Win Free Wedding Photography

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Win Free Wedding Photography

– A chapter on giving


I know I’ve said this a thousand times,
but I feel so passionate about the importance of capturing life’s most precious moments.

Every year I try to give back to the universe for blessing me over and over again.  I was given a talent and there are few things in life that makes me happier than being able to share and give the fruits of this talent to other.  So every year I choose one deserving and loving couple to photograph their wedding free of charge.

One thing you’ll always hear me say is, if there is one thing at your wedding that you should invest in more than anything else, it is your wedding photographs!  Your venue will look great, the décor will be perfect, the food will be delicious, the music will sound tasteful, your dress will look stunning on you and your hair and makeup all will have you transformed for your most beautiful day.  But the only thing you’ll take home with you is the captured memories.  This is why I value the wedding day photography above all else since it is the only part of the day you can take with you 50 years down the line.


So if you haven’t booked your photographer for your 2018/2019 wedding, keep reading!

Win Free Wedding Photography

Win Free Wedding Photography

Win Free Wedding Photography

Win Free Wedding Photography

Organictales will offer one lucky couple  a chance to WIN FREE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY worth R20 000!


“I’m excited to see your dress! I’m excited to see your hair and makeup. How you’ve made up your venue and I’m excited to see all the happy memories shared between you and your loved ones!”


* A Pre-Wedding Shoot with 30 High Resolution Images
* Pre-Wedding Meeting and Discussion
* 10 Hours Wedding Day Photography.
* High Resolution Digital Files on a personalized USB


But that’s not all! ORGANICTALES will offer a 10% discount to anyone who entered the competition but didn’t win! (T’s & C’s apply)

ORGANICTALES PHOTOGRAPHY will also sponsor up to 3 other prizes for people who entered this competition but did not receive first prize.


Win Free Wedding PhotographyWin Free Wedding PhotographyWin Free Wedding PhotographyWin Free Wedding Photography


Being able to capture the love union of two people is a big honour and blessing, so choosing winners for this competition will rest on a few things that will let me know how highly you value photography in your lives.  Last year I did a similar competition and the entries and stories were so lovely, they had me laughing and crying with emotions.  It was a pretty hard decision to make and I am sure this year will be just as much of an experience.  This is why I spiced it up a little more.  This year’s competition will have finalists who will go through to the next round where a final winner will be announced.

Building a relationship with all my clients is very important to me as it greatly aids in being able to capture your unique personalities on the day.

Couples chosen as finalists must be able to meet with me for an in person OR Skype interview.




So how do you enter and Win Free Wedding Photography?


  1. All you have to do is fill out the survey at the bottom of this post.
  2.  To better your chances you have an OPTION to also go LIKE my FACEBOOK page and invite 5 – 10 friends (or more) to also like my page so they can support you.  How do you do that?    When you visit my page you will find a section on the right (circled below in red) that says “Invite friends to like this page”  Please make a list of the people you invited and include it in the survey where it prompts you to do so.  Please note that this second step of the competition is OPTIONAL, however it will increase your chances to win free wedding photography.

Win Free Wedding Photography


Fill out this survey and send through to and stand a chance to WIN FREE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY

Entries Close  23 Feb 2018 at 23:00.  Entries valid for weddings taking place any time between July 2018 – July 2019.

Good luck everyone!!


Please use GOOGLE CHROME / SAFARI to submit your survey 🙂

  1. Which of these options would you use MOST when searching for a Wedding Photographer?
    Word-of-mouth (friend recommendation)FacebookGoogleInstagramWedding Expos
  2. When looking for a Wedding Photographer, which editing style do you prefer?
  3. Which of these styles do you think will still look beautiful and timeless 20 years later?
  4. When receiving Pricing from a Wedding Photographer, which package options do you prefer?

