victor Kok
Make up: Derdre’s Face & Body Care
Ceremony 1: Nazareth House Church
Ceremony 2: Buitenverwachting Wine Estate
Prep Venues:  Silvermist Mountain Lodge
Music & Sound: Moonshine

Warm Karoo Wedding

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Warm Karoo Wedding

A Hot Summer’s Chapter

I will always enjoy weddings in the Free State.  Not only do I get to visit my parents, but I also get to reminisce on my childhood.  The smells, the sounds and even the skies – it all comes together in to one past dream.  The warm weather on this wedding day truly emphasized all those senses which all led to a wedding I am unlikely to ever forget.  Here follows the story of Ilze & Jacques’s tale.


A High School Sweetheart Promise:

Jacques and I are high school sweethearts. We met at a sweet-sixteen barefoot-and-headband-party. He fell in love first and I followed a few weeks later. Fast forward six years down the line and we’ve never been happier.

She: Since the moment I met him, he made me laugh. He was a rugby player with an obsession for all things nerdy. From the get-go he made me laugh. He’s a romantic at heart and from the first day we met, he made me feel special and valuable.

He: The moment I met her I could immediately see there was something different about this girl. I am normally indecisive about what I want and if, I in fact want anything. But I knew that I had to have her. Her beauty, her drive and her honesty are some of the many qualities that intrigued me from that first moment. She did not make it easy but I was determined to pursue her.


A Treasure Hunt to “I Do”

I’m a very intuitive person so it takes quite a lot to actually surprise me. He planned out every single detail like a Russian spy. Under false pretences, we flew down to Strand in Cape Town. I was under the impression that we were there to celebrate Jacques’ grandfathers’ birthday with the family. Everyone was in on it. My mother-in-law actually packed fake suitcases as they were supposedly driving from Bloemfontein to Cape Town just a few hours after us. I suspected something but convinced myself that it was selfish to think of my own engagement on Grandpa Kelly’s birthday.

When we got to their holiday home in the Strand, I was actually the one to suggest that we go and have a late lunch down the road. At the restaurant, Jacques got up and went to the restroom. A waiter brought me an envelope saying that I was supposed to go outside and get into a white car.

When I got outside, the whole street was full of white cars. I was confused for a moment and scared that I might get abducted if I got into a strangers car. Luckily I recognised one of our friends in a white car. I got in the car and received a second envelope. It was a treasure hunt. I had to figure out every clue on my own and every envelope had a puzzle piece with it. Eventually the clues led me back to their home. Once upstairs, I had to assemble the puzzle which turned out to say “Sal jy met my …”

The last clue asked me to go down to the beach and find him. When I got there, a small table with candles and champagne was set up. He was standing on the windy beach and first mocked me for taking so long to build the puzzle. He then asked me what the puzzle had said. I told him that the puzzle was incomplete and only said, “Sal jy met my…” He then opened up his jacket and he was wearing a black shirt that said “TROU?”  With not a single doubt in my mind I said yes!

Laid back Inspiration

From the start we wanted a wedding with a relaxed and laid back atmosphere. We lived and breathed the motto:  A beautiful wedding people might remember for a while, but a fun wedding they’ll remember forever.  I actually had the décor and venue figured out before we even got engaged (after six years a girls’ mind cannot help but wander).

I got inspiration form everything and everyone. Lots of older people actually had some very good ideas and some parts of the wedding just popped into my mind while I was at work. Lastly, I can honestly say that I am now a professional Pinterest guru.


A Venue that captured their hearts:

When we first started talking about marriage we drove around Bloemfontein and when we drove onto the Warm Karoo property. I told Jacques that this was where I was going to get married. After the engagement we viewed every other venue in and around Bloemfontein but my heart was already set on Warm Karoo and no other venue could match it.  I was especially drawn to the wooden beams in the chapel and in the main hall. I thought that it would make for great photos, and it did.

A Dress made to fit:

I never really tried on a lot of dresses. I knew what I liked and what I felt comfortable in. I’ve always said that I want a wedding dress that fits me and not a dress that I have to fit in to.  I’ve never heard a bad word uttered about Julie Wedderburn and I now know why. She made me feel so comfortable and confident. She is a perfectionist and really does go the extra mile. She was honest without being offensive and if I could do everything over, I would choose her time and time again.


