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Young Farmer of the Year.

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Young Farmer of the Year.

“Growing up on a farm teaches you about hard work, faith and perseverance.”

At the beginning of this year, I moved back to the farm after 15 years living all over the world.  It was a big decision made just in time, since shortly after I arrived back on the farm, the world was turned upside down by the COVID-19 pandemic.  I don’t, for one second, regret my decision. Being reunited with wide, open spaces and the quiet nights, it has been a welcome change after the city hussle I lived before in Cape Town.

One of the biggest delights of moving back to the farm, was getting to know the locals and specifically this young farmer in particular.  With a heart of gold and values that would put many grown men to shame, this little farmer is living his best childhood possible. Surrounded by animals and nature and family who cherish his every move, this  young farmer is growing up learning all the most valuable attributes needed to be an admirable man one day.


wedding competition

Win Free Wedding Photography

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Win Free Wedding Photography

– A chapter on giving.


I know I’ve said this a thousand times,
but I feel so passionate about the importance of capturing life’s most precious moments.

Every year I try to give back to the universe for blessing me over and over again.  At the start of this year I thought I’d wait until Autumn before I launch this annual gift, but then…….. COVID-19 happened and we all went in to panic mode and weddings got cancelled and the world got turned upside down etc etc.  So I didn’t launch it.  But I’ve been itching to do so and I finally couldn’t wait any longer.

I was given a talent and there are few things in life that make me happier than being able to share and give the fruits of this talent to other.  So every year I choose one deserving and loving couple to photograph their wedding free of charge.

One thing you’ll always hear me say is, if there is one thing at your wedding that you should invest in more than anything else, it is your wedding photographs!  Your venue will look great, the décor will be perfect, the food will be delicious, the music will sound tasteful, your dress will look stunning on you and your hair and makeup all will have you transformed for your most beautiful day.  But the only thing you’ll take home with you is the captured memories.  This is why I value the wedding day photography above all else since it is the only part of the day you can take with you 50 years down the line.


So if you haven’t booked your photographer for your 2021 wedding, keep reading!

Win Free Wedding Photography

Organictales will offer one lucky couple  a chance to WIN FREE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY worth R20 000!


“I’m excited to see your dress! I’m excited to see your hair and makeup. How you’ve made up your venue and I’m excited to see all the happy memories shared between you and your loved ones!”


* A Pre-Wedding Shoot with 30 High Resolution Images
* Pre-Wedding Meeting and Discussion
* 10 Hours Wedding Day Photography.
* High Resolution Digital Files on a personalized USB


But that’s not all! ORGANICTALES will offer special discounted pricing to anyone who entered the competition but didn’t win! (T’s & C’s apply).
ORGANICTALES PHOTOGRAPHY will also sponsor up to 3 other prizes for people who entered this competition but did not receive first prize.


Win Free Wedding Photography


Being able to capture the love union of two people is a big honour and blessing, so choosing winners for this competition will rest on a few things that will let me know how highly you value photography in your lives.  Last year I did a similar competition and the entries and stories were so lovely, they had me laughing and crying with emotions.  It was a pretty hard decision to make and I am sure this year will be just as much of an experience.  This is why I spiced it up a little more.  This year’s competition will have finalists who will meet me for a SKYPE interview before a final winner will be announced.

Building a relationship with all my clients is very important to me as it greatly aids in being able to capture your unique personalities on the day.

Couples chosen as finalists must be able to meet with me for a SKYPE interview.


So how do you enter and Win Free Wedding Photography?


  1. All you have to do is fill out the survey at the bottom of this post.
  2.  To better your chances you can also go LIKE my FACEBOOK page and invite 5 – 10 friends (or more) to also like my page so they can support you.  How do you do that?    When you visit my page you will find a section on the right (circled below in red) that says “Invite friends to like this page”

wedding competition



3.  For some extra points you can also go and FOLLOW me on Instagram and like/comment  5 – 10 of your favourite images on my feed to help me understand which of my photos fall in your favourites list.  This helps me to get a better idea of the style and feel you desire in your wedding photography. Find me @Organictales

Fill out this survey and send through to and stand a chance to WIN FREE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY

  Entries valid for weddings taking place any time between Jan 2021 – Dec 2021.

Since a wedding takes enormous amounts of time to photograph, process and deliver, only couples who complete ALL steps will be considered.  This is a very personal gift and therefore only couples who show genuine interest and enthusiasm will be selected as finalists.

Good luck everyone!!


Please DOUBLE check that your email address is correct. If not I will not be able to respond to your entry.
If you have any problems submitting – please email your answers/images directly to:  /

1 Step 1
How important is photography on your wedding day?
Which of these weddings do you enjoy the most?

Please upload 3 recent images of yourselves. 

If you have trouble uploading, please email them directly to with your names as the subject.

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Win Free Wedding Photography



*Organictales Photography reserves the right to cancel this competition or disqualify any entry without notice*

If you do not receive any reply from ORGANICTALES within 7 days of submission, please send an email with your answers and photos to





Dornier Wine Estate Wedding – Jon & Shireen

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Dornier Wine Estate Wedding.

Tell us about how you met and the attributes that drew you to each other.

We met at medical school 10 years ago and became good friends. It’s fair to say we had a soft spot for each other right from the beginning!  Over the first couple of years of friendship we became very close sharing our love of adventure, travelling and good food until we both realised we were much more than friends. Jon proposed on a beautiful day at our favourite place near Cape Point.


Why did you choose your venue?

We literally drove around the Stellenbosch and Franschhoek area going into every vineyard and asking about weddings. Dornier was actually the first one we saw and we loved it immediately, nowhere else could beat the scenery with its beautiful mountains, vineyards, gardens and homestead. We had lunch there and the food was amazing.

What was the most memorable moment of the day?

Jon – its corny but for me it was Shireen walking down the aisle, I really didn’t expect to cry but I had tears in my eyes even before Shireen made it down the steps! The first dance was also comes to mind, it was unique….

Shireen – There were so many magical moments, it’s hard to decide. It was very special walking down the aisle with my Mum and seeing in that moment just how much I meant to Jon. The weather was beautiful, the jazz band were amazing and the food was delicious. It was extra special having time to spend with Jon for our couples shoot, it was so fun!

Any advice to other couples still in the planning process? What was the most difficult and what really helped?

Try to enjoy the process!  It will be the most perfect day you can imagine even if some of the tiny details (which will seem like huge details when you’re planning) don’t go like clockwork. You’re marrying the person you love with all your special people around you.

