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Newlands Forest Maternity Photos

~Zara’s first chapter.

Let me read your fortune.

Donna: I took about three different pregnancy tests that afternoon. It showed all positives. It was so overwhelming. I so much immediately wanted to share the news with Graeme but decided to wait and do a surprise announcement the next morning. The pharmacist said it was better to test in the mornings for confirmation.

So, I went to buy a few fortune cookies at ‘Jewel of the East’ in Rondebosch. So, what I did was that I wrapped the one fortune cookie in a wet damp serviette and microwaved it for 30 seconds. I unwrapped it and opened the soft fortune cookie and swopped the note out with my handwritten one. I then closed the fortune cookie and it went hard in a few minutes. I put it back in the same plastic packaging and used the GHD to seal end of the packet. It looked brand new and not tampered with.

Graeme: I got up early in the morning as usual and I went to make my coffee and Donna’s tea for her sleeping in bed. The weird thing was Donna was up and about as well, with a big silly smile on her face.  I felt there was something going on. Then, Donna said that she has a surprise for me. It was a fortune cookie but I still had no idea. And when I opened the fortune cookie. It said ‘You are going to be a father J ”. I felt so overwhelmed and started getting teary eyed.

Can you guess the gender?

Graeme: I always wanted a girl and I always knew it was going to be a girl. I knew I was going to get a girl anyway because of my sins. Haha. And my wish came true.

Donna: Being the tomboy in the family, no doubt, I always had a feeling it was going to be a boy. Looking at my family side, all boys were born first. The boys outnumbered girls by 3 to 1. So, when we went for a fetal assessment scan at 12 weeks and she was a girl! I just couldn’t believe it! Graeme was right!


A name for a Star.

Graeme: We were going through a million names and one day I came across Zara, the name just felt right. It sounded exotic and unusual to me. I like the Z. It is the last letter of the alphabet and it means Princess in Russia or star in Arabic. 

Donna: Her full name is Zara Georgia Galloway. Why I chose Georgia as a second name is that she named after both my deceased grandmothers from my side of the family. Both had the names Georgina.

Actually, Zara was conceived the same week when my grandmother passed away. I could pinpoint the date with my ovulation days. It is quite bittersweet because my grandmother is always asking when we going to have a baby.



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