Friends on Hair & Make-Up:

Long-time friend and my most trusted beautician, Lucinda Lombard from Almyhart was in charge of making my bridesmaids even prettier than they already were. Amy Olden did my own airbrush makeup and made me feel so good about myself. Even without the makeup. Jana Azar is also a friend of mine and I wouldn’t have trusted anyone else to do our hair on the big day.


When hearts collide – The most memorable moment:

Her: The most memorable moment of the day was when I touched his arm at the end of the aisle. I was nervous as my Dad and I walked down the aisle. When my Dad handed me over to him and I got to put my arm through his, my whole body relaxed and my heart felt at home. I knew that what we were doing on this day was straight out of the hand of God.

His: My most memorable moment is captured in the moment right before she walked in and the moment I saw her as she walked in. I am normally not an emotional person and I was not sure if I was going to shed a tear at the moment she walked in. But before her song started playing, a bag piper named Mark played a beautiful song to celebrate her Scottish heritage and that was when the waterworks started.

An officiant with soul:

Pastor Leon Fourie officiated the ceremony. He and his wife have been married for 25 years and we wanted someone dear to our hearts to marry us. We also did our pre-marital counselling with Pastor Leon and his wife so he knows us on a personal and individual level as well.  I would recommend pre-marital counselling to every newly engaged couple as it keeps your mind on what’s actually important during wedding planning and helps with what comes after it.


A Photographer who walks the journey:

Just after our engagement, Jacques and I discussed three things that we wanted from our photographer. We wanted someone with experience, someone who would be committed to us and with whom we could form a comfortable and relaxed friendship. And lastly, we wanted great results.  Organictales ticked all the boxes and then included a few more. Her service before, on and after the day was impeccable.

The importance of our wedding photos came down to this: After spending months and months planning the cake and décor and dress and shoes and venue and food and wine and vows and speeches, we wanted it all captured in time in a creative and artistic way. We want to look back in 40 years’ time and still feel the same emotions that we experienced on our wedding day. We wanted photos that would last a lifetime because that’s what we want out of our marriage.



A professional and creative videographer:

A wedding video was one of the few things my new husband just wouldn’t budge on. After realizing what a wedding costs in real life we desperately tried to cut down on a few things. I immediately thought that cutting the wedding video would help. Luckily, Jacques wouldn’t hear any of it. It was one of the few things about the wedding that he wouldn’t compromise on. Today I can only thank him for that.

Raisingflags is as good as it gets. We decided to get wedding videographers as well as a photographer because we wanted every single moment, every laugh and every cry captured in time. A photo captures a moment in time, but we wanted to capture the atmosphere of the day as well. Francois and his team delivered professional and friendly service, both before on and after our wedding day.  It was great to hear that our photographer and videographer actually organized to meet each other before the wedding, just to plan how, when and where they would be shooting.

The Rings:

I wanted a yellow gold ring because I wanted to do things differently. I originally chose a design that, Pinterest recommended. Jacques received two of the three diamonds from his parents and bought the third one himself. My sister designed the ring according to the three diamonds and included some of the original design as well.

We chose Jacques’ ring while walking around in jewellery shops. I wanted his ring to also have some gold tones to match mine. He wears his rubber wedding ring most days but puts on his real one every chance he gets.

A Coordinator included:

Warm Karoo includes its own wedding coordinator. She comes in a small and friendly but dynamite package that is Tammy.  Tammy was there to guide and advice from the beginning to the end. I trusted her with literally EVERYTHING. It was because of her that I could rest easy the night before the wedding.


Music to bring the feet out to dance:

Starsound delivered exactly what we asked for. It was great that they knew the venue and that the venue knew them. From the entrance until the last song, the DJ’s were great. We could not have asked for better.


A Perfect day to cherish:

I wouldn’t change anything about the day. It was perfect from the beginning to the end. If I could, I would make the day a few hours longer. Just to celebrate our perfect day for as long as I could.