A friend told us to make sure that we are always ‘in the moment’ during the day. Enjoy talking to the person you are with rather than thinking about who you haven’t yet greeted! Take everything in because it goes so fast.

Describe your wedding day in ONE sentence.

The most incredible day, more than we could have ever hoped for!



Dornier Wine Estate  



Shout Music Company –

Red Cherry Cakes –

Corlé Barnard

Lekker Trou Letters & Lights –

To-Nett’s flowers décor hiring group –

Shuttleup –

Strawberry weddings and events –



pepper tree wedding bloemfontein

Pepper Tree Wedding – Stefan & Ade

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Pepper Tree Wedding.

Van #Ampestrampe tot #Stramptelik.

Tell us about how you met and the attributes that drew you to each other.

Our story started in a restaurant, but not your typical restaurant. Well, actually, yes, your typical restaurant. We met in Spur. But that was it.

A few months passed and we started to attend the same social events. Our story truly started at a friend’s birthday, which was coincidentally at a restaurant, but this time, an upgrade from the Spur sparkles. I guess other sparks flew that night.

Our first coffee date was in October 2018. This Coffee date lasted 10 hours, a few refills and since then our conversations became bottomless.


How did the proposal go down?

We went to Clarens with Stefan’s family for the weekend to celebrate his 25th birthday. We were at Drakenberg View when Stefan TRIED to go down on one knee. Ademarie did not give him time to ask, she just yelled “yes” a few hundred times and threw her champagne GLASS in the air. We both enjoyed the moment, even without a glass of celebratory bubbles

What was the most memorable moment of the day?

Stefan: Ademarie surprised me with a voice-over recording just before she walked towards me. And then finally seeing her.

Ademarie: I knew walking down the aisle would be special. These few seconds held a lifetime worth of memories. The memories that were already written and the exciting ones to come. Right before my father and I anticipated the walk down the aisle, my father handed over his supporting crutch. He wanted to WALK me down the aisle. Another favourite moment was when we had to take a quick break halfway towards Stefan – my father’s eyes were filled with tears – a moment I cannot begin to explain. And then finally joining hands with Stefan in the front. My father officiated the wedding and blessed us with a beautiful message.

Any advice to other couples still in the planning process? What was the most difficult and what really helped?

Don’t forget to go on coffee dates, but once you go on them, please do forget to speak about the actual wedding planning. It can sometimes completely consume your time together. Once the day arrives, take in every moment. Go outside to catch a glimpse of the moon with your groom (a friend called us outside for this one).

Service Providers:

Venue, Catering, Coordinating & Decor: Pepper Tree –


Make-up Artist: Karle Potgieter from MUD Studio –

Hair: Petrie Claasens –

Lights: Lighticle –

Flowers: BLOM –

Wedding Dress: Julie Wedderburn Bridal –

Water Bottles: Attie van Rensburg, GoZone –

Roodezand Wedding – Max & Kate

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Roodezand Wedding.

Why did you choose your venue?

Finding a venue was the first thing we did when we started the planning process, because once we had a venue we could secure the date. 

We came up with a list of what we wanted from a venue – size, layout, chapel, view, distance from Cape Town. Our first venue viewing was quite a laugh though, because Max forgot his contact lenses at home – so his impression of the venue was very different to mine! 

After viewing lots of venues, every weekend, we were referred to Roodezand Wedding Venue in Tulbagh by a friend of a friend. We emailed Karen to ask for their pricing before we set up a viewing, and we really appreciated her upfrontness, her ‘no hidden cost’ claims, and her transparency. We were tired of hearing about venue hire fees, and then finding out later about the long list of additional charges. Karen was clear from the beginning about what was included and excluded, and how much we would have to pay. When we went to go view Roodezand, she also sold us with her wonderful knowledge of wedding planning, and her helpfulness. The venue was stunning, and we loved the mountains surrounding it. We also loved that Karen took so much pride in the service she offered, going as far as providing complimentary cordials for the table as to not have bright coloured cooldrink clashing with the decor. We loved how she treated and spoke about her staff, and how accommodating everyone was.

What was the most memorable moment of the day?

Kate – I would love to say walking down the aisle, but to be honest, that’s a bit of a blur for me. I loved walking through the confetti passage and seeing all our friends. But most of all, I just loved having everyone there. I loved that wherever I went during the day there was someone that I was excited to see. It’s amazing being surrounded by all your favourite people. 

Max – Ah there are so many! If I had to choose it was when I got to shake my now father in law’s hand and then took Kate’s hand. There was lots of secrecy about her dress and I had no idea what it looked like, it was the most epic moment when I eventually got to see it; and start the adventure that is marriage in front of God and everyone that’s important to us.

How did you experience your Photographer’s service and where did the importance of photography fall in your day?

Choosing the right photographer for our day was a top priority for us, because we knew that the photos of the day would be something that we would cherish forever. Landi Groenewald was great from the very beginning, and her years of wedding experience were very helpful. She shared some wedding timelines with that gave us a very good starting point for planning the flow of our day. She was also full of really great ideas about how to arrange your wedding timeline in a different way to make the best of your time with your guests, and utilize the best light for photos. 

We wanted to do an engagement shoot so that we could get comfortable with getting our photo taken as a couple (I think most people don’t get their photo taken very often unless they’re models?) and Organictales was super accommodating. She gave us some great ideas for spots to do the shoot, and went out of her way to make our crazy (and somewhat last minute) ideas work. Our engagement shoot was so much fun with Landi, and we knew we were in good hands for the wedding. 

On the wedding day Landi was relaxed (which made us relax) and was able to give us guidance on what we needed to do to get the best photos without us having to do weird stuff. We also really appreciated how organised and structured she was. She managed and guided our wedding party and family well, and really helped the day flow. She is also just such a lovely, likeable person that everyone enjoyed working with her. 

If  there was anything about the day you wish you could change what would it be?

There’s not a single thing we’d change. Even the unexpected rain and clouds played their part in making our wedding day special – by giving our guests relief from the heat, and providing us with a beautiful backdrop for photos

Any advice to other couples still in the planning process? What was the most difficult and what really helped?

