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Cape Town Elopement Wedding

How we met and the attributes that drew us to each other.

We met through mutual friends at a beautiful wine farm called Beyerskloof just outside Stellenbosch. I was fashionably late to the occasion and introduced to Edoardo. Little did I know I met my husband as in the moment all I wanted was a cup of rooibos tea with honey. Eddie thought it terribly odd for someone to order tea at a wine farm and approached me. We spent hours talking about life, philosophy, art, travels and family. The first thing I noticed about Eddie was that he is quiet, liked to listen and an old soul and not too bad to look at either. He first noticed my smile, my infectious laughter and my love for honey and rooibos tea as well as my long copper hair I had at the time.

The proposal

The skies were grey and the waters restless with the wind blowing through my hair as I stood on a giant rock watching the waves break, listening to the calming sound. I turned around and there Eddie was on one knee saying which I assume was a lovely and well thought out speech. I was so surprised and overjoyed that I forgot to give an answer. He paused and asked, well do you have an answer? My knee is starting to hurt. I said yes and jumped into his arms. Upon walking back to my family beach house I felt myself overcome with emotions and cried with joy. As we approached the driveway I ran back to the house to tell my parents. It was the perfect day in Kleinbaai.

The family veil.

Our family veil was first worn by my great grandmother, Magda Hofmeyer in 1928. I had the privilege of knowing her as she lived to be a 100 years old.

My grandmother, Helene Retief wore the veil on her wedding day, 27 June 1953. My grandmother and I had a wonderful relationship. She studied art which was quite impressive at the time for a woman to go university and obtain a degree.  The veil was worn by aunts and couins of the family including my mother when se married my dad in 1990 10 March.  I wore the veil on my wedding day on 6 March 2020 30 years after my parents got married.

It was a surreal moment to wear a veil so rich with history, a veil that shared remarkable memories of woman I admire and love in my family.

How was our wedding affected by covid?

Due to covid we cancelled our big wedding and had a small and intimate wedding. We got married by my parents house with only a handful of guests, the garden never looked so beautiful. Our 4 dogs could join the ceremony too. Looking back, I’m happy we had a small wedding. In my eyes it was the most perfect day and I wouldn’t change a thing.

Where did I get my dress?

My mum, grandmother and I drove to Blaauwberg for my first time trying on wedding dresses. The first dress I saw as I walked into the shop was the one for me. I didn’t know it at the time. I tried on many dresses that I initially thought were my taste. At the end I was in despair, wondering why none of the dresses felt right. I requested the first dress I saw as I walked into the shop. IT wasn’t what I thought I wanted but when I had the dress on I knew it was the one. When I turned around to show my mother and grandmother they both smiled and my mom couldn’t fight back her tears. I rented my dress from, Tying The Knot Bridal Boutique.

The most memorable moment.

Walking down the aisle with my dad by my side, seeing the joy of my grandparents, brothers and mother and finally seeing my husband nervously waiting for me. He will deny it but I’m sure I saw tears in his eyes.

My ring.

My husband took it upon himself to design my ring and took some time to think of something meaningful. My ring is an infinity shape with a sapphire that is placed in a protea in the center. The infinity shape is a symbol of our everlasting love and the protea represents that I’m from South Africa. My husband is Italian.

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