Ilze & Jacques’s Advice to Other Couples:

To any couples still in the whirlwind that is planning a wedding, I would advise that you make time for your better half without all the wedding mojo. It’s really important to try and switch off from wedding planning and to remind yourself why and for whom, you are doing it all. Remember that your wedding is just one day in the rest of your life. Try and soak up all the little details, capture every moment in your mind. Make time for your guests, but do spend a few moments alone with the most important person there.



Thank you to all the service providers who contributed to the day:

Venue:  Warm Karoo
Videography: Raising flags
Decor hire: Grand Room Design
Dress: Julie Wedderburn
Make-up: Amy Olden

Rose Barn – Jeffreys Bay Wedding

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The Rose Barn – Jeffreys Bay Wedding.

A Windy Chapter

Growing up as a Freestate farm girl, I would always wonder about a shore-side lifestyle in Jeffreys Bay.  Little did I know that a love story would be the reason for me to drive hundreds of kilometers to visit this part of our country.

Since moving to Cape Town, wind has become a big part of my daily life and experience.  I am sure that all other shore-side dwellers will agree that strong stormy winds are regular visitors.  The day before Karla & Martin’s wedding, we all silently hoped for a windless celebration.  But as the day quietly woke, the leaves started to softly rustle in the trees – keeping up the rhythm with the guinea fowl song.  After breakfast it was clear that the wind had no intention of turning down its song, and why should it?! It was a day to celebrate love and even the wind wanted to sing its greatest love song!  And oh!  What a song it was!

I asked Karla & Martin to express their emotions from the day.  Scroll down and read their story:


Where it began – A Romantic Proposal:

My friend sent me a message asking if we wanted to go for sundowners in Bean se Bos (in Patensie) after work.  Obviously, we said yes! Five o’clock I was dressed and ready for Sundowners.  Martin called and said he is going to be a bit late as he is still working. I called my friend and wanted to ask her if I can join them while Martin can come when he’s done. She didn’t answer because she was on her way to Port Elizabeth to her boyfriend and Martin and Jeanie (who was my maid of honor) were lighting up Bean se Bos… literally. Eventually Martin picked me up and off we went. We walked through the woods and eventually we came to a little spot next to the river. I saw a fire, fairy lights EVERYWHERE, flowers, a carpet, champagne and two champagne glasses. Everything happened in slow motion. He was on his knees and I cried while saying YES!!

A Minimalistic Classic Atmosphere:

The style of our wedding was minimalistic… chic but classic.

I am not someone who likes “tierlantyntjies” so I always knew I wanted white and lots of candles and fairy lights. I ended up choosing white and the tones of gold/copper/rose gold with a touch of black. Pinterest was my inspiration! I don’t know how people did it before Pinterest LOL!


A Splendid Venue!

We got married at The Rose Barn, Jeffreys Bay. It was love at first sight!
We were at a friend’s wedding at The Rose Barn, when I saw the venue for the first time. I told Martin that if we get married one day I want to get married there. So that is what  we did! It was the number one venue for the both of us.



The Perfect Rings to Seal the Deal:

I looked on Pinterest for ring inspiration. I found five designs that I really liked, but couldn’t choose one.  Martin ended up choosing the one he liked best and sent it to Marnic Tait, who is a goldsmith and a very close friend. It was incredibly special to have a friend make my ring.
Martin’s ring is from Dear Rae. He tried a lot of rings but couldn’t find the one. A friend suggested that we look on Dear Rea’s website and there we found his gorgeous ring.





Bring the Make Up! Bring the Brushes!  Let’s make those lips luscious!

Samuel Beck and one of his stylist, Mia, did our hair. Samuel Beck has his own hair salon in Jeffreys Bay but is originally from England. What an amazing, kind and creative team!

Rose Bruins from St. Francis Bay (originally from Cape Town) did our makeup. She has years of experience and worked with some of the top magazines in South Africa. She is such a sweetheart! She did everything I asked for and surely has a special touch with makeup. I am extremely satisfied with all three of them and thankful that they made sure that we look beautiful.





Lace adorned with love – a Dress to die for!