  • Talk to your partner about your expectations for the day. Both people have thought about their wedding and what they want it to be like, not just the brides!
  • Decide what you want your wedding to look and feel like, and then take it from there.
  • Coming up with our top 4 priorities really helped us stay focused. It’s really easy to get swept up in all the wedding craze. You decide in the beginning that you want your day to be simple, the next minute you’re requesting quotes for chewing gum papers printed with your monogram! 
  • Share the admin. Keep everything in a folder on Google Drive or Dropbox so it’s accessible from wherever you are and on all devices (I remember we almost did our table layout on a piece of A3 paper – imagine we lost it! Very glad we just did it on a google sheet). 
  • Be fussy about your service providers. Find people whose work you love, and then give them the freedom to make your day beautiful. Let them be the experts, no matter how informed you think you are, you’re doing this for the first time, and they’re doing it for the 100th. 
  • Be nice; to your guests that keep changing their minds about their RSVP, to your service providers, to your partner, to your bridal party. This is meant to be a time of celebration, not of trauma. 

Describe your wedding day in ONE sentence. 

The most perfect start to our adventure!


Service Providers:

Venue – Roodezand wedding venue

Videographer – Dynamite Productions

Flowers – Designs by Marcel

DJ – BA Sound Solutions 

Wedding dress – Cindy Bam:

Engagement Ring – Dear Rae 

Wedding Bands – Famke 

Hair and Makeup – Skoonlief 


Dornier Wine Estate Wedding – Ciskia & Adam

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Dornier Wine Estate Wedding.


How we met and the attributes that drew us to each other?

Adam and I met online in February 2017 and connected from the word “go”. Our first date was at Meerendal Wine Estate a month later and the rest was history. Only after the Gin tasting of course… that’s when I knew he was a keeper and after a Sound of Music movie night… (yes, he suggested it…)

Ciskia: Adam is a genuine, kind- and good-hearted man who just wants everything and everyone to live in harmony.

Adam: Ciskia is a gorgeous woman with a fantastic sense of humor that spreads kindness and happiness wherever she goes.

How did the proposal go down?

It was so beautiful and perfect. We were traveling in Zanzibar at the time with friends of (then) mine, when Adam proposed to me. Firstly, a holiday Adam invited himself on, little did I know how a year and a half later it will change my life forever. In Zanzibar on the second night of our trip, in our room on the balcony overlooking the serene ocean at sunset he went on to one knee and popped the question. It felt like I was in a movie, it was so surreal.

What was the style of your wedding and where did you find your inspiration?

Our style developed very organically from different themes and colours into a classical and sophisticated Dutch/Delft, blue and white, theme with a touch of gold. We mainly used the web for inspiration but were also led by what we could find in stores to finish our look. We tried to keep it simple yet elegant, the venue speaks for itself in its grandeur. I asked a good friend of mine to assist us with the design of our stationary and the look of the wedding and the Dutch/Delft theme just naturally came together.

Why did you choose Dornier Wine Estate?

We chose the Homestead at Dornier Wine Estate as our venue for the reception of our wedding. It is an original design by Sir Herbert Baker and an architectural gem in the winelands. Both of us grew up in Stellenbosch and we were looking for a Cape Dutch style venue by the foot of the mountains and let’s be honest, who does not want to have their wedding on a beautiful wine farm if you grew up in the winelands… Dornier Wine Estate just spoke to us, we fell in love with the whole vibe of the estate, the trees, the mountains, the vineyards, it all completed the picture. The deal was naturally sealed when I saw the original delft tiles around the one fireplace in the dining room. I also really wanted to get married in the Stellenbosch Moederkerk. The saying “be careful what you wish for” really rings true for me. My grandparents and my parents got married in the Moederkerk and it was a dream of mine to get married in the same church as them and in our hometown on a wine farm.

How did you decide on your Ilse Roux Dress?

The dress found me, really, no jokes. I decided on renting a dress, so the next best thing to cut the costs and to not end up with a dress in the cupboard, was to rent. I went to a few shops for fittings and did not find what I was looking for although I had no idea what I was looking for… I then visited Ilse Roux Bridal and there it was the perfect dress for me. The moment I tried it on I just knew it was my style. I loved the off-white undertones with the romantic and feminine lace overlays. The neckline was very flattering and I felt comfortable with the long lace sleeves.

Who made sure your hair and makeup looked beautiful?

The gorgeous lady responsible for our hair and makeup on the day is a master in her field. Melissa from SMUK, she truly knows how to transform a person. She just makes you feel so beautiful and at ease, Melissa is truly a trooper to have by your side on your wedding day.

Who officiated the ceremony? How did you find him and what made you choose him?

Our minister was the best, Ds Johan Botha. You just know when you meet someone that they are genuine and that they love what they do. He has a way of putting one at ease with a great sense of humor, while at the same time treating the occasion with the love and respect it commands. He guided us all the way with information regarding the ceremony and gave us great practical tips for on the wedding day.

Any special story behind your rings and where did you find them?

Adam loves the ocean and all the different shades of blue, my birthstone is a Sapphire and that is how we decided on the center stone of my engagement ring. Adam also inherited diamonds from his mother that has been used in the ring. The stones very much dictated the design but we had a brilliant jeweler from Viljoens Jewelry who led us in the right direction and did the manufacturing for us. The wedding band followed the design of the engagement ring to fit together.

What was the most memorable moment of the day?

There were so many special moments and they passed so quickly, it is so difficult to choose one, but the one thing that stood out for us was the rose ceremony. Some other stand out moments that come to mind are walking out of the church as husband and wife and being showered with confetti, being driven to the reception in the wedding car and of course the first dance that will stay with us forever.

How did you experience your photographer’s service and where did the importance of photography fall in your day?

Simply put, we experienced Landi Groenewald nothing short of superb. She and her assistant were at all times extremely professional. They always went the extra mile in trying to get the perfect shots. Having said this, they were also never distracting or in one’s way during either the church service or reception, again showing professionalism and experience. The importance of photography was to capture all the moments and small details of the day, so that we will be able to relive our special day for years to come.

Did you have a wedding/event planner and how did this service benefit you before and on the day?

You read and hear this advice everywhere and for GOOD reason. Spend a portion of your budget on a wedding planner/coordinator, it will be money well spent in the end. I do not regret spending a cent on our event planner, To-Netts from Paarl. Nicole was brilliant, professional, punctual, friendly, helpful – the list goes on… They did a mock-up table for us before the wedding so that there was no surprises on the day and they did all the setting up for our wedding. It was great, no extra stress for the bride and groom on the day! We also had a coordinator from the venue which was great, Jodie managed everything so well and nothing was a problem for her. You definitely need people before and on the day to manage the setup and run of events for you. We also had a great MC who worked well with our coordinator to make sure everything ran smoothly the night of the wedding.

