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Shadow Pup – Portrait Session

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“That’s the lesson of the dogs, that it’s important to both live in the moment and then go on to the next wonderful thing.”
-W.Bruce Cameron, The  Dogs of Christmas.

I had such a lovely time visiting Roxy Hutton of CityGirl Searching down in the small town of Buan.  Roxy is a fellow South African Creative who also resides in South Korea with her husband Dale Hutton and their adorably cute rescue pup, Shadow.
Roxy and I connected via social media and started collaborating on creative ideas and concepts, exchanging tips and tricks  We eventually decided to meet up for a shoot and afterwards we sat down over lots of cups of tea, while playing around in our editing software, sharing knowledge and insight and more cups of tea.

It’s always such a wonderful thing when creatives get together and decide to share their knowledge.  It is so refreshing and inspiring.

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This was one of the most daring shoots I’ve done so far. Very different from my usual style and genre, but it turned out to be so much fun and such a great learning phase.
My model, Aletta was such a trooper and without her this shoot would never have materialized.  We met a day before the shoot in a Starbucks cafe to throw some ideas around.

And lucky that we did it on this day since the snow came really early this year when it was still relatively hot and it all melted within a day. Originally we had all sort of ideas but we lacked the time to plan it all.  Now we are waiting for the next snowfall to have those ideas come to life.

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autumn wedding

Autumn Love Confession

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There is something truly magical about autumn in Korea.

Eunshil and Yungi chose such a beautiful time of the year for their wedding pictorial.  Beautiful yellow and orange leaves were painting the streets of Asan in bright colours.  The love between this couple had such an amazingly strong presence during the shoot and the way they interacted with each other reminded me of something writers like Rumi would get their inspiration from.

I feel blessed to have shared in their love.

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Kisses under Persimmon Trees

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Tyson and Staci are from  Colorado and the Great state of Texas.  Both adventurous souls who love to travel and explore and engage in all sorts of exhilarating activities.  Both living and working in South Korea, it makes their travelwonder so much easier with all the great beaches of South East Asia so easily accessible. It was on one of these fun filled vacations to Thailand when Tyson decided to pop the question.  And she said… “duh!”.

For the engagement photos we headed over to the Asan Folk Village for a picnic set up with some traditional Makeoli brewed by the couple themselves.
Autumn really is the most beautiful time of the year in Korea.  So many red and orange trees colouring the grey city scapes.  The Korean Ginkgo tree being the prettiest with its bright yellow leaves.

The magic between these two people is so obvious that anyone can sense it from a mile away. I’m so honored to have captured their love.

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Portrait Photography Bloemfontein

Seoul Searching – Hanbok Styled Shoot

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As winter started drawing to a close, I met up with this refreshingly, inspiring lady.  It was one of the first warmer days in Seoul, South Korea after a long and freezing winter.  Winnie (pictured above) just arrived in Seoul a couple of days ago from Singapore.  Originally from Malaysia, she lives and works in Singapore and decided to take a trip to South Korea.  So even though I was delighted with the first relatively warmer day, she still thought it was freezing cold!  It guaranteed many giggles and laughs every time I handed her my coat in between shots.

First on our list was a dress up studio.  We didn’t spend too much time there before we headed out to Euljiro 4(sa)-ga station to rent a Hanbok from OneDayHanbok.  The store can be found inside of the station near Exit 7.
After she found a Hanbok she liked, we flagged down a cab to take us to Gyeongbokgung palace.

At Gyeongbokgung we learned that if you are dressed in a Hanbok, entry to the palace is free.  For all other regular customers it is a mere W3000 ($3).

The palace was not as busy as usual and we managed to find some spots with no other people, so we were really lucky.  There is something magical behind wearing traditional clothes in such a historical area.

Winnie was such a trooper trough out the shoot and her fun and spirited personality made her such a great subject in front of my lens.

I am so grateful for every session I get to do because I get to meet so many wonderful people from all across the globe who in turn show me a small part of their world and teach me so much about themselves and also myself and my skills as a photographer.  Every session is a learning curve and that is what I cherish.

Safe travels, Winnie!  May your next journey be even more magical than your trip to South Korea!IMG_8118IMG_8058IMG_0362

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A Korean Village Love Affair

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A Korean Village Love Affair.
Nathan & Miran got married on a humid June afternoon and we met at Namsangol Hanok village just outside Chungmuru subway station in Seoul. We started off with the traditional Hanbok styled shoot.  Hanbok wear is made from silk and a lot of detail goes in to these dresses.  Because they are made from silk they are extremely hot.  I commend Miran for keeping up in the extremely humid weather we experienced that day.
After the hanbok session I had a few minutes break while they changed in to something a little more comfortable and less formal.

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Engagement Photography Bloemfontein

Winter Wonderland

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This was perhaps one of the shoots where I had the most fun.
I met these two in Korea where they were both working as ESL teachers.  Their love story started out as High school sweethearts back in Durban, South Africa.  Their story continued through university, overseas trips and experiences, living abroad and finally moving back to South Africa.

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