I had so many ideas for my dress! I eventually decided to go for a few fittings, just to get a better idea of what looks good on me and what doesn’t.  I combined a dress and skirt that fit me like a glove. It was not what I thought would look good on me. I didn’t want to buy a dress, I wanted someone to make it. I was told to go to Carina le Roux (in Jeffreys Bay), because she is the best. And WOW!!! She truly is the best! I love my ‘classy and dreamy’ vibe dress.




The Start of Future Nostalgia:

The most memorable moment of the day was walking down the aisle with my dad and having him marry us.  I will cherish that forever and a day!  For Martin the most memorable moment of the day was seeing me walking down the aisle. Having a night photo session was also very special to the both of us. At the very end of the night we danced on top of the bar while our very dear friends sang “Time of my life”. We will never forget that!




A Down to Earth Photographer:

I love photos! It is such an important part of my life and on our wedding day it was no different. Our photographer is funny, loving, talented and very professional. We had a blast! We feel blessed to have had ORGANICTALES as our photographer. Landi, You captured the most important day of our lives.
Thank you, Annerie Myburgh for assisting on the day.


We wouldn’t change a thing!

At first I thought I wanted to change the weather, if I could. The wind was insane! But looking back now I wouldn’t change the weather because the photo’s are breathtaking. The wind kept it interesting. So, no I wouldn’t change the weather. If I could, though, I would probably make time stand still from time to time. The day went by too fast. I had so much fun and want to do it again! BEST.DAY.EVER!


Food Fit for Kings & Queens!

Aqua Food and Catering from St. Francis Bay oversaw the delicious food for the night and made sure that we ate like kings.

The Harvest Table:
After the ceremony, the guests were treated with flutes of sparkling wine with berries and a harvest table – from stacked cheeses with fruit, a variety of stuffed olives, freshly baked breads, relishes, pesto etc. to a tray service with tempura fish, calamari and fresh onion soup with toasted cheese sandwiches.

The Main:
The main course was plated with tender slow cooked lamb served on rosemary mash potato and ratatouille.

Something for the sweet tooth:
The dessert table and wedding cake were made by Kiosk, situated in Patensie and owned by Jeanie du Preez. Kiosk believes in a balanced approach to life… the 80/20 approach. 80% of the food is wholesome, natural and good for the body. The other 20% is good for the soul! For our wedding, Kiosk wanted indulgence in abundance. The guest feasted on macarons (not macaroons), salted caramel popcorn bedazzled with gold and rose gold edible glitter, baked cheesecakes, brownies, cranberry blondies, and chocolate pretzel cookies. The wedding cake was significant! The top tier:  Almond, lemon and raspberry torte; bottom tier: good ol’red velvet cake. All slathered in Italian Meringue Buttercream. I know, right! The best of the best. And yes, we did have a bar.



Boogy on the dance floor!

Collin Nance was our DJ. He did everything, and more, that we asked for. He played a big variety of songs and read the crowd like a boss. The atmosphere was amazing. He knows how to celebrate… we couldn’t stop dancing… hence, we ended up on the bar with the last song.


Karla & Martin’s advice:

To couples who are still planning their wedding: Do not be afraid to ask people to help.  Hand out tasks, do not try to do everything yourself.  Take care of yourself and your fiancé.  Rest and when the day comes relax, breathe and take a good look at everything and everyone every now and again.

The most difficult part was the guest list and table seating. What helped? Keep it close to your heart… You do not have to invite everyone you know. People know that. And the table seating… again, keep it close to your heart.


Budgeting advice:

The budget it always a difficult question. What is your budget for your dress? What is your budget for food? I hated those questions because we didn’t have a fixed budget. We just knew what we could afford and what we couldn’t, and so will you. If it wasn’t affordable I simply had to let it go and you know what? It’s fine! I still had my perfect wedding regardless.



We are off to BALI!!!

Excited to the max! Martin and I couldn’t leave for honeymoon straight after the wedding due to work related reasons – so we still have that to look forward to.