Who were your caterers who made sure your guests were happy and fed? What was on the menu for the evening.

This is a good question! The food! We had THE best caterers in the industry, Zest Catering, you can’t go wrong.  We had the tastiest canapes for pre-drinks and for starters we had Spiced pear, watercress, smoked goat’s cheese & honey roasted almonds with an orange, pear and cinnamon dressing. The main course was Rosemary and garlic marinated beef fillet served on potato Pommes Anna with truffle mushroom sauce and sautéed tender-stem broccoli and we had the creamiest vanilla bean and yogurt panna cotta with berries and a sesame snap tuille for dessert. Soete Swaan from Humansdorp made our Stroopwafels which we served with coffee and tea after dinner. Our cake was baked by a good friend of ours.

Who made sure there was good music and sound on the day?

Firstly, I must start with a great friend of mine, Gert Loubser, who is a brilliant musician. He made sure all our guests were entertained in the church whilst waiting for the ceremony to start. Gert also sang us one of his own songs “Sonder Liefde” just after we exchanged rings. Then Matthew Lampbrecht, the son of dear friends of mine played the violin, he played A Million Dreams from The Greatest Showman when I walked into the church down the aisle. We made use of SoundPrint as our DJ at the reception, the guys were great! Great service, great music, great people!!! They were so professional and up to date, we hardly gave them a brief and they did exactly what we dreamt of. We had a great evening on the dancefloor!

Any advice to other couples still in the planning process? What was the most difficult and what really helped?

Have fun, don’t sweat the small stuff and ask people for help.

The most difficult and unromantic thing for me about the whole wedding process was the prenuptial contract. Get a lawyer who is passionate about their own marriage to help you set up your contract, I don’t know how to explain this, but our lawyer loves what marriage stands for and he “gets” it, so it was easy for us to understand and trust him.

Tell us about the honeymoon!!!

I’ll let Adam tell you about this one…

Our honeymoon consisted of two parts! Part one consisted of a two-night stay at Majeka House in Stellenbosch. This entailed wining and dining in five-star style. Part two involved a safari adventure in the Kruger National Park booked through Detour Africa. We stayed at the fantastic Thornhill Safari Lodge where they treated us to game drives, awesome cocktails and delicious food! Our hosts Sean, Merle and our guide Lambi were beyond excellent. Our barman, Connor, kept the gin and tonics coming. Our honeymoon was a truly magical experience.


Service Providers:

(Dear service industry professionals, please do not copy or lift images from this page. A downloadable link will be made available to our client soon)

Venue: Dornier Wine Estate

Church: Stellenbosch Moederkerk


Assistant: Liam Kirby

Dress: Ilse Roux Bridal

Jewellers: Viljoen’s Jewellers

Sound:  Soundprint

Decor: To-Nett’s

Catering: Zest


Minister: DS Johan Botha


Memoire Wedding – Trudie & Enrico

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Memoire Wedding.

“Where every moment is a memory.”

Tell us about how you met and the attributes that drew you to each other.

Enrico: Having struggled to meet someone in our busy lives, we both turned to Elite Singles, a dating App, beginning of 2018. I always knew about this site, however for some reason the time just never felt right until 2018. I guess this was fate as I would not have met my wife had I not waited until the time that I did. What attracted me to her was the fact that she was beautiful, kind, caring and loving.

Trudie-Elize: After three months on the app I was about to delete my profile when I found a message in my inbox from a man that seemed to fit my criteria at first glance. We met in person after a month and I knew very soon that I have found my potential husband. I was drawn to his authenticity, loving nature and his mind. His judgement, general knowledge and the fact that he is so versatile. I believe that there is nothing that he cannot do, and he always has a plan to execute. He is a cautious risk taker and I just absolutely love every part of him!

How did the proposal go down?

I took my wife to a horse-riding farm in Hartebeespoort. She loves animals, especially horses and this place allowed for a romantic couples’ outride. She had a suspicion that I was planning something special since she is usually the person in charge of planning our weekend activities but could not be 100% sure. She thought that if I was to propose that I would jump off the horse along the ride to do so but this was not the case – There was a romantic picnic waiting for us close to the end that she was unaware of. The guide played along and had us jump up and down from the horses to meet zebras and game on our path. This in conjunction with the fact that I took the ring out of the ring box and placed it in my jean pocket confused her as she was trying to spot the ring box to be sure of my intentions. we arrived at the picnic spot, got off the horses and walked over to a beautiful table setting decorated with roses and champagne in the middle of the woods with heart shapes all around in the trees. I got down on one knee and asked her if she’d marry me. She was so surprised that she at first didn’t say anything. She just extended her left hand to me, to which I replied that I needed and answer before I could put the ring on. She then said “yes, a million times yes”, I placed the ring on her finger, and we kissed. They left us in the woods for a while and it gave us a chance to enjoy each other’s company as a newly engaged couple before we headed back with the horses.

How did you decide on your dress and where did you find it?

I was torn between two dresses initially from The Bridal Wardrobe. I went for a second fitting at a different branch but in my moment of doubt they brought out the Nina dress. I couldn’t get the dress out of my mind and went for one last fitting appointment with my mother and immediately forgot about the two other dresses I saw. The dress had all the features and uniqueness that I wanted and the style that Enrico mentioned he liked. I was looking for a romantic lace dress that made me feel sexy but look elegant and that was exactly what I found.

Who made sure your make-up and hair looked beautiful?

Nerine Bleeker was my make-up artist and also a close family member. She owns Dandily studio. Kylie Gehm – van der Merwe from Chase Hairdressing made sure our hair was done and photo-ready. Both comes highly recommended.

What was the most memorable moment of the day?

Enrico: When she walked down the aisle. She looked so beautiful and the suspense was finally over, she was my wife.

Trudie-Elize: I second that – it was such a special and indescribable moment. It started the moment my father came to the bridal room to take me to church, the walk up to the church with my parents by my side and then walking down the aisle. I couldn’t stop smiling – at that very moment the whole world suddenly faded and all I noticed was Enrico waiting at the end of the aisle. His face lighted up and I suddenly realized that I was going to be his wife – it made me so excited! This was the start of our forever journey.

Is there any special story behind your rings? Where did you find them?