    (Packages include options that differ in amount of Hours / Albums / Products etc to choose from)
    Single Package Option1 - 5 Package Options1 - 3 Package OptionsFixed Price with additional add-ons (Albums / USB / Additional Photographer / Extra Hours / Canvas)
  5. When choosing a Wedding Photographer, what shooting style is most important to you?
    Candid moments and real expressions for the whole dayPosed and guided photosPosed Couple Portraits but candid real moments at reception
  6. When viewing different Wedding Photography Websites, do you prefer it if the photographer has a section where you can view full weddings previously done, or do you only want to see a slideshow with a selection of only the top 10-20 single images chosen by the photographer as his/her best.
    I prefer viewing a full wedding to see how a photographer documents an entire day.I am able to judge a photographer’s ability by 20 images only.
  7. What is your Wedding Photography Budget?
    R8000 – R10 000R10 000 – R15 000R15 000 – R20 000R20 000 – up
  8. Should you not be chosen as a winner, would ORGANICTALES still be one of your options as Photographer for your wedding?
    Yes, I would still consider ORGANICTALES as my photographer.No, I am only interested if it is Free
  9. Why would you like ORGANICTALES to photograph your wedding?
  10. When searching for a Wedding Photographer, what is MOST important to you?
    PricePhotographer’s Experience and Skill in the Wedding Industry.
  11. Which of these Weddings do you enjoy the most and why?
    Karoo Street WeddingBuitenverwachting WeddingRose Barn Wedding
  12. Examples

    Karoo Street Wedding   Buitenverwachting Wedding   Rose Barn Wedding

  13. If you are chosen as a finalist, would you be able to meet for an In-person OR Skype interview?yesno
  14. If you have trouble uploading your photos here, please email them to with your names and wedding date as the email heading.

Win Free Wedding Photography



*Organictales Photography reserves the right to cancel this competition or disqualify any entry without notice*





110 Best Wedding Photography of 2017

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110 Best Wedding Photography 2017

– A reminiscent chapter

2017 has been nothing short of one of my favourite, yet challenging life journeys yet.  It definitely was not easy.  After relocating to South Africa and setting up camp in Cape Town, it has been a non stop adventure.

I can proudly say that my first year back in South Africa, has been a big success.  It was my most testing year of life to date with record amounts of challenges both personally and in business. Hours upon hours of hard work, late nights and early mornings.  But the sweetest of all was hands down the fact that I got to meet so many beautiful, inspiring and interesting individuals – both as clients and as fellow industry trend setters.

It is the biggest honour when someone entrusts you with one of the most important tasks at their wedding.  Documenting a love story so true and deep it sometimes leaves me heavily affected and love sick.  After all, this is about love in it’s entirety.  And as cliche as it sounds – what is more beautiful in this world than love?

After documenting the last love story for 2017 recently, I thought it a good time to look back at all my favourite wedding photography of the year.  I compiled them all together here as my favourite 110 photographs in no particular order.  Some of them are favourites purely because of the moment and story behind the story and other are favourites because of photographic appeal.

I hope you enjoy and if you do – please comment with which one is your favourite!




























































































































Robertson Wedding Photographer
























Cape Town Forest Maternity Photography

Cape Town Forest Maternity

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Cape Town Forest Maternity

The miracle of life will always strike wonder in the hearts of those who have been waiting, praying and hoping for it.  The glow of this miracle is reflecting from deep within this beautiful mother – waiting on both her children to come in to this world and be welcomed.

A forest with all it’s natural beauty and wonder seemed like the most perfect and calm setting for this maternity photo session –  and how how peaceful it was!  With only the song of birds and the sound from a flowing river to give music to those who listen, we wondered the forest with all its magnificence.  Stopping often to capture its art in our photo creations.

I cannot even begin to explain how much I enjoyed this session and the different aspect it put to my usual work.  I truly think I should start doing some more of these maternity sessions in the forest! So much love all around!


Book your session by clicking here

Landi Groenewald Photography

Organictales – Where it began.

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“There are a thousand ways
to kneel and kiss the ground;
there are a thousand ways
to go home again.”
~ Rumi

I remember like it was yesterday.  Waking up before dawn; the farm, nestled in a valley still asleep.  I would sneak out with a slice of bread and a bridle to fetch my pony, Ginger.
In the cold morning air we would be off on a brisk trot down the valley and finally up the hill where the sun was waving its good morning rays to the waking farm.

I grew up a creative. A love for visual beauty and harmonious sounds always filled my world with joy.  When I wasn’t out exploring the farm or adventuring with my farmer of a father, I would draw my adventures and compose songs thereof while my mind never took a rest from creating images of beauty in my mind.
My mother, a teacher of life, strongly encouraged my artistic nature.  Patiently enduring false violin strokes and monotonous piano scales.  She taught me to appreciate and love Beethoven, Chopin and Mozart.  She always made sure the art cupboard was fully stocked with different paints, pencils and art supplies, for this child of her who had no end when it came to the creative world.