The day in One Sentence:

We had the time of our lives and we owe it all to You! – “I have found the one whom my soul loves.” Song of Solomon 3:4



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Karoo Street Wedding

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A Karoo Street Wedding that will tickle your emotions.
As a farm girl, I have grown to love the vast horizons of the Karoo. The absolute quiet of nights with a big blanket of stars stretched over the skies.
When I first met Pieter & Clarise to talk about their wedding, I knew that our paths didn’t just cross briefly. Instead I was convinced that it was the start of a journey of friendship and laughter.

I traveled through the vast Karoo landscapes, from Cape Town to the little town called Hanover.  The hospitality and welcoming nature of the family and friends will forever stay engraved in my memories.  I asked Clarise & Pieter to tell me a little more about the big day and how they experienced it from their point of view.  Here follows their story:


A Karoo Inspired Celebration!

Our dream was to have something out of the ordinary that displays the spirit of the Karoo. The street venue also extends the symbolism of the path that we have been walking together.

Our #DarlingstraatTroue was inspired by the song “Sonneblom uit Bethlehem” by Laurika Rauch

We wanted to display the beauty and sincerity of the Karoo. Jan Sauer from Hanover Boutique Guest House proposed that we make use of his guest house across the church for the reception, it was however, too small and when we came up with the street wedding idea, our possibilities were endless. With the church and the guest house as backdrops, our street wedding was a dream! Alfred form Melikhaya Event Concepts beautifully decorated the street reception. We could only rely on each others’ imaginations and the reality was wonderful! As never seen before!


How did we meet?  The moment two paths crossed.

It was a romantic day on Facebook while it was raining outside. An invite lead to a coffee date and a coffee date lead to a wedding date. We share a love for people and laughter.

The Proposal!

Extremely illegal, we climbed over the very high fence surrounding the water reservoir at Heuwelsig in Bloemfontein on my birthday. On top of the reservoir, we overlooked the city and Pieter said he wanted to pray for me. I put my ear against his chest and noticed that his heart was beating very fast. I assumed he suffered from a sudden fear of hights. But it was when he said “amen” and got down onto one knee when I also contracted a sudden fear of heights!

Check out the Engagement Photo’s Here!

Action on the Bowling Field!

Since the majority of guests had to travel from across the country, most of them arrived the day before the big celebration.  To make sure the weekend went down in the books of history, guests were invited to show off their wrist flicks on the local Bowling Fields.  Everyone had fun and even Pieter showed his friends who was the real man of the match!

Suddenly I understood my grandparent’s deep obsession with this sport. A sport usually associated with today’s elderly – I can openly admit that there was nothing old fashioned about the day’s activity!  The tension and laughter rang high!


A Wooden Ring From Prague!

Clarise’s ring was designed by Pieter and it fit her taste and character perfectly.
Pieter’s ring was a gift bought by Clarise in Prague. He loved it so much that he decided to wear it as a wedding ring.

The Wooden Ring was a key element to the wooden theme of Pieter’s attire.  With a leather tie, wooden watch and light brown leather shoes, Pieter was a fitting picture of a Karoo Groom.

Pieter got dressed and prepped at his house in Hanover.  Surrounded by his brothers and other key members of the family, Clarise could rest assure that her groom would not arrive ungroomed at the ceremony.


Family And Friends as Wedding Planners

Although we did not have a wedding planner, we had great service providers and family and friends who helped make the day a great success. Our wedding planner was our dreams!
The Karoo and it’s small towns have endless possibilities when it comes to finding inspiration and beauty.

The day most certainly fit the description of events you would read about in magazines.  Beautifully depicted with Karoo beauty, it felt like stepping in to a Novel from the shelf of a book lover.

A Dress from Moda

My dress was a sale piece from Moda who imports dresses. It was much too big, but I fell in love with its lace. When my mom said that the dress displays myself I knew that this was it. It was altered in size and style, we replaced a lace-up back with small buttons, a straight neckline was turned into a sweetheart neckline and a white ribbon was replaced with a sparkling belt. A few pieces of lace were removed from the bottom of the dress to create a beautiful upper piece.

Clarise’s mom and younger sister were the two chosen ladies to spend the last precious moments together during the final preparation.  It was a moment adorned with emotions and excitement when the veil got dropped and mother and daughter looked at each other tenderly. Goosebumps!

The Miracle of Prayer.  An Emotional Moment to Cherish.