We designed our own rings. I showed Enrico a picture of what I imagined my ring to look like. He then designed a custom white gold ring with personal modifications and had it 3D printed just for me. The diamond was specifically chosen with special consideration to the clarity and color. I wanted the diamond to have at least one flaw given my belief that perfection does not exist, but imperfections make us unique and beautiful. My mother has a 3-diamond ring that represent the marriage between them with God at the center. I wanted to replicate the meaning of her ring hence the 3-diamonds on my ring as well.

For Enrico we initially didn’t think to design a ring but each time we came close to finding something he liked, they either didn’t have his size or it was not made from the material he wanted. He preferred having a two-toned ring and that is when we started the designing process. He designed a white gold and rose gold ring. I took the opportunity to surprise him with our fingerprints and wedding date engraved on the inside. It made his ring completely unique and special – just like him!

Who officiated the ceremony? How did you find her and what made you choose her?

Carissa Millicent Jonker. She is not a minister but one of my dearest friends. We met in grade 1 and since then never lost contact. She was a strong spiritual leader throughout our friendship and that made me think of her the moment we got engaged. I wanted to keep the wedding very personal. She was just amazing and made the day extra special.

How did you experience your Photographer’s service and where did the importance of photography fall in your day?

The photos were very important to us since it captured the beautiful moments that soon become everlasting memories. We now get to relive the special moments and see them from a different perspective. Landi was amazing – she took charge where necessary, went above and beyond to make the day special and made us feel very comfortable. Her work obviously speaks for itself.  “All-in-one” is the best way to describe her service.

Who was your videographer and how was the experience of having them present on the day?

Rory from Organictales came highly recommended by Landi and he definitely did not disappoint. They were fun to have around and again made us feel very comfortable.

If there was anything about the day you wish you could change what would it be?

The day was amazing and perfect but went by so quickly. If only it was a possibility – we would wish for time to slow down. We would advise other couples to keep it simple. The less complicated the day – the more time you have to enjoy and take in the moment. It is easy to get caught up in the details when planning a wedding for such a long time only to realize that it did not even matter that much. The important moments you remember money can’t buy.

Tell us about the Honeymoon!!

In one word – “Priceless”

We started our honeymoon off in Paris and made our way to the South of France where we visited Nice, Avignon and Monaco. We continued our journey to Italy, Venice and ended our honeymoon in Rome. It was amazing travelling abroad and although we kept quite busy, it was well worth it. It was Enrico’s first time overseas and we managed to see many of the historical monuments and places that we have only dreamed about seeing one day. Some of our favorite sights included the Eifel Tower, The arc de Triomphe, the Coliseum and Sistine chapel. We enjoyed spending some quality time with each other and working together to find our way around. We built some amazing memories and will treasure it for a lifetime.


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Venue:  Memoire Wedding & Function Venue



Dress: The Bridal Wardrobe

Suit:  Cavalier, The Gentleman’s Store

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Finding my stolen horses in Lesotho

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Bring My Horses Home.

This is a story of how my two stolen horses were rescued and recovered from deep inside of Lesotho.  It’s a chapter in my life which highlighted my strengths and reminded me of the deep connection I once shared with my equine companion; A stubborn, yet gentle chestnut pony named Ginger.

Growing up together.

I remember like it was yesterday.  As a little adventurous girl waking up before dawn; the farm, nestled in a valley still asleep.  I would sneak out with a slice of bread and a bridle to fetch my pony, Ginger.
In the cold morning air we would be off on a brisk trot down the valley and finally up the hill where the sun was waving its good morning rays to the waking farm.

Ginger was a gift from my uncle on my 9th birthday in 1996.  A young, confused little 3yo colt arrived on the farm.  At 14hh, much smaller than the working horses, his wide eyes and bushy red mane didn’t exactly steal my 9yo heart immediately. He had a choppy stride, not the most comfortable seat, a stubborn streak, but a big and willing heart.

As a young steed, Ginger was nothing but trouble.  A master at opening any gate, he often had the whole farm up in arms at midnight, when he thought it the best time to visit the other horses for a rendezvous under the starlight. He was a handful to say the least.

With patience Ginger grew up with me.  Tolerating getting his hair braided, tangled, washed and groomed.  Never a horse who really cared much for rubs and hugs, but always excited when taken for a swim in the dam.  His love for water has always been our most favourite bonding time after a long ride along the farm, exploring every inch of every hectar.

In my high school years, I was introduced to Arabian horses and after some hectic saving I bought my first registered Arab mare. I registered with the SA Arab Horse Society and had a small Arab breeding stud for a few years with another mare and stallion on lease. After finishing University in Stellenbosch I secured a job abroad, so I decided it best to sell the Arabs, but I kept the last filly born in 2010. This little filly, named after her Grandmother, was Anisa. She was kept both for sentimental reasons as well as her beautiful, curious temperament.

By this time Ginger was way in to his teenage years and was the grumpy old grandpa gelding used to wean the babies. He was good at teaching the foals manners without hurting them as well as keep them company. In hindsight this means he filled a parental role to Anisa and has been her only companion after her mother and siblings were sold. The two horses are therefore quite close.

The Theft.

I currently spend the majority of my days in Cape Town, where I am based as a professional photographer.  With Ginger now being retired at 26 years of age, I visit him on the farm several times a year since my career makes my schedule quite flexible.
It was coincidence that I was in the Free State to cover 3 weddings when I also found out that I had to get unexpected hip surgery scheduled for 26 June. My stay in the Free State was therefore prolonged and I see now how this was a blessing in disguise.

On the morning of 23 June, the groom who is the horses’ primary care giver since my parents moved to Bloemfontein due to safety concerns on the farm, gave us a call to report the horses missing. He had tracked their hoof prints along with 5 sets of human shoeprints for 10km before losing them when they crossed a steel bridge over the Caledon river and disappeared on a tar road. He walked all the way to town, which is on the border of Lesotho, to report the matter to the police who did not give him much guidance or help. As soon as we got the news we drove straight to the police station.

Frustration started to build when it took 4 separate visits to the Police station before they finally agreed to let us open an official case. Police officials only visited the farm more than 24 hours later and disregarded important and crucial evidence left on the scene.  My trust and faith in the officials’ competence started to dwindle due to the way the matter was handled.  For some reason they refused to question everybody present on the farm during the event of the theft and a key suspect whose footprints were a 100% match to those found alongside the horses’ hoofprints, were merely let go since he was underage.

