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Port Nolloth

A Sea-side Chapter

I drove in to the Port on a Friday afternoon.  No trace of the wind.  My hotel had a lovely balcony view over the bay where I could here children playing on the beach while tourists chatted over their early dinner orders from the restaurants down the street.  One thing that is edged in to my mind is the sight of millions and millions of shells decorating the beach and the roads – a pretty sight and fitting for this wedding’s sea theme.

Sit back while you read Vicky & Elton’s story:

How did the Proposal go down?

Elton and my mother arranged a surprise engagement on the beach.   My friends were in on it and we took a “walk” to the beach, unknowing what was awaiting for me at the beach. When I crossed the road there was a big sign with the wording “Vicky will you marry me??” Elton was below on the beach on his knees with the ring in his hands, surrounded by fairylights with the sunsets as our backdrop. We were both overcome with so many emotions as he went down on one knee and asked the question. Without a doubt my answer was Yes. We celebrated the night away with family and friends celebrating  the news and what was to come.
Check out their engagement photos by clicking HERE


What was the style of your wedding and where did you find your inspiration?

The whole stile and inspiration of our wedding goes back to where we met and got engaged. We wanted something different, but also very classy.  So we opted for a beach wedding.  The church ceremony took place in McDougall’s Bay on the private estate of Kai-Kai.
The ceremony was held in town with elements of beach mixed with classy drapings and beautiful floral design.

How did you decide on your dress and where did you find it?

Due to a mishap 2 weeks prior to my wedding I was left rushing to find a new wedding gown. When I put my gown on, it fit like a glove and I knew this was the one. The dress is by Bridal Allure
The staff there were so friendly and helpful and made the process so pleasant and I had the total bridal experience at their boutique.


Is there any special story behind your rings? Where did you find them?

I was totally in love with my engagement ring and opted to keep it whilst adding bands to complete the bridal look. Elton found his ring at one of the chain stores (Ammerican Swiss) and also fell in love when he saw the ring.

Who made sure your make-up and hair looked beautiful?

Tamrien van wyk did my hair and she used a set of clip-ins form clipinhair ( ) to achive the desired look .
Lesti Thomas did my make-up.



Who made sure there was good music and sound on the day?

The music was one of the responsibilities of the groomsmen. So they and one of our close friend took care of the music and sound. I think it was a big element on the day. My nephews Michael (M&T Brothers) and Ashwill delighted us with songs both at the ceremony and reception.

What was the most memorable moment of the day?

The most memorable moment was seeing my husband filled with so much emotion when I was coming down the aisle. Also seeing our daughter and the love they (Elton and our daughter) share was truley special. When putting on my imaani shoes (  and
forever new earings ( ) was also a highlight as I was so excited about them.


How did you experience your Photographer’s service and where did the importance of photography fall in your day?

Landi is truly such an professional and such a loving person. During the photo session and getting ready she guided us with such humbleness. She handled our Photo time effectively and I would recommend her to any bride as she is truly a pleasure to work with.


Who were the caterers who made sure your guests were happy and fed?

Elton’s aunt was the Chef of the day and made sure every one was happily fed.

The menu included the following:

Deliciously stuffed rolled lamb ribs,
braised lamb,
chicken Gordon bleu,
3 different salads,
warm potato salad,
rice and
an array of deserts.



If  there was anything about the day you wish you could change what would it be?

I think the time. I wasn’t late, but due to some elements we started very late with the sevice and ended up not having so much time as needed for family portraits and couple shoot as perhaps needed.

Any advice to other couples still in the planning process?

Do your planning, deligate and dont stress on the day. What ever go’s wrong/ right dont stress it.

Tell us about your cake!

The cake was a stunner. WOW !! Tannie Hanlie Roux made and delivered my cake to perfection )

Who handled the decor and venue?

Aunty Ria Smith truly outdone herself at the reception venue.
Flowers : Anneline van Wyk from Undulata Lodge was amazing with her creations ( )

Describe your wedding day in ONE sentence.

Definitely one for the book’s. Stunning, amazing and memorable.




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