The most memorable moment of our day was the start to the end! Our favourite moment was when I walked down the aisle towards Pieter. Pieter was overwhelmed with emotion and I knew this was the best walk of my life. My dad was in a serious accident 14 months before our wedding, he was in a wheelchair when we got engaged. Ever since he had undergone various operations and he started practicing walking so that he could walk me down the aisle. What a privilege!
The cherry on top was also that he officiated the wedding and led a beautiful service.  What an amazing privilege to hear God’s word spoken through the voice of a father to his daughter and new son.


Something had to give!

If there was one thing we could change?

The weather conditions were not the best since it was extremely windy. The caterers wanted to move the wedding to the city hall, however, we are thankful that we insisted on the open air street wedding and the wind only added character.

A Fearless Photographer

Organictales was not only our photographer, she became a lifetime friend! Landi went through trouble to join our wedding party early and with her friendliness she got on with our guests in a comfortable manner. She even went the extra mile and took honeymoon pictures of us when we met up for a cocktail in Mosselbay a few days after! Photography is a priority for us and Landi professionally photographed every aspect of our wedding and beyond that, made our dreams came true when she captured heart warming moments.

A Creative Videographer!

Videography was done by Carl Viloria from The Spiffy Chap.  A daring videographer who makes 200% sure he has the shot.
We Enjoyed Every Moment being part of Carl Jan’s creative Process!  Being able to relive every moment in motion is such a special gift.


A Menu with flavours from the vast corners of the landscapes.

Hanover Boutique Guesthouse made sure our guests and service providers had their taste buds satisfied.

On the  Menu:
Starters: Canapés served by waiters on platters among the guests: vegetables and dips, biltong & droëwors, fruit skewers, cold meat selection.
Main: Sheep spit, chicken spit, beetroot and bacon salad, greek salad, meat and apricot skewers, pumpkin pie, roosterkoek.
Pudding: Warm chocolate pudding served with custard and ice cream. (We saved money by not having a wedding cake)



Dance Dance Dance!

DJ Brakkies all the way from De Aar made sure the celebration stayed on fire!  With a fantastic variety of upbeat music, guests soon forgot about the Karoo Evening Chills from the lurking wind, and instead kept their feet warm on the dance floor.



Advice to other couples still planning their dream celebration

It is great to have your soon-to-be husband involved in the process, ask his opinion and make use of his ideas – you may be surprised! Don’t conform to traditions, add your own value and meaning to the wedding. Think outside the box, it is your one special day. Don’t waste money on things that are not of importance to you.

A Honeymoon never to forget!

What an enriching experience of traveling our beautiful country and meeting amazing people! We started with a one-street town Klaarstroom where we met Koos Roets (famous afrikaans director), went on to Boggomsbaai (near Mosselbay to a beach house we received as a gift for a few days from Hanover friends) and met up for cocktails with our awesome photographer which turned into a honeymoon shoot ? We then went to Waenhuiskrans and met amazing fishermen in Cassiesbaai. Then we went to Strand (also a gift from a Hanover friend) and explored the Cape, next we went to Paternoster a lovely West Coast town. Next we explored the Namakwaland with a sleepover on a Kamieskroon farm in a kliphuisie. Before we got there we nearly ran out of petrol and we met a farmer in Nuwerus who gave us a litre of petrol to get to Bitterfontein! Next up was Augrabies falls!

What a great adventure that we got to experience together!

Watch this awesome highlight video from this unique celebration, shot and compiled by The Spiffy Chap



List of Service Providers and Vendors who contributed to the day:

Photographer: Organictales

Venue and catering: Hanover Boutique Guest House

Decor and planning: Melikhaya Event Concepts

Videography: The Spiffy Chap

Church: NG Kerk Hanover

Spit: Jacques van Zyl

Municipality (permission to have street wedding)

Make-up: Louisé Cockeran

Hair: Monique

Dress: Moda

Music: DJ Brakkies

Wedding invites: Meraci

Thank you cards: Ademarie Haasbroek

Praise & Worship: Meiring de Wet

Cellist: Lara Snyman

Hanover Hotel: Friday evening dinner