I was however determined to locate my horses so I made a Facebook post with photos of my two horses offering a reward for their safe return. It wasn’t long until their photos went viral and people from all over the country started sharing the mission to find them.  Trying out every possible way to locate my horses, I asked for people with drones to please come and help us search from the air.

The next day two people with drones came out to help search the surrounding area from the sky. Due to the fact that my confidence in the  authorities’ competence have dwindled, I decided to hire a private investigator and I started a Facebook page for the two horses which spread like a wild fire. We searched the area from the sky for hours without success. We approached the local sheep and cattle herders in the surrounding mountains and in my broken, limited Sesotho skills asked them if they had seen the horses? One of the sheep herders was busy trying to rescue one of his newborn lambs who wouldn’t suckle and as I tried to help him and tell him about the horses, he recognized me from many years ago as a child, when I bought a young filly from his son and thus was eager to help us out. I got briefly excited when he confirmed seeing two horses matching the description of my two ponies, but my heart sank when he confirmed that the horses were taken in the direction of Lesotho. It is common knowledge that once an animal crosses in to the vast, mountainous country of Lesotho, it is almost impossible to ever find them again.

With a heavy heart we drove to the Tsupane Boarder Post to spread the word about the horses.  There I met a kind and willing Police Officer from Lesotho.  He could hear in my voice how dear the horses were to me and promised me that he would do everything in his power to help bring the horses home.  Over the next few days he kept reassuring me via Facebook Message that his informants were out searching every day.

Knowing that my surgery lay ahead and that I was physically limited to go and search for my two beloved horses, the worry was growing strong and fast inside of me. This is when I knew I had to get a private investigator on the case both in South Africa as well as in Lesotho.

People from all over the country sent messages of support, offering help, searching with me and keeping an eye out.  Many times this would cause heartache when people who meant well, sent photos of dead, starving or abused horses to me, asking if it wasn’t possibly my ponies.  Knowing that they were only trying to help, I knew that I had to face the reality that there was in fact a chance that my ponies might end up that way. With the help of a Sesotho speaking childhood friend who grew up on the farm with me, we translated a Facebook Sponsored post in to Sesotho and targeted the nearby Lesotho towns and surrounding areas to spread the word.
The post gathered many comments and shares and among them there were countless racially charged comments from local Lesotho people, however there were many more who saw my plight to find my two ponies and who were willing and wanting to help.

3 weeks went by with not much news; many leads that ended cold or were false.  The private investigator in South Africa visited the farm and questioned everyone present the day of the theft.  They uncovered many leads which the Stock Theft Officers didn’t really care to look at and my serious determination to solve the case started to sink in to everyone present.  People started realizing that I was not planning on giving up and that I will do whatever it takes to uncover the truth.
I had my surgery in the meantime but it was so far from my mind that I did not even notice most of the pain or discomfort.  The hours before the surgery I lay in my hospital bed talking to the private investigator and following up with the police.  I did not have time to even think of the discomfort – I just wanted my horses home.

I wished there was a way I could tell my two ponies that their mom was coming for them. That they should stay strong. I was so worried about Ginger, who by now is 26yo and has lived his whole life showered with love on the farm. My heart was broken knowing he was being ridden with his arthritis joints after being retired for years already. I was weeping for Anisa who I know was probably separated from Ginger shortly after being stolen and that she would become anxious without him. I was sad knowing they were starving with the limited access to food and water in the rough, mountain terrains of Lesotho during its harsh winters. I wished the thieves could have at least taken Ginger’s arthritis supplements with him to ease the pain.

Landi Groenewald Photography

Photo by: Johann Latsky

14 days without news finally got to me and for a brief moment I thought I lost hope.  I considered accepting the fate of my two horses and moving on. But all the thoughts of their well being in harsh Lesotho kept motivating me to never give up. After 23 years of loyal devotion to his little rider, I could not give up on Ginger in his old day. It was my duty to do everything to find him after he kept me safe for so many years.  Every day I kept following up and calling around to find out anything new.  The Private Investigator from Lesotho drove to Bloemfontein to come see me and discussed possible options and ways to help the case. Informants were also working alongside the Lesotho Police to track down the trial of the horses.

On 11 July I received a phone call… the call I’d been waiting on for days. Ginger had been found! I received a photo from the Tsupane Police Officer confirming it. I couldn’t believe it! I burst out in to tears knowing that it should be so much easier to find and track Anisa as well. Half an hour or more later, I received the second message from the same officer with a photo of Anisa found in Ribaneng – a small village in Lesotho. Both horses found on the same day! They have travelled over 200km on foot within 19 days.

I posted the happy news on Facebook and asked for people with a horsebox and loading knowledge for assistance.  Lots of people following the story offered their assistance and help.  I however received a phone call from the South African Stock Theft Unit telling me to remove the question asking for help since they will be the officials loading the animals.

Landi Groenewald Photography

Photo by: Johann Latsky

The Rescue.

The next morning, we left Bloemfontein bright and early to go fetch my ponies. A videographer friend who initially helped to search from the air with his drone, came along to document the happy reunion so that all of South Africa who has been following the story, could share in the moment we were reunited.

But the day did not go by without its difficulties.
Since I was on crutches following my surgery, I was unable to drive so my father took the role as driver.  Being required to identify my horses we were requested to accompany the SA Stock Theft Officials at the loading.  When we entered through Van Rooyens boarder post, both the videographer and I were only stamped on the South African side at departures, and not stamped at the Lesotho immigration office as entering.  We told the Stock Theft officer that we are required to stamp in to the country, to which he told us that as long as we are with him, we are safe.  We explained that it really is crucial for our passport stamp history to reflect accurate travel itinerary, but we were not stamped in to Lesotho which would lead to further complications later that same day.

When we arrived at Matelile police station where the horses were taken to the previous day, I saw both horses together. Tied up separately a few meters apart. They had no access to water or food. I whistled and both horses’ heads shot around and neighed. I was on crutches, so I first hopped over to Ginger. Anisa, being a feisty Arab is prone to being skittish so I didn’t want to scare her by approaching her first while on crutches. While I was standing at Ginger and putting his halter on, Anisa kept calling and giving little nickers. I then slowly hopped on over to her. Gave her a small bit of bread (their favourite treat) and let my father and an officer help with taking off the halter she had on and replacing it with her own. Being on crutches made it hard to handle the horses.

 The Loading.