My love for my ponies and my love for drawing finally intertwined and I spent hours upon  hours creating pencil sketches of magnificent equine creatures featured in magazines.  But, as a headstrong individual I soon grew tired of drawing other people’s photographs of other people’s horses. I wanted to create original sketches of ordinary ponies never before featured in glossy magazines. I wanted my own pony to be my muse.
I excitedly took the family point-an-shoot film camera and started snapping away at my ponies;  Convinced that I was creating the same magnificent work that I’ve seen in the magazines.  I remember my mom being upset when she discovered I snapped up an entire roll of film and when it came time to develop it, she made me pay for every single photo that was part of my “art.”  School fees, some would say.  Can you imagine how utterly disappointed I was when I saw my “art”?  I couldn’t draw from those photographs!!  So I took up another roll of film and so it continued in to the digital era.
I soon discovered that I haven’t drawn a single sketch in months, but instead I was determined and excited about creating art with a lens instead – my love for photography was born and blossoming quickly.
As life had it,  one of my arab mares were up for sale and with the money I bought my first entry level professional DSLR camera and enrolled in a photography course.  My world exploded as I started to learn more and more about this fantastic new way of creating art.  I learned to grab a moment of life and forever keep it perfectly unique as it was at that moment.  I started looking at the world in different angles, noticing shadows and light and colours.

My world transformed from an adventurous farm girl with a love for drawing and riding ponies, in to a creative adventurer who now sees life as a place with endless possibilities.

Below are some of my first DSLR images from when my love for photography was still young and fresh.  These images have never been published and this will be the first time that many of them are made public.


A few months back, a friend of mine traveled up to the Free State with me where my old pony, Ginger is living out his last days in peace and harmony.  A good old 24 years of age, he is being kept company by the very last foal born on the farm, Farah Anisa, a 7 year old Arab with a heart of gold and affection.  I will forever be grateful for these images I have with my two equine companions. The bond I share with them cannot truly be captured in images alone, but here is a mere glimpse thereof:



To get in touch, click here.

Wedding Photography Price Cape Town

Pricing for Photographers

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So let’s talk about it. That big elephant in the room that makes people so uncomfortable they would rather just watch the weather channel  on repeat instead.
(Pictures added to provide stimulation for artists who hate numbers)


Truth is – life really is all about the money. Sad to admit, but without a steady inflow in the bank people struggle to keep their spirits up.  Money issues are one of the main causes of depression and divorce in today’s society and with the rising inflation and influx of expenses, it is hard to keep head above water.  When you are self-employed and lack basic understanding of business and self-discipline, these stresses become even more intense.

What Do You Need To Survive??

So let’s look at today’s basic living costs per month in Cape Town in order to live fairly responsibly:



Budget LivingAverage Living
Rent (1 – 2 bedroom)R5000R10 000
Car FinanceR3000R4000
Medical Aid:R1500 (hospital plan)R3000 (Comprehensive)
Camera InsuranceR1500R2000
Car InsuranceR400R700
Life & DisabilityR300R500
Living Costs:
Food (3 meals a day)R1500R2000
Household productsR300R500
Retirement PlanningR500R1500
Total Costs:R15 800R27 300


Sure, these amounts are variables and some are not applicable to everyone.  Perhaps your car is already paid off. Or you inherited a house and don’t need to pay rent.  Or you don’t plan to ever retire and want to work until the very last day you take your last breath at age 92 (good grief).

So what does this have to do with Photography?
I mean, Photography is Art.
It is a gift of Beauty.
It pays in “Exposure” and “Likes” on social media, right???



People in the Workplace vs. “Artists”.

Now let’s compare with people with “real” jobs (Since Photography is “art” and not a “job”).
People with real jobs work from Monday to Friday from 9:00 – 17:00 (160 hours a month) and get paid a fixed monthly salary plus a few benefits like pension and UIF and sick leave and weekends!
Every month on the same day a fixed salary gets deposited in to their accounts. Nice, isn’t it?

Now here you are.  Artist. Photographer. Storyteller.  You get paid per assignment.  Some months mean glory to all as it rains with weddings and other bookings. Other months it’s like crickets and you try to see how many cups of tea you can drag out of the last tea bag.

Does it really need to be like this?
No. Not if you price yourself correct and according to your worth and time.



How Many Hours Do You REALLY Work?

