Riaan & Mardené

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Riaan & Mardené

– A Thirsty Chapter.

It’s dry.  When the sun is not scorching the earth and licking up the last bit of moisture with its flaming tongues of thirst, it is the wind that evaporates any traces of water in to thin air.
This is what the Western Cape is currently facing.  With none of the regular lush green landscapes we are used to, we are now learning to find the beauty in what we once saw as devastation.
The dry, sandy banks of dried up reservoirs have become art.  We see the bittersweet beauty of white dust reflecting the pink sky.  A world transformed.  A reminder that love will conquer our deepest fears.  Love can florish where we plant it – we just need to believe.  Here follows a story:



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Win Free Wedding Photography

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Win Free Wedding Photography

– A chapter on giving


I know I’ve said this a thousand times,
but I feel so passionate about the importance of capturing life’s most precious moments.

Every year I try to give back to the universe for blessing me over and over again.  I was given a talent and there are few things in life that makes me happier than being able to share and give the fruits of this talent to other.  So every year I choose one deserving and loving couple to photograph their wedding free of charge.

One thing you’ll always hear me say is, if there is one thing at your wedding that you should invest in more than anything else, it is your wedding photographs!  Your venue will look great, the décor will be perfect, the food will be delicious, the music will sound tasteful, your dress will look stunning on you and your hair and makeup all will have you transformed for your most beautiful day.  But the only thing you’ll take home with you is the captured memories.  This is why I value the wedding day photography above all else since it is the only part of the day you can take with you 50 years down the line.


So if you haven’t booked your photographer for your 2018/2019 wedding, keep reading!

Win Free Wedding Photography

Win Free Wedding Photography

Win Free Wedding Photography

Win Free Wedding Photography

Organictales will offer one lucky couple  a chance to WIN FREE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY worth R20 000!


“I’m excited to see your dress! I’m excited to see your hair and makeup. How you’ve made up your venue and I’m excited to see all the happy memories shared between you and your loved ones!”


* A Pre-Wedding Shoot with 30 High Resolution Images
* Pre-Wedding Meeting and Discussion
* 10 Hours Wedding Day Photography.
* High Resolution Digital Files on a personalized USB


But that’s not all! ORGANICTALES will offer a 10% discount to anyone who entered the competition but didn’t win! (T’s & C’s apply)

ORGANICTALES PHOTOGRAPHY will also sponsor up to 3 other prizes for people who entered this competition but did not receive first prize.


Win Free Wedding PhotographyWin Free Wedding PhotographyWin Free Wedding PhotographyWin Free Wedding Photography


Being able to capture the love union of two people is a big honour and blessing, so choosing winners for this competition will rest on a few things that will let me know how highly you value photography in your lives.  Last year I did a similar competition and the entries and stories were so lovely, they had me laughing and crying with emotions.  It was a pretty hard decision to make and I am sure this year will be just as much of an experience.  This is why I spiced it up a little more.  This year’s competition will have finalists who will go through to the next round where a final winner will be announced.

Building a relationship with all my clients is very important to me as it greatly aids in being able to capture your unique personalities on the day.

Couples chosen as finalists must be able to meet with me for an in person OR Skype interview.




So how do you enter and Win Free Wedding Photography?


  1. All you have to do is fill out the survey at the bottom of this post.
  2.  To better your chances you have an OPTION to also go LIKE my FACEBOOK page and invite 5 – 10 friends (or more) to also like my page so they can support you.  How do you do that?    When you visit my page you will find a section on the right (circled below in red) that says “Invite friends to like this page”  Please make a list of the people you invited and include it in the survey where it prompts you to do so.  Please note that this second step of the competition is OPTIONAL, however it will increase your chances to win free wedding photography.

Win Free Wedding Photography


3.  For some extra points you can also go and FOLLOW me on Instagram and like 5 – 10 of your favourite images on my feed @Organictales


Fill out this survey and send through to and stand a chance to WIN FREE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY

Entries Close  23 Feb 2018 at 23:00.  Entries valid for weddings taking place any time between July 2018 – July 2019.

Good luck everyone!!


Please use GOOGLE CHROME / SAFARI to submit your survey 🙂
Please DOUBLE check that your email address is correct. If not I will not be able to respond to your entry.
If you have any problems submitting – please email your answer directly to:  /

  1. Which of these options would you use MOST when searching for a Wedding Photographer?
    Word-of-mouth (friend recommendation)FacebookGoogleInstagramWedding Expos
  2. When looking for a Wedding Photographer, which editing style do you prefer?
  3. Which of these styles do you think will still look beautiful and timeless 20 years later?
  4. When receiving Pricing from a Wedding Photographer, which package options do you prefer?