Ginger was unsure of the horsebox, even though he has been in one a few times before in his life. The excited shouts and laughter from the local people about the events made him nervous and unsure. Being on crutches it was hard for me to led him in and reassure him as he kept resisting. Luckily, he is such a bombproof gentleman that with a bit of pushing and guidance from behind, he was in the box.

Anisa’s loading process was however tragic. I was not allowed to load her due to my own injuries, but my advice on how to load her and the methods that should be followed to calm her down, were all ignored. Arabian horses in general, although very attention friendly, are very hot and skittish in temperament. Sudden movements or sounds can spook them dramatically and I kept warning the officers and helpers about this. My worst loading fear came true when I saw her jump up in the air and straight in to the door latch. A deep cut ripped in to her chest and blood started flowing rapidly. I knew I had to stay calm but it was very hard and naturally I flipped after witnessing the very thing I kept warning against.  The SA Stock Theft Officers told me, with finger pointing in my face, that they will no longer “help” me to load the horses and that I should do it on my own.  This after I initially organized my own loading team and trailer with skilled horse owners and was told by officials that it will not be allowed.  I felt powerless to my bone from the frustration and anger that was building, since these very officials described their duty to do their jobs as “helping” me and doing me a “favour” after I was refused to bring in my own loading team and my advice on how to load my own horse was ignored which resulted in serious injury.

I left my crutches and took control of my horse. With my painful operated leg I led her away from the box to try and calm her down. I gave the lead rope to the videographer who came with us to capture the reunion and ran to my car where I had an ice-cold 5L bottle of water. I quickly rinsed the wound with the hopes that the cold water would slow down the bleeding.

The small miracle.

The whole day my phone wouldn’t connect to roaming services in Lesotho and I was previously unable to make any phone calls, whatsapp messages or connect to data, but when I tried again at that moment, it finally connected by itself which allowed me to make a phone call to our vet in a panic. She sadly informed me that she is not allowed to enter and work in Lesotho as a vet since it is another country. She was also not in the area that day.

I started panicking because the bleeding wouldn’t stop. The vet said she organized ACP calming syrup and a painkilling injection at Ladybrand Animal Clinic. Being the only other person with a passport and drivers licence, the videographer had to stop filming and jumped in to my car to make the long journey to Ladybrand, going via Maseru Boarder post which took hours.  The videographer struggled to get through the boarder post because he did not have a stamp entering in to Lesotho from that morning.  He got threatened to be arrested, have his video equipment confiscated and being fined for being in the country illegally. After much hassle, he finally managed to convince the officials at the boarder post that this was an emergency and they let him through.
The police officers decided to go on lunch for the entire time the videographer was away while we waited on the medical supplies.  This meant it was only my dad and I left with a dehydrated, old horse boxed since early morning and an agitated, injured hot blooded Arabian. We ourselves had no access to drinking water, food, lavatories or shade and my newly operated leg was starting to throb from having to manage an injured horse without my crutches. This was possibly the longest 4 and a half hours of my life, waiting for the medical supplies.

In that time I managed to calm Anisa down. I sat on the ramp of the box and just stayed there with her, talking to her. I moved in to the box gradually little by little every 10 – 15min. She followed me calmly in to the box several times, but as soon as her hind legs would step in, she would reverse out again. At one point I finally had her in, but there was nobody there to close the ramp behind her since all the officers were away and my dad could not possibly close the ramp quickly enough by himself. I felt defeated knowing she had to be evacuated immediately for medical care, but knowing we were stuck there with no help.

With my phone battery dying rapidly whenever connected to roaming, which also depleted my data bundle at a rapid pace, I connected to Facebook to update everyone waiting in anticipation.  I asked for help loading.  I made sure to mention the exact location, the situation and the nature of the injuries as well as the crucial fact that my battery is dying and that people should please only contact me if they can physically come and help.
With the great amount of people following the story, it created a bit of a dilemma.  I received 100’s of whatsapps (depleting my data and battery further) asking unnecessary questions like “Where are you”  or “You need to evacuate the horse.” or  “Apply honey to the wound”  The majority of the messages and calls received were completely unhelpful since I stated the exact location in the Facebook post already and being in the middle of nowhere in Lesotho I had no access to the miracle remedies people were so eager to give advice on.  I knew that these were all people just trying to help, but in the heat of the moment they caused so much damage since the people who were actually able to come and physically help us, were unable to get a hold of me since my phone died due to all the unnecessary calls and messages.

The videographer finally returned after 4.5 hours of driving as fast as he legally can. The officers only arrived back shortly before the videographer did, after I made a frantic phone call to the Provincial Head of Stock Theft in Bloemfontein. After we administered the emergency medication, Anisa climbed in to the box like an angel!

And finally… we were on our way back home!

The horses traveled over 200km on foot.

The stolen horses traveled over 200km on foot.

Back Home.

We arrived on the farm way after sunset at around 19:30. We unloaded the horses. The vet could not perform any surgery at that time of night due to limited light and the amount of stress already sustained by both horses. We were so grateful that it was a rather cold night with frost which helped to stop the bleeding.

The next morning before sunrise I went straight to their paddock and my heart just melted in to another puddle of tears when both horses greeted me with happy nickers and whinnies.

The vet arrived bright and early and got to work immediately. She first gave Ginger an overall check up, listening to his heart beat and intestinal sounds. He was severely dehydrated and malnourished and had a urinary tract infection, but the vet was not too worried about his condition and was confident that he would make a full recovery.

She then started to mend Anisa’s wound. Due to the wound already being more than 12 hours old, some of the skin already died. But she did her best to save as much of it and stitched the wound shut from deep inside to out.

We got a massive donation of 12 bales of lucern and 12 bales of teff from our neighbour and both horses were slowly put on a recovery diet. Anisa bounced back to her old condition in no time. Ginger’s condition started picking up as well, but at a much slower pace. After 10 days he was slowly introduced to concentrates again and his joint supplements were reintroduced to his diet after 2 weeks in order to not put too much stress on his kidneys in the beginning.

Both horses are now safe, microchipped and have made a tremendous recovery. They are under 24-hour surveillance while their stall door will be fitted with an alarm and camera to guard them at night.

At Ginger’s old age, it was decided that he will be happier to stay on the farm where he grew up, instead of being moved down to Cape Town where I live now. The move to a new climate and environment and smaller paddocks would be extremely stressful on his body and mind.  We therefore decided to increase the security on the farm rather than move him.