How much work really goes in to one wedding?  Some of these things are generally not considered as “work” by clients.  At least, not until their employers ask similar tasks of them in their off time.  So Let’s see:

Initial Marketing1 hour
Responding to client inquiries and questions1 hour
In person consultation1 hour
Charging camera gear and preparing cards1 hour
Driving to Engagement session1 hour
Engagement session1 hour
Driving home from Engagement Session1 hour
Downloading cards & importing into software1 hour
Culling of images1 hour
Editing images3 hours
Delivery of images1 hour
Pre Wedding Venue Visit1 hour (optional but recommended)
Timeline coordination for Wedding Day1 hour
Charging camera gear and preparing cards1 hour
Driving to Wedding Venue1 hour (minimum – usually more)
Pre Wedding Prep and location check1 hour
Wedding Day Photography12 hours
Post Wedding Prep and camera breakdown1 hour
Drive home in the dark with tired eyes1 hour
Downloading card and Importing into Software1 hour
Culling of extra images2 hours
Editing Images10 hours
Blog Post Image Selection, Writing and Blogging1 hour
Album Design2 hours
Drive to Printers to deliver Design1 hour
Responding to constant inquiries from brides wanting to know when images are done1 hour
Drive to printers to pick up album1 hour
Drive to client to deliver album and images1 hour
Total amount of work you’ve done52 hours

52 hours = That is 7 hours a week more than the average “normal” person who works an 8:00 – 17:00 workday.

Great.  So now we’ve established that you don’t “only” work when you are holding a camera. Those hours add up quickly, don’t they?  But now, let’s look at some more numbers (I know, we are artist, numbers break our heads and they are not fun to look at or think of, but really if you want to do this as a business you need to continue paying attention)



Your Direct Expenses Per Wedding

Travel Costs:
Your car has a running cost and maintenance cost.  Tires need to be replaced, oil needs to be filled up, car needs to be serviced.  Visit the AA website to calculate your car’s running cost

100km = R350 / R500

Camera Insurance Per Wedding:
Divide your annual insurance premium by your annual number of weddings.
(R2000 x 12 ÷24)


Assistant (not to be confused with a second photographer)R1000
Album Printing Costs. 
This will vary on the amount of pages and quality of printers you use and get as expensive as R6000+ for a decent 20 spread leather cover album.
Packaging MaterialR300
Branded USBR200
Courier costsR200
Total Expenses per WeddingR5 200

So that is the direct expenses per wedding, but what are the costs to run  your business and market yourself successfully in the Wedding Industry – set up at Wedding Expos, advertise on Wedding Blogs and Directories and have a strong Online Persona?

Running Costs Of Your Business Per Annum:

Online Marketing:
(Roughly R500 per month minimum)
Print Based Marketing (Magazines/Pamphlets)
(Roughly R1000 – R2000 per add)
R20 000
Wedding Expos
(Roughly R10 000 per expo)
R20 000
Website Initial build (once off)R13 000
Website DomainR 2 500
Website HostingR2 400
Software Subscriptions
Adobe Photoshop and LightroomR 1 650
Blogstomping SoftwareR   700
Album Design SoftwareR   700
Cellphone contractR6000
Total Annual Business ExpensesR72 950


If you dIvide that annual business expense in to monthly payments, it costs you about R6080 per month.
That essentially brings your monthly requirement as an individual and a business to:
R15800 (basic living expense) + R6080 (monthly business costs)  = R21880 (total monthly expense)


How Many Weddings Should You Do?

Alright, so now we have established how many hours you work and how much those hours cost you, so how many weddings do you need to do per year to support a basic, responsible lifestyle and a basic overhead business expenses?

We do it like this:
Yearly cost of basic living and business:  R21880 x 12 = R262560
R262560 ÷ (profit per wedding) = Weddings Required to run your business and support yourself

R8000 Wedding:

How much you chargeR8 000
Your Expenses for the wedding-R 5 200
Profit R 2 800
Weddings needed to support yourself94 per annum
Weddings per month8 per month (is this even possible?)


R10 000 Wedding

How much you chargeR10 000
Your Expenses for the wedding-R 5 200


Profit R 4 800


Weddings needed to support yourself54 per annum
Weddings per month4.5 per month


R15 000 Wedding

How much you chargeR15 000
Your Expenses for the wedding-R 5 200
Profit R 9 800
Weddings needed to support yourself26 per annum
Weddings per month2 per month


R20 000 Wedding

How much you chargeR20 000
Your Expenses for the wedding-R 5 200
Profit R 14 800
Weddings needed to support yourself18 per annum
Weddings per month1.5 per month


Looking more realistic when you work it out like that, right? And to think that I didn’t even calculate TAX in yet.  That decreases your actual income even further.



So now  you have to ask yourself the question – how many hours are you prepared to work in a year and what level of income do you need to support yourself?  As the saying goes:

Work Smarter, not Harder.