    (Packages include options that differ in amount of Hours / Albums / Products etc to choose from)
    Single Package Option1 - 5 Package Options1 - 3 Package OptionsFixed Price with additional add-ons (Albums / USB / Additional Photographer / Extra Hours / Canvas)
  5. When choosing a Wedding Photographer, what shooting style is most important to you?
    Candid moments and real expressions for the whole dayPosed and guided photosPosed Couple Portraits but candid real moments at reception
  6. When viewing different Wedding Photography Websites, do you prefer it if the photographer has a section where you can view full weddings previously done, or do you only want to see a slideshow with a selection of only the top 10-20 single images chosen by the photographer as his/her best.
    I prefer viewing a full wedding to see how a photographer documents an entire day.I am able to judge a photographer’s ability by 20 images only.
  7. What is your Wedding Photography Budget?
    R8000 – R10 000R10 000 – R15 000R15 000 – R20 000R20 000 – up
  8. Should you not be chosen as a winner, would ORGANICTALES still be one of your options as Photographer for your wedding?
    Yes, I would still consider ORGANICTALES as my photographer.No, I am only interested if it is Free
  9. Why would you like ORGANICTALES to photograph your wedding?
  10. When searching for a Wedding Photographer, what is MOST important to you?
    PricePhotographer’s Experience and Skill in the Wedding Industry.
  11. Which of these Weddings do you enjoy the most and why?
    Karoo Street WeddingBuitenverwachting WeddingRose Barn Wedding
  12. Examples

    Karoo Street Wedding   Buitenverwachting Wedding   Rose Barn Wedding

  13. If you are chosen as a finalist, would you be able to meet for an In-person OR Skype interview?yesno
  14. If you have trouble uploading your photos here, please email them to with your names and wedding date as the email heading.

Win Free Wedding Photography



*Organictales Photography reserves the right to cancel this competition or disqualify any entry without notice*





Ceres Mountain Engagement

Ceres Mountain Engagement

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A Ceres Mountain Engagement.
Have you ever visited the Ceres valley? Nestled between the most beautiful, magnificent mountains, this farm community is sure to inspire any creative driving through.
I met Justin & Mari on the family farm, right at the foot of these mountains.  I felt so easy and at home, reminding me of my own childhood as a farm girl.  Sheep and their lambs were calling each other, and a few calves also completed the picture.

Mari welcomed me with a delicious cup of Rooibos tea, telling me more about her and Justin.  The big farm house with it’s Delft plates, long hallways and wooden floors is the house you picture in your imagination when reading old novels set in the Old Cape.

Soon after our cups of tea, we set out to explore the farm and capture beautiful imagery of their love.


Justin & Mari – thank you for welcoming me in to spending a day in your lives.


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Newlands Forest Engagement

Jacques & Joadri Forest Engagement.

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A Cape Town Forest Engagement.
It was a beautiful, windless day in Cape Town.  One of those rare gems.  I thoroughly enjoyed this day – spending it with the sweetest couple exploring one of the most beautiful forests Cape Town has to offer.  This location by far tops my list of favourites and once again it proved why.  Afterwards we made our way over to the V&A Waterfront where we were entertained by some cheeky seagulls and cocktails.

The V&A Waterfront is one of Cape Town’s proud settings, where locals, tourists and businesses come together to hear beautiful local sounds and music.  With a zest of authentic foods and smells, this is a perfect example of our rainbow nation.


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Theewaterskloof dam photography

Villiersdorp Love Story

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A Theewaterskloof Dam Engagement.

We took a lovely little road trip up to Villiersdorp for this fun session.

It was sad to see how empty the dam is and the wind was poking fun at us, ripping through our hair and down ours spines.  But what it brought with it was gorgeous;  The clouds formed a big blanket over the background mountains, and as the wind kept pushing through, the sun broke through those clouds for a few split seconds.  This allowed the sun to cast its rays directly in to my lens only to create the most beautiful sunflare images yet.

I would most certainly want to return to this amazing landscape for some more amazing photos.


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Galloway Forest Nuptials

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It was a hot February summer’s day.  A Friday with not as much as a breeze in the air.
I arrived at Forrest 44 while The Flower Place were busy working there magic with the decor and flowers.  Everyone of us having a water bottle close by to make sure the summer heat didn’t get the better of us.  This is where I met both mothers – Lydia Boyd and Erica Galloway.  Two wonderful women who have both raised two exceptional individuals.

This wedding celebration was by far one for the books.  The guests and friends traveled from every corner of the world to form part of these happy festivities and unification of two strong families.  It was such a big honour to form part of this beautiful day and over the months prior getting to know Donna and Graeme.  It is something very special when clients turn in to friends.  I wish you both all the best in the future.  I know that every single person who shared this beautiful day with you, love you both dearly from the bottom of their hearts.


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Featured on:
Mooi Troues

Vendors that helped make this wedding beautiful and unique:

Reception:  Forest 44
Ceremony: Mountain Breeze Resort

Dress Design: Victor Kok

Decor and Flowers:
Flowers:  The Flower Place
Lights: Lekker Trou

Hair and makeup:  Leanne Muller
Wedding Cake:  D’Vine Cakes


String Trio Music: Louisa Theart