Anisa has gotten her African Horse Sickness Vaccinations and is ready to apply for a movement permit and travel passport, however we are not making any hasty decisions since we would hate to separate the two horses from each other.  We would therefore rather try to prevent the events from repeating themselves by putting other security measures in place instead of disrupting their lives with more traveling.

Perpetrators Unknown.

I have royally irritated the SA Stock Theft officers that were on the case, due to the fact that I have reported the initial way the case was handled, as well as the numerous errors that were unnecessarily made, to senior members of the force. As a result, they have refused to give me any information on exactly who has been arrested.  To this day I still do not know who stole my horses or how they knew about them.  I do not know how or exactly by whom they were found, although I do know that it was not by the SA Stock Theft unit or their informants, but rather the kind and helpful Lesotho Police Officer from the border post who promised me on that first day that he and his informants will do everything in their power to locate the horses.  Due to the fact that it is a cross border case and because SA Stock Theft is keeping their lips sealed on how my horses were stolen or found, the Lesotho officer has not been able to give me any information pertaining to the details of the recovery.
As a result, I have not been able to pay out the reward since I have not received this information and am not prepared to hand over the reward to SA Police officials.

I was informed on 07 October 2019 by SA Stock Theft that a trial will take place on 12 November 2019 in Wepener Magistrate’s Court.

I would like to thank every single person who followed their story and who prayed and wished for their safe return. I truly believe that the universe listened and brought them home after hearing a whole country’s prayers for their safe return.  Everyone who contributed to the search, rescue and recovery in any way – I know that somewhere in life, the favour would be returned to you.  May you all be blessed and your pets and animals live long happy lives.

Massive thanks to Carl Viloria from The Spiffy Chap, for helping to search from the air with his drone and documenting the entire rescue operation and compiling it in a very professional diplomatic manner.  Without you coming along that day, I’m not sure what we would have done without someone being able to drive all the way to the nearest vet for medical assistance. Thank you!

Daniel Polaki

The Private Detective from Lesotho was also one of the kindest most genuine people I got to meet during this entire situation.  Always being calm and rational.  Always thinking about new solutions.  I truly met a great friend.


Onwards and Upwards!

I’m looking forward to the day I’ll be back in the saddle again.  I have my whole career to be thankful for because of my old Ginger pony.  Read more about how my love for my equines pushed me in to a career as photographer by clicking here.

And lastly: Such a big thank you from the bottom of my heart to Jacki Bruniquel who came all the way out to the farm and spent 3 wonderful days documenting the bittersweet images a few weeks after the recovery.  Ginger is still struggling to gain weight again at his old age, but slowly and surely we’ll get there again.

Horse Portraits by Jacki Bruniquel

Photos by: Jacki Bruniquel



Northcliff Wedding – Sunell & DelaRey

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Northcliff Wedding.

This Northcliff Wedding was nothing short of a celebration of people, friends and family.  Sunell & DelaRey planned the whole weekend to the T.  Family and friends came from all over South Africa and gathered together for a hearty dinner on the Friday evening.
The next morning we all woke up bright and early to start the day.



Service Providers:

Photography: ORGANICTALES 
Assistant: Warren Melnick
Make-up: Karlé Potgieter Mud Studio
Venue: Aan-die-berg NG Kerk

zastron wedding

Zastron Wedding – Nelda & Riaan

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Zastron Wedding.

Many people are unaware of the beauty which lies within the Free State.  This small and intimate Zastron wedding, with only the closest family members, took place on a farm close to Lesotho border.  Read their story below.

How did you meet?

We met at crossfit. Being a guy, the first thing that attracted me to Nelda was how beautiful she is. My friend and I were sitting in the gym, my back was to the door, and he said I might like what just walked in. It then took me about three weeks to build up the courage to ask her on, what I thought was a first date. To Nelda it was merely: going to support our friends. As time passed, I became more attracted to her driven nature as well as the way that she could be very gentle and caring.


How did the proposal go down?

It was a complete failure. I had planned a weekend away to propose. Nelda, being Nelda, quickly figured out what the weekend was for. Then, the ring wasn’t completed in time and I had to manage expectations. The ring was ready the day after we got back. I told her I had to work late and went to pick up the ring. I got home with Nelda in her pajamas on the couch. After all, I am getting married to a human being with normal flaws, so why not propose to the REAL version of Nelda? The version that I love most.

Make-up and Hair by Lizel Voigt.

Lizel Voigt, my sister in law made sure I looked beautiful on our special day. She knows my style – I wanted to look like myself with just a touch of make-up and a plain, natural hairstyle. She did an amazing job!

A Joss Couture Dress.

Joss from Joss Couture made my sister in law’s dress which was beautiful and I decided to ask her to make mine as well. Joss Couture is absolutely amazing. She immediately understood the type of dress I wanted; plain but elegant. We made changes from the original design as the dress progressed. For example, initially I didn’t want long sleeves, but during one of the fittings we were playing around with some sleeve ideas and I loved how the lace looked on me. We changed the design to long sleeves – it was an autumn wedding after all…


Plain and Elegant Style.

For us it was meant to be as simple and elegant as possible. We wanted our closest family members and dearest friends to enjoy the day with us

Who were the caterers of the event?

Hanri Goosen from Onder die Akker’was in charge of the food. Hanri is famous in the area for her culinary skills. The highlight of the lunch was definitely the ice-cream with little surprises in it.


Any advice to other couples still in the planning process?

Let the experts do their thing. We have asked Claudia van Niekerk to help out with the flowers and decorations. I only gave her a vague description of what the tables should look like; minimalistic but classy. She then showed me a couple of options and I made a few basic decisions – the rest I left up to her. One of the memories I have is seeing the table for the first time and how impressed I was.

The Photography Experience.

To get all the photographs taken, Landi Groenewald had to travel between five farms:  one where the bride got dressed, one where the groom got dressed, one where the ceremony was held, one where the lunch took place and finally the farm where I grew up for the couple’s photos. Landi went the extra mile (literally) with a smile. We are so lucky that Landi was available that weekend and would recommend her professional services to anyone.

Describe your wedding day in ONE sentence.

Riaan – It was the most amazing, love lived day of my entire life.

Nelda – A beautiful autumn afternoon under the shades of a big oak tree in the company of loved ones


Service Providers:

Photographer: Organictales

Dress: Joss Couture

Venue:  Onder die Akker. – 079 515 7638

Flowers: Claudia van Niekerk – 082 378 4397

Make-up & Hair:  Lizel Voigt