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Story on an African Farm

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The Free State.  A piece of South Africa that will always be very dear to me.  It is after all where I grew up and where my roots started growing.
Many people associate the Free State with flat plains and not much to do, but oh boy are they wrong!  If you dare to drive off of the N1 highway, you’ll see that the Free State is a rich land of hills, grass plains, Achacia trees and animals.  Children of the Free State all have a raw earthy connection with nature.  So, photographing this little family was nothing short of an adventure.
A Wildlife vet, spending his days with beautiful, unique and also dangerous wild animals everyday, asked that I capture his family in the environment he spend most of his time in.  And oh! What wonderful little boys!  Talkative with extraordinary imaginations and their tales kept pulling me off in to wonderland stories of children’s minds.
We initially planned on finding the big, graceful Giraffes as a backdrop, but it turned out to be quite a hide-and-seek game trying to find these long legged grassland dancers.  In our expedition trying to locate them, we saw many other wonderful animals including buffalo, zebras, oryx, wildebeest and even lions!

We finally found our graceful Giraffes just in time for sunset and ended off our session with a few yellow wildflower photos of the boys.


What a delightful, adventure this was!

2016-11-06_0014 2016-11-06_0009 2016-11-06_0007 2016-11-06_0001 2016-11-06_0010 2016-11-06_0008 2016-11-06_0002 2016-11-06_0003 2016-11-06_0011 2016-11-06_0012 2016-11-06_0013 2016-11-06_0004 2016-11-06_0005 2016-11-06_0006

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Fly South.

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I will always Fly South.

As someone who lived abroad for 5 years, I always held on to the words “Fly South”.  South is where my roots grow deep.  South is home.  South is where my feet stay grounded to the earth like a Black Rhino’s heart.
I have so much love for this continent.  The continent of stories.  Africa.  The place where wild animals roam the streets in the imaginations of foreigners.  Growing up at the southern tip of Africa, I had quite a fortunate childhood.  My deep love for animals was the original drive that pushed me in to photography.  But not wildlife photography though.  As a farmgirl on a cattle ranch my deep bond with critters started at an early age raising any and all orphaned baby animal.
As part of a personal project I wanted to photograph people with animals, so I was delighted when Tanya Myers, a talented ballerina told me that she and her husband own big cats!  Could anything be more perfect?
So even though this is part of a personal project, these photos are sentimental to Tanya as well since her love for dancing and her love for nature and her animals are showcased together.

Tanya, you are so talented and it is always a blessing to meet someone who shares my love for animals.

_n5a5364-edit-edit-edit-2 _n5a5472-edit-edit-edit-edit _n5a5454-edit _n5a5545-edit _n5a5596-edit-edit _n5a5603-edit _n5a5605-edit _n5a5569-edit-edit _mg_4388-edit2-edit _mg_4384-edit _mg_4373-edit _n5a5678-edit-edit _n5a5683-edit _n5a5692-edit







Is it real?


A lot of people asked if these were composites and if the cheetahs and giraffes were added in Photoshop.  I guess in South Africa many of us are fortunate enough  to encounter these amazing animals so we don’t even think about why people would think these photos are not real.

So here are a few behind the scenes photos that Tanya’s husband took with a cellphone:


img_20160717_3-1 img_20160807_7 img_20160807_4 img_20160807_10


And of course there had to be a funny of me trying and failing to guide a real ballerina in to poses…. you can just see her in the background laughing at my Dance Attempt.  Of course I blame my pants for the lack of flexibility. Haha




And one that was a test shot from my camera to check the light.


We Love. We Laugh.

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“Home is where you are loved the most and act the worst.”
Marjorie Pay Hinckley

 Getting up early in the mornings sure has its rewards.  This family proved that point through and through when started our session at 7:15am on a cold winter’s morning in the Free State.  I’m sure everyone in South Africa is familiar with the crisp cold air of the Free State during winter, so I’m sure everyone will agree that this family is indeed tops for bracing it!
And oh what a fun, loving family.  The laughter was flowing freely so early in the morning and their relaxed attitudes and love for each other resulted in true and honest expressions captured.
What a lovely session experience I had!



_N5A3900-Edit-2 2016-07-26_0014 2016-07-26_0015 _MG_3056 2016-07-26_0013 _N5A4194 2016-07-26_0008 _MG_3065-Edit 2016-07-26_0009 2016-07-26_0007 _MG_3082 2016-07-26_0006 2016-07-26_0010 2016-07-26_0011 2016-07-26_0012